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Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Welcome to Roleplayers Connect!

This server has been around for a few months, as it was originally a RP server Discord channel. However, the moderators have recently decided to convert it to allow ALL roleplayers access.

This Discord is designed with the intention of helping the RP community across servers to thrive and grow. This is especially important with the upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth. We’re hoping to set up this server as a means for ALL role players and RP guilds to connect, network, meet and chat.

Reminder: this server will only be active if you all choose to make it so. The more activity within the Discord, the more useful members will find it.

The server is equipped with:
+ Server categories!
Each RP server will have their own category that includes channels for
guild bases and guild advertisements. If your server does not have a
category yet, message a moderator to set one up

+ Factional Roles
Dyno bot has been put into place to allow all members to give themselves
a role. Once must simply type !rank [rank name] into the #bot_spam
channel. The ranks included are Alliance, Horde and Guild Representative.

+ Voice Channels
There have been a few voice channels added in case members choose to
network via choice chat.

+ Facebook Group Ads
Many RP servers have a respective Facebook group. Those groups will be
added on the front #welcome page for easy access.

Moderators have only been put in place to help keep an eye out for potential

There are only three rules we ask members to abide by:
1)Be friendly/kind to one another!
2)Avoid controversial topics.
3)No trolling or bashing other members and guilds.

Access Link:

[[ We are currently looking for more moderators to help manage server guild base channels! DM a moderator if you wish to apply! ]]

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