2 Raiders Seek Raid/Guild Home

Guild Recruitment

So as the title says 2 of us that have been raiding pretty decently since Vanilla just came back after a small break and working on getting into a consistent raid home.

Legion Exp: EN: 4/7M Exp HOV: 3/3H NH: 10/10H TOS: 5/9M currently we have some small heroic experience in Antorrus, but haven't done much raiding as we are looking to raid with a guild in the new raid.

Little bit about us: Like I said been raiders since vanilla, mechanics oriented, work hard to better ourselves to better the raid and always open to constructive criticism. We are looking for 2-3 night guild prefer 10pm - 1am server. Days are open for discussion but prefer Tues,Wed,Thurs. Want to stay horde.

Our comp:
Aff Warlock: 935
Blood DK 945 has DPS options if needed (ele sham or dk dps)

Contact: Zavaan#1132 or Bickler#1931

Hey! Tequila Sundown is a brand new eventual mythic raid group under the multi raid group guild Karma Horde on Stormreaver. We're in need of ranged dps currently.

We run from 8:45 pm to 11:45 pm Pacific Time ( 11:45 - 2:45 EST) and are currently making our way through normal Antorus with the goal after recruiting to be through heroic and in mythic relatively soon.

Currently 11/11N, 5/11H

If you're interested, contact the raid leader on bnet at joat#1832 or lambkill#1856
You can also reach them on discord at joat#6049 or Saever#4432

Otherwise, check out our wiki!

[US][A] <Despicable> of Sargeras
Progression: 7/9mtos-11/11hAntorus
Raid days/times:
Tues 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time
Wed 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time
Thurs 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time

What we are looking for: filling maybe 1-2 dps and maybe 1-2 healing spots for the first few weeks of Antorus, we've done the PTR for the raid and we have a cheat sheet for players that were'nt able to raid the PTR(Antorus).

if you're interested in clearing N/H-Antorus every week then you can contact us below.
<Despicable> is recruiting for our core roster for Mythic Antorus, so if you're interested in joining you can apply on our guild website: www.despicableguild.com
Discord(for instant reply): Luven/Gaia/lil#7900
Btag(for direct game contact):
Urobsession#1870(Recruiting Officer)
Shaqexdee#1477 (Recruiting Officer)
Tafbird2000#1431(Raid Leader)
Non Offensive Innuendo is currently a heroic guild that is wanting to go mythic.

Server: Ner'zhul, Frostmane, Tortheldrin
Progression: 9/9N 9/9H 11/11N 3/11H

What we need: RDPS, a healer, and a tank

What we are looking for: Light hearted, good humored, responsible and reliable players, who can consistently make raid days and are interested in doing things together as a guild, such as, PVP, mythic+, mog runs, and or playing other games, hanging out in discord being social.

We use discord, feel free to join for any questions or interviews. https://discord.gg/UEEnfCp

We are like a family, we joke and mess with each other all the time, we are laid back and not super strict, but we still want to kill bosses at a resonable pace.

You are expected to show up on time, and if you can't let someone know ahead of time. You are also expected to do the highest required mythic+ key to ensure that your gear stays up to date, if you require help doing this let people in the guild know.

We use EPGP and RCLootCouncil for loot, and Exorsus Raid Tools for notes

Consumables: Free for all raiders

Raid Times:
Wednesday, Friday, and Monday 8:30-11:30PM CST

Please fill out this application to apply: http://www.guilded.gg/#!AdrRp1Ydly

Contact Info:
<Our GM Ragequit-Thrall> Core group has been together for over 5+ years and is looking for top tier players to build off that core. We are interested in any player who can perform at a high level and is willing to put the time and effort to improve themselves and the guild.

Raid times - Tues/Wed 10-1Am EST with a weekend farm raid
Loot is handed out via the RC loot council addon by a 5 man guild council who consider all aspects of raiding while handing out loot. Loot is handed out based on what the council think is best for the guild. We hand out loot based off performance, Ilvl upgrades, raid attendance, we also prioritize completing 2 and 4 sets on strong performing players.

Current guild prog 11/11 Normal 9/11 Heroic - The guild has killed up Coven on Heroic and has the servers 15th Argus kill on Heroic.

On off nights the guild is constantly pushing high keys, chilling in discord, and running pug raids for those who need some extra loot.

Recruitment for Mythic Antours -
High demand for Boomkin and Shadow priest
Warlock, ELE Shaman
Rogue,Feral Druid

Please provide log links for faster consideration!!

Add Johnking#1609 in game if you are interested.
johnking#5462 - discord
I'll leave you with:

"We raid Tues/Thurs/Sun (Don't have to show up Sunday) from 9:30pm (EST) to 12:30am (EST). If at all interested contact me at Jordone#1898. We could benefit greatly from another Warlock and DK DPS. We are 11/11H looking for bodies for Mythic."

