[H] <Nerds>2/8M Th/Fri/Sat Late Night

Times: Fri/Sat 9-12pm pt. Thursday 9-12pt alt heroic (optional)
Apply at: http://hyjalnerds.shivtr.com/ (Apply button on the top right)
<Nerds> is a late-night weekend raiding guild (Horde) focused on progressing through mythic raiding content. The guild was formed at the beginning of Legion and has since grown steadily and become a competent mythic level guild. Our ultimate goal is CE but while we work towards that goal, we want to enjoy raiding while progressing. We recognize it is a long journey, but we're up for the challenge. Beyond raiding, we also enjoy mythic + and do runs frequently both for weekly gear rolls and for the challenge of doing higher level keystones.

If you have a passion for raiding and m+, have a late-night schedule like us, and want the challenge of mythic without a time consuming schedule, give <Nerds> a shot. We are a group of competitive players that like to enjoy ourselves while we slay dragons.

Our doors are always open to casual players, family and friends. We run alt nights and older content for those who like to achievement hunt and gear up their armada of alts. Outside of that, we run the occasional random guild event and a bunch of us play other popular games (League, Fortnite, Dota2, R6S, Hearthstone, OW, CSGO, D3, PUBG, or whatever else occupies our attention).

Notable Nerds Achievements:
T21: 6/11M
T20: 9/9H (ToS roster issues prompted us to move to Horde from Alliance and brought us to Hyjal)
T19: 5/10M NH

Raiding Times:
Friday and Saturday 9pm-12pm (pacific). Main raid, required.
Thursday 9pm-12pm (pacific). Optional

We use discord during raids and most of us hang out there. It, along with our website http://hyjalnerds.shivtr.com/, are used to disperse information related to raid and other unrelated activities.

Recruitment (updated 11-13-18)
Healers: Mistweaver, any. We are actively looking for both a core healer and a flex dps/healer.
Ranged DPS: Warlock, Mage, BM Hunter, Boomkin, Spriest
Melee DPS: DK, Ret

We are actively looking for several dps to round out our roster. A flexible healer who can also dps would be a big plus as well.

The above list is not exhaustive. We will always look at every application regardless of our needs. We encourage any interested player to apply as we always take the player over the class. A competent raider who is reliable and group-oriented someone we would want to be on our team.

If a raider decides they do not need a piece, they can offer it to the raid and the officers will Master Loot it via the addon RCLC. We will never force you to trade a piece of loot you receive.

Raider Expectations
We expect our raiders to show up on-time, prepared to raid physically and mentally. Knowing the fight mechanics is key to preparation. We do not hold strict performance standards, but if performance is an issue with a player we will notify them and work to help them as best we can. Ultimately, a player’s ability to perform is up to them. If player performance is hindering progression, we will utilize the bench. Otherwise we ask and take volunteers to sit out based on loot needs. Beyond that we hold attendance very high in priority. Showing up on time with very good attendance and giving reasonable (24 hours in advance) warning of absences is key. We much prefer a reliable player over a flaky orange-parsing player.

Our trial period is 2 weeks. During the 2 week trial period, we expect perfect raid attendance. We expect you to be prepared and to know the mechanics of encounters. We will explain fight-specific strategies and roles, and in general mechanical execution and communication trump numbers.

We supply flask, food, potions and enchants.

Required Addons

Apply Here: http://hyjalnerds.shivtr.com/ (Apply button on the top right)

Battle.net: Sayonara#11805, Seoh#1361, Peebioh#1839, Snow#1941
Discord: Sayonara#0420, Seoh#8947, Cody#3783, Snow#4780

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/rankings/299997/latest
started transferring tonight, bump!
We have successfully transferred!
Our new website: http://hyjalnerds.shivtr.com/

Come join us, we have cookies!
They give good Wisdom
still looking to fill core raid slots!
still looking to fill slots
bump as we have cleared heroic and are looking to fill the roster for mythic
bump for garothi dead- m y t h i c r a i d e r s
1/11M! Just need to fill out our team :)
doggos dead!
still looking for more DPS!
bump for 3/11
4/11 :]
updated recruiting as it was quite out-of-date

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