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This is a thread to follow up on the suggestion of dev Johnny Cash, here:

In essence,
- we know our artifacts are headed for destruction / decommission at the end of Legion.
- this will probably mean the destruction of Hati, the wolf who is bound to Titanstrike.
- many of us are very sad at this prospect. The quest to save Hati's life was the most unique and best-told artifact quest I experienced, and the loss of Hati would mean that all of it was ultimately in vain and would make the culmination of the story very bleak.

I admit that Hati can be rather infuriating as a second pet, due to endemic pathing and NPC follower issues in Legion, but that's not the fault of the beast, and doesn't mean we didn't become very attached to his story.

Also, I'm definitely not asking for him to remain as our second pet mechanism (if we even have one) after Legion - I get the feeling that most hunters would like to see some new system for that. I'm just requesting that some thought be put into some story mechanism whereby he could survive the destruction of Titanstrike.

This could be as simple as an addition to the questline, e.g. Mimiron and Thorim show up at the last minute with a new something-something to host his life force, which is released at the moment of Titanstrike's decommission, and take him back home and that's the last we see of him. If you don't have time for that, even an after-event mail from Thorim saying "guess who just showed up home, it seems the energy released from your weapon was enough to finally restore him" would be better than nothing :)

Or, after saving, he could take up residence in our class hall in perpetuity.

Or, he could be added to our stables as a regular spirit beast pet for those Hunters that completed the Legion story. Maybe the alternative colours could appear on rares (unless someone wanted to go to all the trouble of adding a mechanism to change his colour in our stables but I admit that seems like a lot of work). This is my favourite option, but would have to be accompanied by an increase in stable slots at this point - a lot of hunters are already full up!

Or, perhaps someone has a better idea.

Thanks for listening :)
Or at least give BM a second, functional pet slot if not Hati, who as a pet is quite honestly terrible.
All of your suggestions are excellent and I would welcome any option that saves Hati from destruction. It seems unnecessarily cruel to allow that to happen.
I think having a second pet fits the 'class fantasy' that Blizz has been trying to accomplish for some time now. There is room in our arsenal to continue with this prospect of dual wielding pets onward, unless they are planning for our main pet to do some massive multi-imaging kind of ability.

All though, just giving him to us would not make sense either. There would have to be a mini questline on how we transferred Hati onto a new 'body' before we destroy our Artifact. Or maybe some questline after we rid the artifact in which we go back and recapture Hati to safekeep him from the void of darkness.

Just something to let us SAVE HATI.

Reminds me of Dragonwrath, where there is a part of the questline where Tarecgosa is binded to our soul while we make a new 'home' for her to rest. Why not something like that for Hati? Bind him to us, for now, then when you have time, make a questline where we either give Hati a permanent home, or saving him.
I don't even play Beast Mastery and I will be devastated if this is the end of Hati. Save Hati!!
In my perfect world, the fix would be something like this:

When the artifact is decomissioned (no spoilers here) A quest pops up that would say "In saving this world, it seems as though Hati has paid the ultimate price, bring Titanstrike to Thorim so that he may mourn the loss of his friend." So you go to an instanced version of the Storm Peaks, you hand Thorim the gun and he exclaims "Champion, it appears as though the ritual I performed to bind Hati to Titanstrike was not fully stable when you claimed the weapon. Like a bolt of lightning between two clouds, Hati's essence became bound to your spirit instead. Though the Thunderspark no longer allows Hati to maintain corporeal form, if you are willing to sacrifice a portion of your life, I might be able to bring Hati back to this world."

So you do the new ritual and spawn Hati like the purple wolf from WoD. As for the other colors, I'd imagine it could be an instanced little mini scenario, where you collect an essence from Thorim and then you go and use it on Hati and you can tame that color of Hati. The essences could be named after the appearances at the Altar of the Eternal Hunt, so you get Essence of the Eagle for the campaign appearance, Essence of the Serpent for the mage tower apperance and so on.

