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Hi gamers!

Lords of Fire guild on the Dalaran Server, is looking for new and old gamers. We aren't looking to just up our numbers that kind of stuff doesn't interest us. We are looking for toons that like to play the game and want to have fun without the drama. We are a fun loving guild that is always helping out in anyway we can. We think of our guild as our home and our members are like family.
And for those of you that want to Raid, we are working on building a causal Raiding team but tbh it may take a while to get it up in going. Though our way of going about it isn't your normal Raiding way. But you may see for yourself.
We are also thinking about starting a PvP team though right now that is just a idea that is being passed around atm, but if your into that join us and help us get it started.
This guild is open to all things not just one thing or the other. We play our own way on our own time. It's a game we pay to play, so we make sure that we enjoy it. We are very social and talkative group of ppl. Now i don't get on these forms very often but you can normally find me in game so whsp me just about anytime for a guild invite or for any questions that you may have. I'll be on either....
....or you can just mail me to. You can also whsp Goldgodess our Guild Leader but you never know what toon she'll be on from one minute to the next. There is also...
...that you can try to whsp as well. Anyway I am mostly on all weekend and at night around 6 or 7pm Central time, until early in the morning lol. So, i hope to see you in our guild and having fun. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Happy gaming!

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