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Looking. Getting in contact for stuff this week.
Hey Maeloarei! Gonna post you a generic recruiting post here but would love to chat in game or over discord! Hope you find a great new home regardless.

3/11M 11/11H Antorus on US Alliance (Ner'zhul-Frostmane-Tortheldrin)
LF - Skilled, competitive players interested in joining our CORE raiding team immediately.

Raid Times:
Progression: 7:15-10:30 PST on Tuesday/Thursday (PST)
Lower difficulty: 7:15 PST-Completion (PST) on Friday (OPTIONAL RAID - Currently clearing Heroic in this slot).

About Us:
We are a semi-hardcore progression guild, the core ~10 of which has been raiding together for years. We are mostly age 20-30 guys who enjoy hanging out in discord, pushing M+ (20+), and playing other games together when not raiding. We have a few reasonable expectations for our raiders, and they are as follows;
1) Attendance is very important and if you plan on being absent for a day of progression, we expect to be given notice reasonable to the situation
2) Complete your M+ for the week to yield the highest possible gear in weekly chest
3) Be eager to learn/get better
- We aren't perfect, neither do we expect you to be. However please come prepared to each new encounter with your class/role specific background and make constant improvements
4) Join voice comms during any and all organized guild content.

No mythic raiding experience is necessary, but having Warcraftlogs of heroic performance will allow us to evaluate you as a prospective trial.
If any of this interests you please feel free to message me here or get in touch with an officer/GM using the RealID's below:

(GM) Quórra - Michael#11494
Notasavior - James#11347
Englavian - Englavian#1701
Fuddggee - ElDaneish#1319
Khaenan - canaan#11755
Maximum Effort 11/11H is a raid and mythic+ guild on Cenarion circle. We have very strong leadership, origination and strong core of raiders! Our goal is to aim for server first achievements and push ourselves and the team as far we can. There is nothing more fun then breaking into a nerd rage when you and 19 friends finally kill a hard boss!

A little about the group... A large portion of the group has been raiding together for multiple expansions, with me as the raid leader. We're a tight knit group of friends, always hanging out in discord, doing everything from pvp, mythic plus and world quests. We recently split off from the guild we were previously in to do our own thing.

A little about the server... Cenarion circle is a low population server. But it is far from dead. The server has a very active group of people. Due to the smaller population everyone knows everyone, who is a trouble maker, who to avoid, who to ask for help and who is the trade chat troll. Its a very friendly and laid back server.

When do we raid? -mon, tue and wednes are progreession nights -Thursday is optional farm Raids are 930pm-12am est (7-9pm server)

What do we need? -Just about any ranged dps specs! -resto druid/disc priest -Dps with healing OS is even better -Really good melee specs will be considered

You do not need any mythic raiding experience to join us! We're happy to bring in new comers and who them the ropes. We have people with lots of mythic experience to help out.

Check out our guild website! https://maximumeffort-cc.enjin.com/

btag Hethrus#1504

Can pay X-fer for the right people.
Hey there- we are currently looking for an elemental shaman (I am the only shaman atm), we are alliance and raid only two days a week. Please let me know if you're interested and add me on btag (koriwest#1711)

Here's our spam:)

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 p.m. - 12 a.m. EST.
Currently 3/11M in ATBT
Retrospect was established in 2009 on Alliance, Skullcrusher. In addition to raiding, we actively run high keys, do alt runs on the weekends, and have players dedicated to PVP. We are a guild of older men and women between college to mid 30s.
We're looking for the following classes/roles:
3-4 DPS (preferably ranged, ret paladin)
2-3 Healers (monk, druid, paladin)
1 Tank - any
We also consider all exceptional applicants regardless of class. To be considered please have respectable logs in H or M Antorus the Burning throne
You can also reach out to one of us on Btag:
@iKoN#111353 (Amznikon- BlackDragonflight)
@Wynd#1492 (Wyndoor- Skullcrusher)
@Datboi#11925 (Casualtony- Skullcrusher)
@koriwest#1711 (Kuttlefish- Skullcrusher)
We invite prospective guild members for our ~2 hour heroic farm on Tuesday as a trial. The trial is meant to evaluate all aspects of you as a raider, from your reliability, your personality, attitude and how you handle mechanics. We stress personality and attitude- we want you to fit in, and enjoy raiding with you.
Retrospect utilizes a loot council system with the intent that every item goes to the player/class that will put it to the best use. We use RC Loot Council to organize and distribute all loot.
Maeloarei, hi!

We raid quite late, so this might be a long shot, but our raid times are 10:30PM Central till 1AM. Just 5 hours a week, plenty of time leftover for school, work, family, and other games.

Currently 1/11M, will get hounds down tonight, only started mythic last week. The guild is established, officer core is very responsive and stable, team is awesome and close-knit. We run m+, hang out, and are generally funny and enjoy good memes.

We can talk more if you might be interested and the times work. Add me at Neddy#1554. You would have an immediate spot on the team, no other ele sham, in case you are wondering.

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