This would solve 3 issues with BM going forward. It gives those who don't like the way the BM weapon looks, or don't like the gun animations a way to show off their artifact in a post legion world. It also gives BM a bit of flair that is equal to the quiver Marksman has on their back. Unless everyone who played a hunter at the blizzcon demo missed it, it doesn't look like there are plans to give BM hunters a quiver on their back in BfA. It also lets people who really like the Hati appearances a way to keep them going forward. If every other spec gets to keep their appearances, why should BM lose arguably the more iconic and eye catching part of their artifact, it would be like Demo locks not being able to have the skull show when they transmog to their artifact.
I've honestly not been the biggest fan of having 2 pets, but I'd love to have Hati as a spirit beast--I mean, it's kind of what he is in the most literal sense. And, if not, I'm all for "saving" him in some way.
No thanks.
I do not want a second pet option ever.

I do, however, think it would be awesome if as part of our passives, Hati would occasionally spawn as a spirit beast and assist us on our target. Akin to the post above, if Hati was forever bound to Beast Mastery after Legion and would make a temporary appearance from time to time. Hell, make it so Dire Beast/Frenzy has a proc chance once a minute to spawn Hati in addition to the normal effect and he performed some kind of special attack.

But please, do not give BM a second pet with crappy AI that lags on assisting us.
There are two issues here.

The first is a second pet for BM. I love the distinctiveness this gives to BM and hope we get to keep it in an evolved and improved form.

The second, is Hati. For many hunters Hati is a person, a friend, a companion who has been part of our story for months. Years? Much as we did with Dog, we have grown attached. Allowing Hati to become a spirit beast in the stable would be cool. Allowing him to return to Thorim or retire in the Class Hall would be acceptable. Turning him into a cooldown - Summon Hati - ala Stampede etc. could be fun. Heck, even having him as a nice big vanity pet would be neat.

What is that saying? If you love something, let it go. If it returns, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was. I'd love to see a final Hati quest based around that concept.

Or he could make the ultimate sacrifice and we could wear him as a hat like Durotan. (Kidding! Don't do this!)
I would love to save Hati & be able to keep her as a stabled pet after Legion! I am one of those hunters mentioned by the above poster for whom Hati has become a friend and companion, and I will be super sad to lose her.

Returning her to Thorim would also be better than her just vanishing or being destroyed, but I would prefer to keep her. A Gara-type quest chain to separate her from Titanstrike and make her an actual pet would be *amazing*.

As a hunter who is in the minority I want to somehow see Hati somehow become a pet for those BM hunters who want him while those who can care less can ignore him.

Maybe like a Gara type quest where we travel around BFA finding essences of his spirit like with Gara finding all those pieces around WOD to me that was an awesome quest to find a new pet.

Being their first time and with so many ai bugs I can understand why many hunters hated him there even were times I wanted to send him to his corner but as a BM hunter I forgave him.

I have posted on Warcraftdevs twitter as well asking to save our lovable mutt.
I'm probably in the minority when I saw I could care less if BM has two pets. I'm fine with one, I enjoyed having two, but I won't be fussed to go back to one either.

HOWEVER, the hati wolf skins/colors are far too nice to be lost completely. I would love some way to get those wolves in the future! 'Hati' the character can die, though its hard for my hunter to swallow majorly, but please please lets find a way to make those skins stay in game.

The titanstrike weapon... blegggg. I had zero interest in collecting any appearance from it, EXCEPT that wolf's design kept me motivated. Destroy the weapon for all I care, just have the looks spawn for taming elsewhere.
Full support.

When Legion came out, I hated Hati. Passionately. I actually avoided going on to my artifact quest for several hours on the day Legion dropped. I did not under any circumstances want that stupid wolf.

I finally went and did the quest, complaining the whole time. I didn't know what to expect in detail as I had avoided spoilers. And then I got to the end....and that stupid wolf I had hated gave up it's life to save us. I may have teared up a little. And then I could save him? Ok, I teared up a little and hugged his mangy self. And after that, I loved Hati. I still do.

He won me over, completely. I am deeply attached to him. Sure, he doesn't function that well, but that's just technical difficulties. To many hunters, pets are more than just a weapon. To me, Hati is a full-blown character who is tightly bonded to my hunter. He is a noble, heroic creature who already paid a high price. And Thorim loves him, as well. His brother Skoll, who many of us have in our stables, loves him. He has a family and he wants to go home, at least sometimes. You have the entire world at your disposal to save him. Grant him that. He has more than earned it.

