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Wyrmrest Accord
Remember, life is the light, and light is life itself. They must be exchanged, but nothing is ever lost.
- Prophet Velen (AU)

Kaad believes that the cosmic war against darkness will end in a mass-extinction event that purges the last of the Void and returns the universe to a state of pure Light. It's gonna be great, guys!
Cáemgen believes that goblins are short orcs.

Sometimes he misuses “your” and “you’re” or “their”, “they’re”, “there” and will argue with someone who tries to correct his writing.
Kass had a mixed childhood, and went through a rebellious stage in her teenage years that, essentially, landed her in servitude to the Blackwater Raiders.
Over time, however, certain members of the Penzance's crew took her in as one of their own, and she found the stability she so desperately needed.

Today, Kass is fully aware that privateers are not the most savory individuals, but part of her needs to believe that the Blackwater Raiders are somehow different. On some level, she's aware it isn't true, but she'll still make the "No True Scotsman" argument to protect their reputation (as well as her own nostalgia).
Dubor does not believe kitchen sinks exist for the primary function of access to running water, putting your dishes in to wash, and for cleaning your hands. He will be damned if he ever ceases using these things as weapons, just like they were designed for!

I mean just look at them! The weight is distributed for the perfect swinging arc, you can lay waste to an entire company of armored dwarves with a single throw!
Xao'lio wholly believes that specific mating rituals are complete wastes of time and culturally inadequate. Even though he was married, he never believed a massive wedding or even getting people together in these days and ages is not worth the time investment and coin waste.

He also has a hard time believing the Loa are similar to the August Celestials. While all proof indicates they are similar, he doesn't believe there's any significant evidence.
Zarupta does not believe that "there must always be a Lich King."

He finds the idea that Arthas was actually holding back all along, and if left unchecked the Scourge would simply overtake everything, to be insulting to what he and his fellow combatants accomplished in Northrend and to those who died for it, and he believes that if the people of Azeroth were always so united they could overcome any obstacle.

(edited for elaboration)
Vaylo has a hard time believing that dragons aren't all evil, or at least completely indifferent to us mortals and view our lives as having no value. Sure, that red dragon may be acting polite now, but it'd probably just snap you up and eat you the moment it felt peckish.

Proto-dragons are fine though, because they're just big animals that can tamed. The gimpy arms and big feet even make them kind of adorable to Vaylo.
I play all my night elf characters as Fandral Staghelm apologists.

Zekkari believes that Vol'jin was assassinated by a forsaken. She heard of what they did at Wrathgate, she doesn't believe an assassination would be out of the question.
Halflan thinks that the Forsaken aren't free-willed. Not truly. He believes Sylvanas is a literal Lich Queen, having fought in them in Hillsbrad and having friends who fought in Andorhal primarily.

My troll Ben'zali believes that all souls go to Bwonsamdi eventually, but that Darkspear souls are favored above those of those of non-Darkspear.
My toon thinks all native races on Azeroth are the arms of our Titan. We fight off world threats and succeed because Azeroth wills it.
Vutong thinks everything can be settled with a good meal.

He might be correct about the idea, but not necessarily about what everyone considers to be a good meal.

He also thinks blood elves got their name because of the blood they drink with their meals. And that the curse of the undead is that they are always hungry. And that goblins eat too many spicy foods.

He also wonders why so many orcs are green, even though they don't eat many vegetables.
Zhao, the character mainly portrayed on this monk, believes that Elune is around the same level of divinity as the Celestials (and vice versa).

My Night Elf Mage character, Astrea, harbors aspirations of restoring the Kaldorei Empire; one that by BfA will be twice crushed.

My Worgen Mage, Rosyllyn, has suspected that potential for arcane proficiency may be genetically carried.

My Demon Hunter, a former Priestess of the Moon, believes that anything and everything she does as a Demon Hunter will be absolved due to her continued faith; completely ignoring that her choice to become a Demon Hunter in the first place may in itself mark a certain lack of faith in the Goddess.

My Death Knight believes that incorporeal undead can potentially be made to inhabit and control inanimate bodies that aren't their own. As of writing she is currently working to prove it.
Mittledann believes she can enter any city because she is a monk who doesn't care about the factions, based on the fact she got into Thunderbluff once.
All hearths are home to flame spirits. The longer one family owns and uses a particular hearth, the stronger the flame spirit becomes.

The elemental invasion of Ironforge happened when those hearth spirits (and earthy forge spirits) were whipped into a frenzy. It wouldn't have been nearly so bad if those hearths and forges hadn't stayed in their families for so long, as the spirits would have been much weaker, but darnit family homes and heirlooms are precious.
Vassily here is a hardcore Kael'thas/nobility loyalist, a massive racist, and happily plans to turn traitor to the Horde come BfA. She firmly believes that it was 'lowborne' peasantry and outsiders who overthrew the rightful king and installed a puppet ruler (Lor'themar Theron), while spreading vile rumors about his betrayal.

After all, it was rather suspicious that Lor'themar would suddenly find the support of Sylvanas Windrunner and her Forsaken immediately after assuming control.

In her view, the Shattered Sun was nothing more than a terrorist organization attempting to siege the Sunwell and destroy the monarchy (with hired Draenei mercenaries as well). All claims of Kael'thas attempting to summon Kil'jaeden are obviously false and made to legitimize Lor'themar's claim to Silvermoon.
Arlise'el refuses to trust the premonitions of the Naaru, after seeing so many of their people left behind on Argus after the flight (her mate was among those left behind and it nearly shattered her mind completely, leaving her catatonic on good days and dangerously violent/lashing out on bad days).

She firmly believes the Naaru are eldritch space abominations masquerading as wholly benevolent and automatically distrusts the majority of them, as well as the Prophet's visions granted by the Naaru. Anyone who blindly believes in their absolute goodness or refuses to acknowledge their manipulations is woefully naive and stupid.

In her eyes, the only power worth harnessing is Arcane. The Light and Shadow both have their own agendas, one she actively rejects-- and resents the Light/Naaru for not intervening on countless shattered worlds on behalf of their so-called 'chosen people'.
Kralloas believes that the Light is inherently blinding, and that only undead and creatures of the Void can have true vision into the matter. He also refuses to believe that the Old Gods and the "pure" necromantic shadow that powers undead are in any way related. (Which, is somewhat true, Twlight Magic differs from Necromancy, but both have a root in the Void.)
I believe.

That love is the answer.
Vuza'kuva believes that Zul'jin will return one day. He is not dead and is simply disappeared, and if he is dead then he will return as a loa and reunite the forest trolls.
Oblivionix believes that the whole "Light and Void" thing is a bunch of bunk and views the naaru as over-glorified wind chimes.

She wanted to drop-kick Xe'ra's core down the cliff near Trueshot Lodge on more than one occasion because of her rambling about Illidan being the "Child of Light and Shadow", which she ALSO believed was bunk.

Needless to say, she was ecstatic when Illidan blew Xe'ra up.

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