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I've been playing Legion, messing around with my HTC Vive, and continuing to gawk at how insane the cryptocurrency rise has been this year.
Couldn't stomach Legion, hate artifacts, hate my class, hate all other classes more, hate that Ysera died to a pebble, hate dungeons, hate world quests, hate the requirements to fly, no motivation to raid since I hate the lore now, hate that they gave us ANOTHER garrison table (puke), hate being told I'm the chosen one considering how easy all the things I did was, get a grip... haven't tried PvP because I hate my class anyway, hate alt's, hate Demon Hunters, hate Survival revamp, it's just a mess of impractical garbage...

I enjoyed WoD though because we got Aussie servers. Was great fun.

And I'm looking forward to BfA.

I was enjoying Getting Over It and PoE.
Warcraft 3, OW, Crowfall alpha, Diablo 2.

I actually tried to start a new character on Legion(starting at 1), but I just couldn't get sucked into it knowing where i'll end up. Opening the talent trees was definitely gag worthy.
I've sort of been busy each day for the past month and a half or so now, mostly just preparing for Christmas and what ever else. Other than that, have not been playing WoW in any form or capacity.... any time I think of getting on the game, I just remember all the features, aspects and reasons that I am sick to death of and how bored with "modern WoW" I am.

Game-wise, when ever I've been getting time, I've had my Genesis hooked up to my TV - and blown away with the fact that there is NO LAG with it on my 1080p HD TV (the only TV I have and can play game on anymore), whereas my NES and SNES both have lag when I use them on same TV (I think even using N64, PS1, Gamecube and PS2 have the same issues, but then I have my Wii and I can use a component cable, and there does not seem to be any lag).

A couple weeks back I played through Toy Story, really decent and fun platformer that I've had for the Genesis since I was 7 or so, and it's been such a long time since I tried playing it. I decided to try and do Sonic The Hedgehog (first game), and I for the life of me can not manage to even find a chaos emerald in that nightmare-maze of a mini-game. Other than that, I realized just this year, prior to this year, Marble Zone was the furthest I had ever played before this year.

The game is really fun past the first two levels/worlds.

Lastly, I bought Castlevania: Rondo Of Blood on my Wii's virtual console, and started playing through that. I realized, or remembered just this year, that it was the game that Symphony Of The Night was a sequel to, and I've had the fact in the back of my mind that the Wii's VC is going away by January 2019 (although, Wii Points are going to become unavailable to purchase by March of 2018.... so, yeah), and I'm really wanting to seize the moment and buy as many TurboGrafx16 games as I can (or am interested in) before it's too late.

I started looking into what it would take to get the original console or hardware. TurboGrafx16 and the addon/peripheral TurboCD are not too pricey, but I'm not sure if they would play japanese games (something that Rondo Of Blood is, although I had plans to check out what other Japan exclusives the console had). Getting a Turbo Duo would set me back about $500.00-ish, and besides that, using Rondo Of Blood as an example, some games could cost around $180.00 to $200.00

So yeah, Wii's VC is going to be my main focus before March of this next year, being that I want the Bonk games and Splatterhouse. Probably some others, but I can't think of them off the top of my mind right now.
12/16/2017 08:34 PMPosted by Kodiack
gawk at how insane the cryptocurrency rise has been this year.

just like before the sellers are the only ones making a profit from it and you'll lose more than you hope to gain.

Playing Legion still, waiting for BFA and Classic, Playing HoTS... Working a crap ton, traveling and expanding my cigar collection/humidors
Games I'm playing on a regular basis?
Divinity original sin 2 (PC)
Baldur's Gate 1&2 (PC)
D&D 5e (P&P)
Call of Cthulhu (P&P)
Warmahordes (Tabletop)
Currently a Titan Quest Immortal Throne Ragnarok Lan playthrough with da boys. We just finished a Hell D2 rush prior to that.
12/16/2017 08:34 PMPosted by Kodiack
continuing to gawk at how insane the cryptocurrency rise has been this year.

Get the popcorn ready for when the market shorters get their pants on. Cryptokids are going to experience their first ever ultra-violation of personal dignity.
when I'm home (not for another 8 days) I'd play the Switch: Skyrim, FMX racing, Mario Odyssey and Tetris.
So as usual i have my other games, but the ones related to WoW...

Im currently subbing to Retail because the patch on the ptr is bringing combat closer to vanilla, and this could literally bring me back to Retail. Just need some difficulty.

When that falls through ill go back to P99 for my old school mmorpg fix.
I resubbed then bought Legion, meh. Think I'll go back to trying GW2 ... I started that about a week before blizzcon then classic was announced and I just kind of let GW2 sit :(
On live, mostly just coasting for the gold /tokens.... And waiting a few weeks for pugs to clear Antorus before bringing my tons through for the experience. Occasional pvp for fun, but barely playing much.

Outside of live wow, did a pserver for a bit to get a better feel for what classes I was going to play and yeah, basically going the exact same route I did in vanilla (lock main, rogue alt) but reversed. Was tempted to go arms war (only class I've never played... But stance dancing killed it for me) or enhance (which was my second alt in vanilla that I never had time for... But the lack of control and sustainability was turning me off, as was the fairly skillless nature of it)... Didn't even make it to 40 but I've seen enough and don't want to waste time on a toon that will be dropped immediately once classic is launched....

Beyond that, some Tf2 before that game fully dies out... And honestly working on leveling my irl profession for a hopeful career upgrade /change while I've got the time..

Av pvp is best pvp.

Also I've learned that I'll need to be alliance for classic wow. Pretty much every single pserver in existence seems have fast BG queues for allie, slow BG queues for horde. Horde is the pvp faction, with better pvp racials. Pvp participation will be horde dominant in classic for sure (even if the server population has higher alliance ratio).

Sooooooo I need to a gnome mage for instant BG pops :) I'm ok with horde winning most games, I still prefer faster queues.
Going to replay all the Souls/bourne games, probably some Overwatch here and there. A playthrough of WC3+TFT sometime before launch.
Farming in Legion to buy tokens to change into Bnet balance to buy Hearthstone stuff with! Bought the last 3 expacs and maybe 100+ card packs, saved myself a chunk of cash. I love farming so it's back to being an AH warrior for me. When I'm not farming in Legion or playing HS I am playing D2. It doesn't have the polished graphics or combat that D3 does, but it's so much better as a game.
In addition to alot of Single Player stuff, I play on the Everquest Progression server Agnarr. I have played on every Progression server that Everquest has ever released and will play on the next one they release too.
Lots of VRChat. Game is ripe for memes.
I am getting my enhancement shaman geared up, running gold missions. Taking it easy grinding AP. Mostly taking it easy. Be so glad when Classic drops.
12/16/2017 03:45 PMPosted by Shlend607BC5
SSI Gold Box Games...........

Man but I wish I could find curse of the azure bonds for mac
Final Fantasy XI...

Even tho it had it's "Cataclysm" as well (It was called Abyssea) and everything is easy mode, it's still very enjoyable. I hate the fact that nobody groups for XP-parties anymore, but the economy is relatively alive (at least on the big servers, like Asura) and there's tons of stuff to do.

Keeps me busy waiting for classic...

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