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I'm a 9/11 mythic Blood DK with 960ish ilvl depending on gear set (75 traits) looking for a core spot in a 6/11M+ guild. I am available most days after 6pm PST (9pm EST). Horde guilds only.

Logs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/tichondrius/vynloryn
Btag - Wraith#1203

Post here or contact me via btag.
Hooray warcraftlogs no longer down
same server and we'll probs kill argus before essence xd

Forming up <Girls Are Yucky> on Tichondrius-PVP. LF All

We are a core group made up of 9/11m raiders from No Bads Allowed and 11/11m from Big Dumb Guild

Going to look to get CE this tier and maybe top 100ish US thereafter to start.

Raid time will be either 11:15pm or 11:30pm PST and likely go for 3-3 and a half hours.

Mechanical competence comes first but still want good dps. Highly prefer prospects to have recent mythic experience.

WIll probably be kinda lax in forming to get going and cut weak links asap. In general will cycle out people who underperform.

Add me on Bnet Slappa#1250 or the GM Capitally#1670 for interest/questions
<Red Dragon Society> 8/11M LATE NIGHT GUILD

Hey there Gm/RL of RDS. Would love to chat. You can add me at Crazzyboots#1114

Raid Times - 10-130 PST mon-thurs



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