930 WW Monk Looking for Casual Raiding Guild

Hellscream and Zangarmarsh
920 Windwalker Monk looking for an Adult casual Raiding guild. I also enjoy running mythic+ and doing weekly dungeon events. I play most evenings and weekends.

I am a Married 38 father of 3 so hoping to find a like minded guild where this is not an issue.
Ideal raiding times would be 8-11 est
I think our guild is one that might suit you. That is, if your willing to go horde.
Dragonshadows is looking for ppl to join, it's an older guild that recently went under some new changes and need ppl to fill our raid team. We do m+ every week and currently progressing on normal ABT. We are all in our early 30s with children so we understand ur situation. Shoot me a tell if u would like an invite.
My wife and are bringing back our old guild Blackstone we have some old friends of ours helping build it back up as well you sound like the kind of ppl we are looking for. We are only doing PvP and mythic runs atm until we fill our roster out. We play the same times as you if your interested let us know. Thank you
Our guild has alot of people that are married,have kids, a real life etc. We raid on fri/sat from 8-109(fri) 8-till we are fed up(sat). Have discord and we have alot of fun. If you would like an invite. Please send me a whisper in game. I am on often.

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