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Hello friends. Once I am looking for a raid team for Mythic Antorus. I love my current team but my work schedule has changed and I can no longer make their times :(
I am looking for 2-3 nights per week preferably during the weeknights any time after 9pm PST, I know it is late but that is when I can consistently be on.
As for my Raiding experience, I have been Raiding since heroic mode Ulduar, during firelands i was given the first legendary staff, in MoP i only raided casually as well as WoD. During legion I went 5-7 M EN before I quit the game due to my wife and I having our first child.
I came back towards the end of TOS and have cleared heroic Antorus with my current guild.
I am pretty relaxed when I play, I won’t rage or get frustrated and I’ll be the first to recognize my mistakes and make sure to fix them. I just love playing this game and making new friends, hopefully it is your raid team.
Please let me know if you have any questions, hit me up here as I’ll be checking consistently or at my btag albertunes#1855
Thanks for reading and happy recruiting.
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