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Currently I'm 11/11 Heroic, and I'm looking for a new place to call home. I recently came back to raiding and my current guild's roster for mythic is set. I have a few things I'm looking for in my next home:

-Preferably PVE realm (Alliance/Horde either is fine)
-Looking for a guild that raids no more than 3 days a week
-Raids that start between 8-9pm EST
-Would like a guild that is at least 11/11 H ABT

If you feel like your guild would be a good fit and you are looking for a player who will consistently show up, feel free to drop a reply.
<Flare - Stormrage> 11/11H raid lead. 9/11H guild looking for active Alliance players to fill our roster.

If you like actually playing with guildies outside of raid times...getting weekly M15's done...PVP, and many other shenanigans, come give us a shot! To sum it up...this is an amazing group or people that look out for each other...whether you're brand new or have been here since the beginning. We are extremely social and love all aspects of the game!

We raid on Wednesday/Thursday from 8-11 server time

Current needs are - (MINIMUM ILVL 945+)
- 3 Ranged - DPS with healer OS is a bonus
- 1 Healers (Holy Priest!)
- 1 Melee DPS

For more information about joining the team message an officer
- HiddenTroll#12347 - Raid Lead
- Voltic#1333 - GM
- Viserion#11206 - Officer
- ImPvtRyan#1926 - Officer
- Spence#11965 - Recruitment
Hey there Kusiak! While my guild is on a PvP server all servers will technically be "PvE" in the new xpac! So we are kind of like a "future" PvE server?
Anywho... I'll drop some spam below about us. if we seem like the place for you please do add me and lets chat!

Paltrix#1372 - Keldrosa, Recruitment Officer

<BreakingGameBalance> is a 3-Day a week raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow [H]. While we are a pretty chilled and laid back guild we are looking to seriously progress into Mythic Antorus (where we will be pushing for Cutting Edge).
We host an active Gaming Community in our Discord and our guild members are always up to run Mythic/Mythic+ Dungeons or whatever anyone is interested in.
At this time we are looking for DPS to fill the last spots for our Core Team.
Wed/Thurs/Fri 9-12am EST (6-9pm PST)

Current progression: 11/11N 11/11H
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

2/11M Antorus. ( Sub 4% on High Command )

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

hello friend!!! how are ya!?

Months Behind is Recruiting for heroic antorus!!!

we love doing mythic dungeons!, love having a good time. im making this short and sweet, but looking for awesome people to join. just looking for people to hangout with doing mythics and raid content.

hit me up

battle.net= heybob#1452
discord= heybob#1587

>Defer Death< on Zuljin 2/11M is looking for DPS for Mythic Antorus Progression. Wed 9-11pm and Sun 8-11pm. Run other raids throughout the week and many 15+ Mythic Plus. Pst vlora#1899

3/11M ABT <Outlawed> just recently transferred to Dalaran (US-PVE) and we would be very interested in adding a DPS Death Knight to our team! We plan on clearing Heroic tonight and would definitely be open to trialing you if interested. Our raid times are: 8-11P.M EST Tues/Wed/Thurs. If this interests you, message me on Discord and we can talk further!

Hey Kusiak!

I think we found you a fit. We run T/Thu/Sun 930-1130 est. I cant stress enough that we run a non-toxic, drama and elitist free community. Mythic raiding guild and we are 11/11 H.

Btag: AaronC#11555 Discord: Shamy(Aaron)#1760

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