Have a nice a day :D

Who wants copy paste garbage that is 10 miles long?
<Happy Ending> on Proudmoore [A] is now recruiting. [2/11M] & [7/9M]

Raid Time & Days (EST):
10:30 PM to 1:30 AM on Tue/Wed/Thur
Optional runs happen throughout the week, but nothing mandatory. These will be posted in discord. We do not require any kind of mandatory alts for split runs and we typically do not extend past raid time.

Loot Council

Currently recruiting the following to round out our roster in preparation for ANTORUS:
Druid (Balance)

As always, all exceptional players are encouraged to apply.
Don't be afraid to hit us up either if you might be looking for casual/bench play.

If interested, contact:
Juggy#11476 [GM]
Dunkinpwnuts#1592 [Officer]
Kitt#1855 [Officer]

A new late-night, semi-casual guild that comes from a variety of backgrounds in gaming. While the end goal is to gain Cutting Edge for every raid tier, this is still a game and we want to have fun while doing it! Most of our roster comes from a 7/9M guild that inevitably broke apart like many other Legion guilds. We hope to keep this one alive and active as long as possible. We have fun in other games together, discord is fairly active, and we mainly just want to raid while having fun.

-Positive attitude. We're progressing through Mythic, EXPECT multiple wipes going in. We know it gets frustrating, but we hope to get the environment as laid-back and fun as possible while progressing.
-Awareness. We understand making mistakes, but we also expect you to work on them.
-Consistency in attendance, mechanics, and dps. Do the best research you can in a timely manner.
-Dedication. At least 90% raid attendance. We know unexpected IRL issues occur and that is okay but at least notify an officer.
-Be prepared. Know your class. Know your rotation. Know the encounters beforehand.

We'll provide the food and flasks, you provide your best attitude and knowledge. If you ever have questions, do not hesitate to ask. We are more than willing to help with what we can.

You can always expect the same from us and do not be afraid to comment if you get less than desired.
Thank you for all the responses. I do apologize for not clearly stating EST is the time for our raids. So 10pm - 1am EST. Still looking for Horde Friends.
Maximum Effort 11/N, 8/11H is a raid and mythic+ guild on Cenarion circle. We have very strong leadership, origination and strong core of raiders! Our goal is to aim for server first achievements and push ourselves and the team as far we can. There is nothing more fun then breaking into a nerd rage when you and 19 friends finally kill a hard boss!

A little about the group...
A large portion of the group has been raiding together for multiple expansions, with me as the raid leader. We're a tight knit group of friends, always hanging out in discord, doing everything from pvp, mythic plus and world quests. We recently split off from the guild we were previously in to do our own thing.

A little about the server...
Cenarion circle is a low population server. But it is far from dead. The server has a very active group of people. Due to the smaller population everyone knows everyone, who is a trouble maker, who to avoid, who to ask for help and who is the trade chat troll. Its a very friendly and laid back server.

When do we raid?
-mon, tue and wednes are progreession nights
-Thursday is optional farm
Raids are 930pm-12am est (7-9pm server)

What do we need?
-Just about any ranged dps specs!
-Dps with healing OS is even better
-Really good melee specs will be considered

You do not need any mythic raiding experience to join us! We're happy to bring in new comers and who them the ropes. We have people with lots of mythic experience to help out.

btag Hethrus#1504

Can pay X-fer for the right people.

We obviously are not a horde guild, but our raid times are almost within your specifications - 10pm to 12:30am PST on Wed/Thu/Monday, and we have room for both of you. A tank (esp with DPS offspec) has been a high priority for us, and one can never have too many warlocks.

We are a pretty casual guild that aims at timely AOTC followed by some mythic progression. Currently 7/11H, and ended last tier at 3/9M with close pulls on sisters.

Right now, we do personal loot with open rolls on unwanted items but that may change in future, to prevent gear waste.

I’m adding both of you on bnet. If interested, accept and ping me back - animus#1971
[H](Thrall) <Relinquish> Is a newly formed guild seeking like-minded players to progress in Mythic Raiding for Antorus and beyond into Battle for Azeroth. Our leadership's raiding experience spans back to Vanilla. On the previous tier, we achieved 8/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, and currently have AotC and 2/11 Mythic experience for Antorus.

What We're About

We’re looking for serious progression in raiding while still maintaining a fun and family-oriented atmosphere within the guild. No one person is more important than another. We are a team and progression isn't possible if we don't conduct ourselves as one. At the end of the day, this game is about having fun with people you enjoy playing with so the main thing is to HAVE FUN!

Raid Days and Times

Tuesday: 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST.
Wednesday: 8:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST.
Thursday: 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST.

