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After guild raid nights are done I like to try and pug to get my purple parses/ titanforging chances. Trying to pug heroic and sometimes normal is difficult. I don’t have AoTC so I link seat and get declined. How do y’all without guilds pug? It’s a nightmare sometimes
By making my own group.
12/30/2017 11:11 AMPosted by Swiftyhunter
I don’t have AoTC so I link seat and get declined. How do y’all without guilds pug? It’s a nightmare sometimes
I used it multiple times yesterday and the day before. I was able to beat the raid yesterday.

I don't have AotC.

Granted I'm a healer. I don't know anything about pugging as a DPS.

I was watching the fatboss guides between pulls. Worked like a charm. Only a few people were kicked due to ignoring mechanics and a lot of people ignored mechanics.
Have a competent ilvl and whisper "i know the fights"
1) Start your own group

2) Ask for SotP, not AotC.

3) Make group, do the best you can, go as far as you can, until group breaks.

4) GOTO 1
You don't necessarily need AOTC, and the success rate with linking SotP isn't 100%. I mean I got my first of 2 argus kills on week one, and I haven't done a raid at the beginning since ICC. Its dependant on the group. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you dont
I resubbed a few weeks ago and have been leading normal Antorus PUG groups every week on three characters. I used to lead heroic tos and nh every week too. Here are some tips. In the title say “Antorus Normal 940+ fresh”. In the comments say you leave the queue open the entire raid and replace poor performers. I don’t ask for Seat or Aotc, which they could have bought anyways. My 940+ Requirement means i don’t need achieves and will not need to explain mechanics as much. There will always be high guys that like to explain and give reminders.

Since everyone is 940+, my groups almost always one shot all bosses. I do replace low dps and heals occasionally or people who die way too much.

I take FULL groups of 30. Why? If some people leave my groups never break up. Let’s say a tank leaves for whatever reason, offline, family issue, etc. then usually some dps and heals leave after the tank. I still have enough guys for when we get a new tank because I had a full group. A small or medium group could easily break up if a tank or a couple heals leave. We are over geared and have absolutely no issues with a full raid.

Another reason for a full group, there are high odds some of those players play two specs if you need to adjust when people leave. In fact, my last raid we had bad lucks with tanks leaving and we were fine. 2 of my 22 dps also played tank specs. Lastly, when you lose a tank in the comments say the tank went offline so the new tanks don’t think he rage quit on wipes.

What if your not 940 how can you ask so much? My characters were all about 930-935 when I made the 940+ groups. I am fulfilling the demand of high level guys and managing the group while ensuring a successful run. The groups usually have more than half 950+ and once my group is full I say 950+ in the title so we are crazy overgeared for the second half.
The icing on the cake is the 940+ guys won’t need as much loot so it’s easier to get drops via rolls and whispers.

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