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Guild Recruitment
Guild: (A) Raizin Kane
Server: Whisperwind/Dentarg (PVE-CST based server)
Raid Days: Tuesday and Wednesday
Raid Times: 10pm - 1am EST (9p-12a CST / 8p-11p MST / 7p-10p PST)
Current Progression: 11/11N Antorus & 6/11H Antorus
Previous Progression: 7/7N & H EN, 3/3N & H ToV, 10/10N & H NH, 9/9N & H ToS,
Chat App: Discord
Loot System: RC LootCouncil

Raizin Kane is looking to add members with 950+ ilevel and 72+ traits in their main raiding spec that want to be part of an active community of adult players that enjoys Raiding, Mythic+, Achievements, and helping one another throughout the week. We are seeking quality and dedicated members as we work together to progress towards mythic raiding and also want to be part of an active community outside of raiding.

Recruiting for the following Raid Team Roles:
Tanks: - Tank w/DPS Off Spec - DH, DK, or Warrior
Healers - Resto Druid, MW Monk, Holy Paladin, & Resto Shaman
RDPS - Bal. Druid, MM Hunter, 2 Mages (Frost and/or Arcane), Ele Shaman, & Warlock
MDPS - DK, DH, Shaman, & Warrior


Raizin Kane was established back in September 2014 with a small group of co-ed adult players and the guild is run by a Father-Son team. The guild has progressed from barely able to fill a full 10 person guild team to complete normal Highmaul to now having a solid core group of players that has cleared all heroic content with AOTC in WoD and Legion thru TOS. We are now looking to expand our roster in order to move beyond Heroic raiding and building towards a Mythic Raid Team.

This is a game that is played to be fun and enjoyable both in and out of raiding. We are searching for members that are willing to research fights and their class in order to become part of high quality raid team. We strive to clear content and progress higher in server rank to become one of the top raiding guilds on Whisperwind. We are looking for members that can do their role and have fun playing the game together.

If you would like to talk further please contact us on Battlenet @ Karlmic#1834,
Christoff#1674, or whisper us in game on Whisperwind.
Still actively recruiting

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