These days and times will be for main progression raids. Heroic/Normal raids can also be done on these days if needed to get back into Mythic quickly, i.e. someone needing tier or a certain piece to help progression. Once lower difficulties aren't needed they will be moved to off nights and will not be required.

We still consider ourselves semi-hardcore but want to be a contender in the race to the top and obtain Cutting Edge each tier. We believe ny that breaking the meta "9 hour" raid week and having an extra hour per day to progress this can be achieved.


We are currently looking for all classes and specializations in order to build our roster and start raiding as soon as possible. Having experience (AotC/Mythic kills) help tremendously and shows that you're serious about raiding at a high level. We are willing to teach and gear players but expect people to know encounters and mechanics of the fights since Antorus has been out a few weeks.

All new recruits will go through a trial process to show that they are able to handle mechanics, play their specialization efficiently, adapt to new encounters and strategies quickly, and maintain performance consistently throughout the entire trial process and beyond. Just because you may promoted doesn't mean you can slack off; there are always others looking to raid and progress. Logs will be reviewed if available when a player applies and this will continue through the trial process, so be sure to post them!

We are also requiring players to have at least one alt character up to par for raiding. This helps if a different compilation is needed for certain bosses, i.e. a third tank or fifth healer. These will also be used for split runs for later tiers or to get us into Mythic progression this tier since we are starting fresh. We believe this is crucial to maintain high rankings in the world race.

Not a raider or have friends that play too? No problem, all players are welcome.


We expect all raiders to have 100% raid attendance, but real life does happen and it is most important. We will have outlets to let us know if you're unable to make a certain day for whatever reason. Missing days does not reflect badly upon you but if it is consistent you'll be asked if an officer has not already been spoken to. Maintaining high raid attendance is key and gives us more time for progression.

Our Expectations

Raiders must come prepared to raid knowing encounters, mechanics and having consumables. Have weak auras, addons, boss mods set up and whatever else helps players play we’re class effectively. Cauldrons and feasts will be provided, but players should still come prepared and be willing to assist with materials.

Don't be an elitist and be open to criticism from other players. We are here to work as a team. If someone is struggling, suggest something to them or point them in the right direction.

Be active with others in the guild! We'll be running Mythic+ regularly and doing old raid, alt raids and PvP for AP/Legendaries.

ENJOY YOURSELF! This game is about fun. Yes, we want to be at the top but that isn't possible if people don't enjoy the environment they play in.

Final Thoughts

Yes, we are a brand-new guild with big dreams. With hard work and dedication we are able to achieve all of it. If you're looking for a new and long-term home, we are the place for you! Our officers are working hard to get us off the ground and into raiding quickly. We will need a little patience from people while we do so. If you believe we are the correct fit then contact one of our officers below to set up a time to speak in Discord.


BTags: Berzzerk#1338 Crymeariiver#1483 Littleholyc#1280 Thedudedude#1433 Puddette#1398
Discord: Berzzerk#4516 Crymeariiver#3280 Littleholyc#9291 DragonofDawn#2036
Hello Aquamon and Zarmahkargh,

If you would reconsidering coming over to the dark side....

(A)Raizin Kane on Whisperwind (PVE) server is looking to add members to our guild that can raid on Tue/Wed nights from 10p-1a EST. We have an immediate opening for a both a Warlock and a Death Knight that can both DPS and backup tank. (Our Guardian Druid has to travel for work on slight occasion and having a team member that can switch between both roles would be a great addition to the team.

We all have AOTC Heroic Raid Achievements from EN thru TOS and are looking for quality players with the same level of focus and mindset as ourselves.

We're an older group of players with ages ranging from 22 - 50, with a good mix of men and ladies on the team. We are a relaxed group that doesn't rage or yell due to mishaps, but we do push each other in a friendly and competitive way to continually improve as a team. We are looking for competent, knowledgeable players, that are self-motivated to excel and work to maintain top parses in their class spec, and willing to stick it out when confronted with a bit of adversity as a team. We use Discord for our chat.

If we sound like a guild you'd be interested in trailing with or wish to talk further please feel free to contact me on BNET @ Karlmic#1834. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon.

You can also visit our recruitment thread below to find out more about us:
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

11/11H Antorus
5/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

I sent you both a btag request! I would love to chat more about any concerns or questions you may have. I'm always available through discord!

Heyo, we're a semi-casual Horde raiding guild on the realm Mal'Ganis that has a solid core of chill old school players. Currently, we are 9/11 on Heroic Antorus and are progressing to clear it. We have around 15 active core raiders, 2 of which are tanks and 4 healers (2 go dps when the fights are easy).

We are a guild full of players from different time zones, but that doesn't stop us from raiding together consistently (3 times a week). Raid times are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST) and we understand that there may be real life conflicts with raid times so I will do my best to work around everyone's schedule. We start all raids at 6:00pm PST and finish for the evening by 10:00-11:00pm PST.

