931 Blood DK lf early raiding guild

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a chill raiding guild to do some heroic/mythic progression in Antorus. Preferably a guild that raids twice a week anytime in the early morning or afternoon time because I work overnights during the week!

Availability: I work Monday-Wednesday overnight so I will be unable to raid on those days from 10pm-3am eastern. All other days and times I have open availability!

What I'm looking for: A fun relaxed guild that raids one/two nights a week and that also likes to do some mythic+ keys. I'm also an experienced arena player so I enjoy doing arenas/bgs a little bit too.

Coming back after having taken a long break from legion (only been back for a month) and looking to find a nice community that makes the game enjoyable!
https://discord.gg/CAPNwM6 check out the US Recruitment discord.

Don't forget discord is searchable! Make better use of it by searching your class or spec or times and days you are after. = )

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