The thought of him being corrupted, destroyed, cast aside is painful. That is no end for a noble beast.

I do not care if he is made tameable, or a minipet, or a special talent, though those are all fine ideas. I just want to know he made it home.
The whole second pet mechanic is up for debate, but as for Hati himself I think we should be able to keep him to use as a regular pet. It's a unique model and there's lots of color options, not to mention the story behind him.

My suggestion is to do the following:

  • When you decommission Titanstrike, have Hati bound to the Hunter somehow (even if it's just a few lines of dialogue somewhere).
    • Option 1: Add a "Summon Hati" option in the spellbook (so you'd have your Call Pet 1-5 + Hati) and summoning Hati would just replace and function as your normal pet but it doesn't take up a stable slot since it's more of a spirit and not a physical beast.
    • Option 2: When you decommission Titanstrike, allow the Hunter to tame Hati as a normal pet that gets added to the stable. This could be a problem if the Hunter has no idea this is coming and their stable/active pets are already full, so you'd need some option to come back and tame again (like the Lost Netherwolf for Gara).

  • Have Hati be a spirit beast (obviously, since it's BM only).
  • Allow us to change Hati's color option by going back to Trueshot Lodge and changing the current Titanstrike appearance. That way no new UI needs to be added to give us access to all the colors we've unlocked.

However, if Blizzard decides to finally revamp the Stable system and make it more like a mount/pet collection, then it would be as simple as adding all the Hati colors to that when you decommission Titanstrike.
Adding in my signature! Please save Hati from destruction, although I will add that I would love the option to keep Hati as my companion. I've grown incredibly attached to her and don't want to see her go :(

And stemming from that sentiment, having two pets has always been my class fantasy as a BM hunter, as I never saw BM as "the best at mastery beasts by killing them all and putting them on my shoulders!!" I've always been the "Beasts are my companions and friends and we have earned trust in each other, which is why I can call so many to my aid" type of BM hunter.
Although I wasn't too keen on having Hati as a secondary pet this expansion, I absolutely feel that the wolf model itself should find a way to remain for hunters who became attached to him.

Give us a chance to save Hati, if we desire to, by allowing some means to tame him as an actual pet, or put the various Hati models somewhere in the game to be found and tamed.

I'm sure a lot of people would like to keep him by their side, not necessarily as a secondary pet, but just as a pet in general. Whether or not you go forward with the 2 pets fantasy for BM is up to you and the class devs, but don't give us a moving storyline with an animal companion and then force us to give him up after all the work we've been through together.

The model really is nice and it would be a shame to lose it entirely once Legion is over.
I don't like having a second pet. And I 'mogged' Hati as soon as possible.
But, I agree with the OP. The reason I mogged Hati was because I didn't want to be running around with the same identical pet as everyone else. The lightning wolf model is nice looking, and it feels like BM would be robbed of something if they didn't have access to those models. Everyone else is going to have access to their artifact weapon skins through xmog. Feral and Guardian druids are going to have access to their alternate cat and bear models through some other mechanism. Hati is part of the BM weapon appearance. The wolf's skin even changes based off of which Titanstrike model the player uses.

My solution would be for a Hati to be spawnable on the mountaintop at Trueshot Lodge. A hunter could trigger the spawn of any of the skins they have unlocked, and only the spawning hunter would be able to tame.

On a related note, I do like the lightning effect that is used for the non-Hati Hatis, but only on certain pets. When Titanstrike gets decommissioned, Essence Swapper should be changed to apply that lightning effect, similar to Drudge Fluid or Machine Fluid.
I am in support of BM continuing to have two pets, but on the condition that the various issues with the second pet are fixed.

As for Hati, due to the lore surrounding Titanstrike and Hati's connection to it, we may end up losing her when we absorb the corruption from Sargeras' sword. As such, I think a great idea would be to have something like the pups of Hati be placed on the unused peak above Trueshot Lodge. It is a location that is fairly easy to get to. There could be a pup for each Hati color variant. Have them be nearly-instant respawns, so people wouldn't have to camp them.
I vote to keep A second pet for BM hunters, it is the single biggest reason I chose to main BM this Xpac. I understand why Hati would go away. I just would like a 2nd pet all the time. Its distinct.


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