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Guild Recruitment
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Death Knight - Frost/Unholy
Druid - Resto/Boomie
Hunter - MM/BM
Monk - Mistweaver/Windwalker (BRM OS pref)
Paladin - Ret
Shaman - Resto

Open recruitment for CE and a strong push into BFA!

Raid schedule: Tue/Wed 9PM-12AM EST

To be a top 2 day (6 hour) raiding guild that achieves cutting edge this tier and continues achieving cutting edge every raid tier while having fun.

About us:
Ascension is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on a 2 night (6 hour raid schedule), what sets us apart is the amount of research and strategizing pre raid to limit wipes and push progression. The majority of us have been hardcore raiding together since Vanilla/BC/WOTLK. In addition to guild sponsored raids we coordinate optional off night/alt raids, mythic keys, pvp, and host random guild events. We are seeking mythic experienced raiders, but socials are welcome and may trial to raid once ready.

• 75+ artifact traits/BIS legendaries.
• 100% raid attendance (or close to it, RL happens).
• Comparable mythic experience.
•Ability to effectively communicate via discord.
• Quick to adapt/learn.
• Warcraftlogs prepared to review previous experience/parses.
• Willing to transfer to Bleeding Hollow if you are not on our server.

Exceptional applicants will always be considered even if we are not recruiting your class/spec.

Please apply via our website to be considered: http://www.ascension-bh.com/

Contact info:

Cbegs#1551 / LazerBeemz#1200 / NorthBeast#11293

Discord: Cbegs#3780 / LazerBeemz#9736 / Chargeology#2847
We have tacos! :D
Oh and BTW we speed cleared normal and 4 bosses in heroic in about 3 hours last night. ;)
Oh and BTW we speed cleared normal and 4 bosses in heroic in about 3 hours last night. ;)
Looking for a few more dps... Our hunters are lonely, heard survival hunter was out there roaming.
8/11, next week is 11/11.
948 Boomkin/Bear. Strong Scent, and great with mechanics.
11/11 this week. Let’s go.
Adding rogueeeeeee
We have waffles!
Cleared normal and first 5 of heroic last night in only 3 hours. Next week going forward is focus on heroic only. :D
Bump still looking for some dps to bring in the new year.
10/11 most of us are 11/11!
11/11 bump. Let’s go mythic!
Added demon hunter

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