LFM N/H Antorus (Hakkar server cluster)

Guild Recruitment
Synthesis is a progression guild on the server cluster of Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and Hakkar. We are looking to push through heroic content. If we can get a consistent group that is geared enough, potentially mythic progression as well. We are currently 2/11H with normal Antorus on full clear. At this time, we still run normal every week to help with gearing, with heroic done during our remaining weekly raid times. Eventually, we will focus strictly on heroic. In addition to active raiding, we have folks who also enjoy PvP and Mythic+ progression.

We are currently in need of ranged DPS and healers to fill our raiding roster. However, if you don't fit these roles, you are still welcome to join our guild.

Active participation. Our raid times are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. server time. While we understand that real-life issues may come up, if you join with the intent to raid, we expect to see you as a normal participant during these times for the next few months, even as we begin to get this content on farm status.

Constructive Criticism. We're all learning and trying to be more efficient with our raids. If folks see areas for improvement, we want and ask for people to speak up. Please don't take this personally, the goal is for all of us to be as best we can with our roles.

Discord is required. You don't need a mic, but we want you to be able to hear our callouts and boss fight explanations and strategies.

Addons. We require DBM/Bigwigs to help with callouts. For full guild runs, we use RCLootCouncil so there is more opportunity for gear. We prioritize item level difference and making sure as many people as possible leave a raid with an upgrade.

Other Events
We are possibly starting up a Sunday PvP night, where those interested will attempt to do ranked battlegrounds. We also have plenty of people who push 15+ Mythic keystones, so if you are interested in Mythic+ progression, there is opportunity there, as well.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please reply here or message:
- Demoryan ... Dem#1587.
- Gibby ... Gibby#1557
Your guild seems like a possible good fit for my husband and I.
Add me to your BNet and I can look into getting you and your husband into Thursday & Friday's run later this week so you can get a feel for the group.

I don't know your husband's character, but we can definitely use a warlock.
He has a Spriest. Healsin. I'm going to talk to him tonight and try to connect with you. Thanks for responding.
Sounds good! I should be on around 9:15 EST, so we'll hopefully connect then!
Hey! It sounds like you may have already found your guild warlock but I was wondering if your guild had any room for a 930 aff lock? I really haven't raided in quite a while (a few years tbh) but it would be awesome to get back to it. Add me if there is an opening :)

Hey Andinoria. I'll message you this evening. We should have an opening. We're looking for ranged DPS in general, so (to my knowledge) we're not asking for specific classes.

Since we're raiding on Thursday and Friday, we may be able to have you tag along for a trial run. The only potential issue is that we're near the end of normal Antorus, so we'll be facing the more challenging bosses in the raid. Personally, don't think it'll be an issue as long you research the fights and follow mechanics; otherwise, we can bring you along on Tuesday when it's a fresh start.

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