item appearance not working?

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I wanted some shoulders on my warlock for a mog. i didnt get it on him, but sinces its a recolor of the warlock set and not a tier set piece, i went and got it on my priest when it didnt drop on my warlock.. it says i unlocked the appearance, but when i go on my warlock, i cant mog my shoulders to it, saying i dont have it, when i do... level shouldnt be a problem. its a lv 80 item and im lv 100 on the lock
does it have trade tooltip still up?
12/18/2017 09:00 AMPosted by Deathchix
does it have trade tooltip still up?

yeah, do i have to wait till the timer is up?
This has happened to me before. Go on your priest (the char you got it on) and mog it on your priest. Once you do this, it will. Ind the item and make it transmog-able on your other chars.

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