When we are not raiding in game, we are usually pushing high mythic keys (15+), or gearing guild alts. Together, we're a chill group of like minded individuals who like to have fun, whether its joking around constantly on discord or giggling our way through Mythic + keys. This guild is and will be a good group of friends for you if you decide to join, we are pretty active and if you need anything there is sure to be someone willing to help. We are also self-sustaining with many of our raiders maxed out in most of the major professions with all the recipes at rank 3.

Raid Times:
  • Tuesdays 6:00pm-10:30pm PST
  • Thursdays 6:00pm-10:30pm PST
  • Sundays 6:00pm-10:30pm PST
  • Progression: 9/11 Heroic Antorus

    Current Needs: Any Solid DPS (prefer Ranged) (or decent off-spec)

    Requirements: 935+ ilvl w/ 70+ traits in main spec weapon

    If you think you may be a good fit for our guild or would like to inquire about additional information or questions you may have, please contact either myself, my CoGM Shockers, or Officer Mavik.

    BattleNet IDs
    GM = Xanthippie#1937
    CoGM= Shockers#1848
    Officer = Mavik#1903

    GM = Xanthippie #8509

    Hope to hear from you soon :)
    I know you said you would like to stay horde, but I'm tossing out a chance for you to consider alliance. I'm not sure what time your sever falls under but here is our spam for you to consider.

    < Ouroboros >
    Antorus, the Burning Throne 2/11 M, 11/11 H, 11/11 N
    Tomb of Sargeras 7/9 M 9/9 H 9/9 N
    Nighthold 10/10 M 10/10 H 10/10 N
    Trial of Valor 2/3M 3/3H 3/3 N
    The Emerald Nightmare 7/7 M, 7/7 H, 7/7 N

    Website: http://www.ouroborosguild.com
    Proudmoore (PvE) Alliance

    Our Raid Schedule:
    8pm-12am PST, 9pm-1am MST, 10pm-2am CST, 11pm-3am EST
    Wednesday & Thursday:
    8pm-11pm PST, 9pm-12am MST, 10pm-1am CST, 11pm-2am EST

    Contact information:
    If you are interested please place an application on our forums, PM an officer or recruiter on the forums, or get in contact with any

    officer or recruiter in game. If using Battletag, please attach a quick note identifying yourself as an app along with your class and


    Website: http://www.ouroborosguild.com

    Dookies: dookie#1491
    Kyung: Kyung#11645
    Null: Null#1618
    Seibukan: Cantankerous#1281

    Keildia: Keildia#1396
    Narumata: Narumata#1658
    Nucholza: Deathtojoo#1363

    Hope to hear from you!
    ^ Looking to stay horde sorry :(
    [H][Tichondrius] <The Murloc Saints> is a competitive minded progression guild formed at the end of Nighthold. After achieving Ahead of the Curve for Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras, we have set our sights on Cutting Edge for Antorus. We have continued to grow well together and enjoy gaming with one another across multiple games and platforms.

    Guild info:
    -Raid times: Tue and Sun 9p-12a PST w/ an optional Wed farm night
    -Current progression: 7/11H 11/11N ABT
    -Recruitment: ALL DPS and a Rsham/Hpally

    Our Expectations:
    -90% raid attendance will be required to keep a raider position. Showing up 15 min early isn’t mandatory, but you must be 100% ready to go at raid time.
    -Take criticism well. We have many knowledgeable and experienced players that are always trying to improve the group. Whether the criticism is off-putting or not, it’s always in an effort to improve. We are a team after all.
    -Always be your best! What we mean by this is to never stop looking for ways to improve yourself. Gameplay or otherwise.

    Bnet: StudMuffin#1856
    Discord: StudMuffin#7193
    The Bloodborn is currently a Heroic raiding guild that is trying to break into Mythic progression raiding. We have a talented core and are very enthusiastic about raiding, but unfortunately we lack the numbers to attempt Mythic.

    A little history: The Bloodborn is a guild that has been around since The Burning Crusade. We started on the server Lethon, and transferred to Illidan at the start of Warlords in an effort to find more players on a high-pop server.

    We have earned AOTC during every raid tier this expansion (and before!). We are a close knit guild who help boost keys every week, PvP together, and do achievement hunting and much more.

    We are willing to help people gear up for the tier. Voice is optional, but we use Discord and will require you at a minimum to listen.

    Guild Needs:

    2 Healers (Priest/Shaman/Druid(preferred))
    DPS (Range preferred)

    Raid Times
    Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 12:30am-3:30am Eastern Time.

    Contact Info
    Battle Tag- Vengente#11907 (Guild Leader)
    Battle Tag- Berd#11168 (Guild Officer)
    Battle Tag- Khrispy#1471 (Guild Officer)

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