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Guardian Druid, Hpally and Havoc DH LF a guild on Stormreaver - Horde to raid with. Casual raiding preferred, any day except Wednesday and Thursday.
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

8/11H Antorus
5/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other.

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

If you ever decide to go alliance, consider us!

Evermore - Stormrage - Alliance

Evermore was originally formed as a hardcore guild back when Legion first came out on Bleeding Hollow side under the name Fear the Living. After Bleeding Hollow became a desolate wasteland, we decided to swap factions and move to a more high populated server, Stormrage.

We take pride in being a very casual social, leveling, and raiding guild that focuses more on the fun aspect of the game, rather than the hardcore mindset. We want everyone to enjoy their time in our guild no matter their sexual preferences, religion, work schedules, or family life. Due to this, we mainly raid NORMAL and HEROIC progression ONE NIGHT a week. This also gives everyone a chance to see end game content no matter their skill level, as well as not having to worry about elitist jerks, or raiding long hours.

  • Raid Days : Saturday 10pm-1am EST (We raid ONE night a week!)
  • Progression : EN 3/7M 7/7H - ToV 3/3N - NH 10/10N 7/10H - Antorus
  • Recruitment : Tanks - OPEN , Heals - OPEN , DPS - OPEN (To raid Antorus, we require an iLvl of at least 915+)
  • Loot : Personal
  • Voice : Discord (You are not required to talk in Discord. But are asked to be in there during raid nights for communication.)
  • Contact : HeyitsShenan#1390 (Guild Master and Raid Leader)
  • You may take a look at the guild I am in. It is Grievance on Proudmoore. It is a casual 18+ guild.

    You can see more here

    or here at the guild site

    and apply here if you decide to join us

    Most nights you can find 15-30 people on so it is not dead outside of raid days :) You can almost always get a full guild run for mythic +s.
    The members are very welcoming and helpful. You can find many of them in Teamspeak.

    You do not have to raid but if you would like to, we have 2 raid teams. These teams clear normal and heroic content.

    Currently have dps slots available

    Accomplished Casual Raiding (2 Groups)

      Tuesday (6PM PST - 8PM PST) Antorus (Heroic) (ilvl 930) (Normal) (ilvl 915)

      Friday (6PM PST - 9PM PST) Antorus (Heroic) (ilvl 930) (Normal) (ilvl 915)

      Saturday (6PM PST - 9PM PST) Antorus (Heroic) (ilvl 930) (Normal) (ilvl 915)

    Sundays are an open normal raid for alts and anyone else that wants to join and are very casual. Just log in and ask for an invite for this one

    Open Night (Main/Alt/Members) (1 Group)

      Sunday (5PM PST - 7PM PST) Antorus (Normal) (ilvl 915) OR Tomb of Sargeras (Heroic) (ilvl 900)

    For questions you can contact Isilaura, the recruiting officer. If she is not available you can find me, Torvi (jazzllanna#1246), or any other officer to answer any questions.

    I have been there nearly a year and would recommend it to anyone. The members are great and very welcoming. :)
    I organize a weekly cross-server friendly raid team. We aren't a guild, just a small group of 15+ raiders who meet every Tuesday from 9pmEST to Midnight. We use Discord, Personal Loot and are currently 7/11N BTA. Being cross-realm friendly means there is no obligation to server transfer or join any specific guild to raid. Our raids are relaxed and efficient, operating under a raid leader who has served this team for the last 9+ years.

    Currently recruiting for 1 healer (non-druid) & 4-5 DPS

    If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, message me on Btag: MooingDruid#1737

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