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It's been 7 years since I last played WoW. A lot has changed, and I honestly don't know what I'm doing. My brain practically imploded when I looked at how the skill trees changed. And that's probably the least of my problems.

I used to play long hours, running instances, raiding, etc., but now I'm much older, and adulting is not an optional thing. I'm a single parent with health problems so flexible doesn't really exist in my world. (Scare you off, yet?)

I'm looking for a casual guild full of patient people that are cool with helping me relearn the game and eventually attempt raiding (I don't want to be carried, but I won't be your numero uno). I'm also hoping to find people that play around 11:30 p.m. - 3:30 a.m. cst. I'd really like to find someone I can actually level up with and have a nice conversation to boot. <- Yes, I'll be rolling a new toon so I'm open to any server.

But I'm going to be upfront here, I'm slow. I wish I could be an awesome raider, but I've accepted the fact that I literally cannot accomplish this. I have a neurological issue that causes a delay in sending messages to and from my brain. So what might take you 5 seconds to react to, sometimes takes me a bit longer (I'm using addons to help me). But regardless of this, I really enjoy playing WoW and need some socialization and guidance.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading this. Here's a Christmas cookie. :)


1. Times available & time zone: 11:30 p.m. - 3:30 a.m. cst
2. Server preference: Any
3. Faction preference: Prefers Horde, but will play Alliance
4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual
5. Current progression/experience: WotLK Instances - last thing I did 7 yrs ago
6. Recent logs (if available): N/A
7. Contact info: btag: BlackDahlia11597 Discord: BlackDahlia2136
8. Anything else: I have a gaming handicap, I have no updated knowledge from Cata to Legion, Availability is not very flexible.
Hi. I am the Recruiting Officer for <Veterans of Gallifrey>, and we are accepting all sorts of folks provided they have the right chill attitude and are team players. In fact, most of our recent members are in a similar position to you. I even did a server transfer myself (it was worth it) a few months ago in order to join this guild, and the last time I seriously played was WotLK as well.

We have a lot of parents, folks with busy jobs, and everything in between. We have no established raiding schedule and likely won't for a couple months. That said, your membership would not mean that you are obligated to raid. Regarding your situation, I can say that you could still have fun with us and we have a lot of patient folks. We are waiting to raid until everyone is on similar footing and geared up etc. We have a number of folks on 11p-3am for sure but of course, it's random!

We are an Alliance guild on Icecrown-US.

If you are interested, catch me in game (Critney Fears, tag is Phosella#1893 OR you can catch one of the guild leaders Alisha1983#1278- "Ashila" in game)

I will be on later tonight when I get off work at about 8pm CST and will probably be on all night. Reply here and we will get in touch!
Hi Blackdahlia,

I was you a few months ago. I returned from a 6 year break with Wrath being the last expansion I played, just like you. You're right when you say a lot changed. I struggled through it and found my way to <Fellowship> (on Silvermoon) by chance. They've been a great group of people and have helped me out in so many ways. If you're interested in a realm change or maybe starting a new character, I for one would be happy to have you. We'll help you when you need some advice and when the time is right and you're comfortable we'll help you get in a raid. I've recently started a casual raid group, outside of our core progression raid, to help players such as yourself that need to learn the mechanics of the fights. We have discord (voice chat) for raids and offer guild repairs and materials when you need them.

I'll be adding your BTag, so if you see GrumpGamer#11838 that'll be me. I hope talk with you more soon.

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