The 10 stages of Guild.

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The 10 stages of Guild. Broken down from a person who has been raiding since Everquest version 1.

1) OMG you’re a human behind a computer!! We want you, we need you, we love you! No worries we will guide you and mold you and give you goodies…..come join our guild!

2) Ok we have some numbers. We can be a little more selective. But hey if you know a guy, whatever he is in. We are just chillen here for a place to chat, If you want to do a group that’s cool.

3) Well we got a core of insane lovable jerks. Man let’s pug in some fluff DPS and run something easy, bah we can even get a “insert most popular communication method here” server and chat all day. (we will laugh at most wipes and any win will be thought of as legendary)

4) We are a “fun casual” guild. We are looking for more, we run (insert a day) come join us. Just ask us if you need stuff. (Mind you it builds up cause people rarely feel comfortable asking. Or when they do ask they will get the run around between the officers saying no and the leader go get stuff from the g-bank from an officer.) We are now looking at your gear and your DPS, because those wipes are no longer as fun.

5) OMG we actually have talent! Dude let’s do harder stuff. We will do heroic’s and we will do the normal’s on (insert a day). We will open the guild tab with all the good stuff on it open to the raiders only. (while this is happening the main healer , main tank and top DPS’s ego’s start to enlarge. Then they will start to click together like magnets.)

6) MUHAHAHA we can get server first!! I know we can!! Ok so we are going to set strict standards on our raiders. Behold the spreadsheet bombardment!! We no longer care if your human, we want perfection per your gear score. If your good welcome to our loving embrace, If you underperform welcome to the padded room over there. No one will really talk to you, or group with you for mythic’s….but you are in a safe place out of the main raid where we don’t have to directly confront you. (During this the top players are going thru the first signs of burn out.)

7) Ohhh yeah we are bad A$$es! We know it. We are mythic raiding. Now comes the real fun. (Mean while the top players/officers are massively burnt out only doing enough to keep up for raid, It’s now become a job. The non-top raiders live in constant fear of being banished to the “special place”. All Players stop all non-essential movement and will no longer assist unless directly told to for fear of lowered numbers. Secret fights now trigger over gear drops. The guild is now in that place where everyone know something is wrong…..but NO ONE is allowed to say anything.)

8) Welcome to Dramaville! The officer’s are now getting whispered text walls and begging for help from a now clocked out GM. The casual raid has been canceled due to low attendance. Some BOLD soul will utter in public that which should not be said and will find themselves auto booted. Meanwhile like couples using kids to revitalize their marriage, the guild will begin wooing new members. (often at the cost of alienating current raiders). Those who have been banished to that “special place” will start to realize they have it good. (Popcorn)

9) The crumbling. The banished (who no longer care) are now providing couciling for raiders/officers in need of emotional support. People who have logged multiple complaints are now randomly drama quiting. A “leader” will arise from the angry and secretly gather people to their cause. They will promise a hostile takeover or a new and better guild.

10) RIP Guild. The “leader” has taken half the people and has taken them to a another guild or started a new guild starting off at level 3. The quality raiders now see the guild has been bumped down to a level 4 and g-quit to join a level 6 or above. The banished learned to get what they need from PUGS and now just follow anyone who showed them the least bit of attention and kindness to a new place. The guild morph’s into a level 1 and natures beautiful cycle starts a new.

What stage is your guild on?
I think there's a huge logical leap between five and six that doesn't accurately reflect how *most* guilds operate. Most functional guilds, at least that I've been in, plateau between four and five, unless they specifically advertise themselves as a hardcore guild.

My guild has a rather large string of server firsts that we bounce back and forth between us and our Horde "rivals" of sorts (y'all know who you are, much love guys! And grats on H Argus recently) and we've never hit where you describe as six.
Oh god scarily accurate.
12/13/2017 01:20 PMPosted by Allaura
What stage is your guild on?

You spent too much time writing all that and I have spent far too much time reading it.

Shame on you.
Guess we've been at stage 3 for the last 9 years.

edit: Can't vouch for before I joined them.

My DH is in a nice friendly guild who have been raiding for years and rarely encounter drama.
We aren't a mythic guild (yet) so we generally sit comfortably in the 4-5 territory. AoTC for every raid this expac so far has been good enough for us.
I'm sorry this was a bit wordy. And yes a lot of guilds tend to bounce in between two stages and stay there. (I like those guilds.) This breakdown was mainly aimed at the Guild's trying to become the best on the server. For those guilds these stages happen rapidly. For the ones that linger in the 4-5 territory the stages take years to happen and are usually triggered by a few leet players.
My guild has been stuck at 5 for years.
<Hammer and Ale> All-Dwarf Guild, now accepting new members. Lite - RP (We talk in Dwarvish in Gchat), alts welcome, relaxed atmosphere.

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12/13/2017 01:20 PMPosted by Allaura
What stage is your guild on?

Im in a roleplay guild, it's rare that we make it past stage 3.
We hit 10 on my horde guild but after the exodus we went back to 4.
I actually laughed out loud!

My guild's been in the 3-4 range going on 3 years since I joined, and has been around far longer than that.

We've made mythic progress in some tiers, AOTC in all of them, but we still frequently laugh our assess off when something goes sideways and we wipe.

Best one was on Mythic Kargath: one of our druid healers accidentally walked into a tiger pit while trying to b-rez someone else out of it. We basically gave up at that point cause we were all laughing so hard from it that we couldn't focus. Good times.
12/13/2017 03:13 PMPosted by Pharsalus
<Hammer and Ale> All-Dwarf Guild, now accepting new members. Lite - RP (We talk in Dwarvish in Gchat), alts welcome, relaxed atmosphere.

(Farstriders / Silver Hand / Thorium Brotherhood)

I might be interested. I just got the name Tovi on all three servers.
This guild stopped at stage 3 or 4 a few years ago, then school started and people's job schedules changed or people moved and didn't have internet for a while, you know, the usual.

I've been in a guild that made it all the way to stage 10, it was awful, I'll take my quiet, empty guild any day!
Damn, this is pretty much what happened to my first and second MC raiding guilds back in the day.

0. "Man, I should really make a guild of my own..."
Your idea of where a guild dies happens at the slurry of people and guilds that I like to call, "wanna be hardcore."

They think they're much better than they are, but are also good enough to actually top most of the players with less dedication, which keeps them feeling smug.

They are drama llamas, usually due to being somewhat socially dysfunctional. They don't have true talent, and so they don't actually make it to the next tier of raid guilds who are somewhat more competent, and much more self adjusted.

I tend to list 3 points at which are drama points for guilds, and yours is the second.
The first happens when people who aren't very good, but think they are better, are blaming others for failure. (This happens a bit more in games other than WoW, like LoL.)
The second is the wannabe's who are good enough to be good, but not great, and again, blame others because they aren't getting further.
The third is the actual world class guilds who can easily have drama because the stakes seem realer, the ego's higher, the skill in the upper fraction of a percent, and once again, a willingness to blame others.

It's the points where people are comfortable with themselves and their group's progress, where you don't have issues. Such people and guilds can exist as server first guilds, or mythic raiding guilds, because it's a matter of personality types, not raid level.
12/13/2017 03:21 PMPosted by Tovi
12/13/2017 03:13 PMPosted by Pharsalus
<Hammer and Ale> All-Dwarf Guild, now accepting new members. Lite - RP (We talk in Dwarvish in Gchat), alts welcome, relaxed atmosphere.

(Farstriders / Silver Hand / Thorium Brotherhood)

I might be interested. I just got the name Tovi on all three servers.

Awesome Tovi! Look up any H & A member, and they should be able to help you.

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