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I am a returning player from a couple years ago.
I was raid leader for 7 years for end game.

Current guild is basically inactive.

Current gear is lvl 73 Aluneth
Arcane Mage

I have not completed any raids other than LFR.
Currently running keystones.
Best so far is +11.
Ilvl is 921 with 2 legendaries.

Prefer to start running at beginning content and then work my way up from there.

I am a semi retired contract engineer.
I am 56 years young.
Not looking for drama.
I pay to play to have fun.

Pretty wide open availability.
Prefer est day raiding.

Ty in advance for your consideration.

https://discord.gg/CAPNwM6 check out the US Recruitment discord.

Don't forget discord is searchable! Make better use of it by searching your class or spec or times and days you are after. = )

If you want to stay on Stormrage, type !stormrage into the roles channel and you'll have access to that realm and the recruiters from there. = )
Hi Dencey, Our guild is on Stormrage and we raid est. We are a Casual progressive raiding (18+) guild, that was created w/ older players (50+) in mind. Myself (age 60) and another woman (has 6 kids) are the GMs. At your age, you'll fit in perfectly w/ us. We raid differently from any other guild on our server, we base kills on learning the mechanics of a boss fight, rather than how high can your dps go. Here there is NO dps pushing or pressuring, benching for it, calling out of any player in or out of raid either and embarrassing them for low dps, heals, tanking, etc., no forcing of Mythic +'s on players for gearing up. Our raid schedule is: Thur, Sat/Sun 7-10 pm (N ABT, 8/11). When we finish w/ N ABT, we plan on scheduling normal for Thurs. again, and start heroic on the weekend. We also hope to do some Mythic ABT in the future, and don't ever expect to complete it or rush our players to get to that point. We all enjoy raiding together, and want to keep it a happy, social event. We use Discord (not just for raiding), and provide food, flasks, and repairs (amount based on guild ranking) for our progressive raiders. If we sound like the perfect home for you just IM in-game either myself or Shaazul for either more info/invite. Just mention your post if you decide to do so. Hope to have you w/ us.
<Ex Inferno>’s Team Blue raid is LFM for its newly forming raid team!
This is a brand-new team within the Ex Inferno gaming community looking to casually raid normal and heroic Antorus. We are starting from the ground up and have DPS openings, as well as leadership positions. Seasoned mythic raiders from the guild are available to help the team not only while forming, but at any point along the way! W/Th 8:30-10:30 pm EST (server).

If you might be interested, feel free to contact me! I'd love to tell you more about both the team and the Ex Inferno community!

Discord: Ytesia#1692
B-tag: iamadecoy#1447
Hi! check out our recruitment post - https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20760867070

We are looking to recruit a few more to fill out our team of 20 before moving into casual mythic raiding. We could start you out in our normal raid clears before moving you into heroic.

Alleykatabra – MoBacon#11957 / Discord - AlleyKat#0036

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