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Demon Hunter
Good afternoon fellow DH,

I'm currently t21 spec and I just got a 860 arcano crystal finally. I'm currently using a 955 panth trinket + 935 scourge wing. I've tried to sim my dps and it still says for me to use scourge over arcano but the secondary stats are just so good. If I had the 910 arcano I wouldn't give it a second thought to replace my 935 scourge. What do you all think? Any advice from DH that have this problem as well would be help! I'm currently floating around 49-50% crit because I don't have t21 gloves, no legendary helm, and no crit on my shoulders.
Keep it. Arcano-crystal is good as a stat stick but it requires titanforging up to that ilevel, so if it's not 935 you keep sourgewing. Your stats are good without it.
Absolutely keep your current trinkets. Yea arcano has nice secondary stat optimization, but not so nice you drop 75 or more ilvls for it.

I think this is one of the primary reasons we ran into issues with new gear system. We cant prepare defined bis lists because there are so many options, so people end up unsure alot of times. They thought reforging was bad.. ha!

I like options and longevity, but man this can get frustrating to watch.

Tldr: keep your current trinkets
Check this site out for a reference on trinkets for dps specs.

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