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Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
Hi, I am in search of a new guild to raid causally with. I am a guardian Druid and I also have a holy priest. I just got back from a deployment so I am playing catch up but I am making good progress. A little about my self. I am in the military and have two children so I can really only raid after 8pm eastern time. I have both casual and hardcore progression experience starting in BC through Cata. I took a break for mists and cleared heroic HFC and got some attempts in on mythic HFC before having to leave for a deployment. I learn fast and always look to provide what a guild needs. I am not against leveling something a guild may need but prefer to raid on my Druid. The best experience I had was being in a casual guild that made you feel like a family back in wrath. I look over raid leader for some heroic ICC progression and got the guild the frostbrood 10m Drake’s. I guess the point is I am looking for something with that aura again. Casual with a friendly family like feel to it but also with the goal to progress through content. If you have any questsions you can leave me some i game mail and I will add your battle.net so we can talk. Thanks for reading my novel! Look forward to finding my new bears new forever home ;)
We are casual, but we also like progression. We're all friendly and family oriented. We raid 7-10PM PST, which is 10P-1A EST, not sure if that's a little late for you, but we could always use more DPS - you could always switch to Balance/Boomkin, it's pretty easy these days and Boomkins top charts on a lot of fights. If interested, add me: beaver#1166

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