DoS Legion Sales Closed! Come Back in BFA!

Burning Blade, Lightning's Blade, and Onyxia
Denial of Service (11/11 Mythic Antorus) has been a high-end, cutting edge mythic raiding guild on Burning Blade for several expansions. We have offered many services in the past exchange for gold, such as:
  • Ironhoof Destroyer Mount from Mythic Blackhand
  • 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel Clears (full or partial) for Gear, Cutting Edge, and the Felsteel Annihilator Mount
  • 11/11 Mythic Antorus Clears (full or partial) for Gear and Cutting Edge
  • Fiendish Hellfire Core Mount from Mythic Gul'dan
  • The Chosen from Mythic Trial of Valor for the Feat of Strength, Title, and Transmog Set
  • Heroic Argus for Ahead of the Curve and the Violet Spellwing Mount

We are currently done selling services for gold in Legion, but please bookmark this thread and come back in Battle for Azeroth for future services!

When scheduling your run, a 20% deposit is required to reserve your spot and the remaining balance is due at the start of your run. This deposit becomes non-refundable 2 weeks before your run is scheduled. If you need to cancel before that you may do so with a full refund, but please understand that we need to have some protection against last-minute cancellations where we are not given enough time to find a new buyer.

We accept gold off server if you are horde, but keep in mind that we will have to increase the price of the service you are purchasing, as we need the extra gold to purchase WoW Tokens to transfer the gold back to Burning Blade. Contact us if you want the details on the exact price hike, as it varies based upon the current value of the Wow Token.

As a final disclaimer, we do not sell for real money. We do these sales to help with mythic progression, as the proceeds go towards creating flasks, feasts, vantus runes, potions, and BoE gear. Every run you book with us goes towards killing new bosses, so thank you for supporting us!

If you are interested in booking a run, please add me on BattleTag: Raei#1797 and/or Kaeori#1939.
Very good service, professional and provided good evidence of their experience. It was the best deal I found on the forums. I was in then out in no more than 30 minutes.
Very good service! Delivered on time great deal! Thank you so much!
Do you accept gold on other servers
01/25/2018 11:23 PMPosted by Sând
Do you accept gold on other servers

Yes, but the price will be higher depending on the value of the Wow Token at the time. The extra gold will be used to buy Wow Tokens to move the 750,000 gold back to Burning Blade (Horde).
Review for service of buying Mythic Gul'dan mount:
My friend told me about Denial of Services mount runs so I whispered the GM, Raei. He invited me to a group and answered all of my questions and we were able to schedule the raid at the next possible day I was available. I paid the down payment of 150,000 and felt secure as well because I was invited via in game calendar and could see all the other raid members attending. On the day of the raid I messaged Raei and asked if I could bring an alt character that was under geared just in case any loot dropped I could use and the guildies did not need. He was very respectful and allowed me to do so. After finishing the payment Denial of Service one shotted both bosses and I received my Hellfire Infernal mount. Couldn't thank them enough!
Are you still selling these runs?
02/15/2018 01:50 AMPosted by Aevas
Are you still selling these runs?

Yes we are! Add me on BattleTag: Raei#1797
Just received my hellfire infernal mount from gul'dan. These guys are legit and won't short change you. Excellent communication throughout the entire process and even during the wait time. Raei will answer any questions you have, as they have a reputation to uphold and uphold it they do! I highly recommend getting your mounts/kills from these guys before BFA hits. Fair pricing, always friendly and they don't play around about getting your request done. 10/10
Wanted to say thank you to the folks at Denial of Service and Raei for getting this run setup, I obtained my Hellfire Infernal today.

It was incredibly quick and easy.
Instructions were laid out prior to the encounters of what I needed to do.

If you're having any doubts, this group is legit.
Thanks again and much appreciated.
Just purchased a Gul'dan mount.

Run was quick and smooth. Would do business again.
Updated with Mythic Antorus sales!
Still selling!
Very smooth and fast Guldan run, highly recommend.
Interested in the Guldan mount. I added you.
just completed mount run, went perfect. thank you!
Bought two Guldan runs, for myself and a friend. Excellent communication. Price is very difficult to beat. Clean kills - one shot booth, took roughly 15-20 minutes (last two bosses) and probably not even that long as it seemed to go really fast. Would def recommend if you're a mount collector - Fiendish Hellfire Core. 10/10.
Denial of Service is also providing the following services in exchange for gold:

Mythic Aggramar Only - 1,000,000 gold

Mythic Argus Only (No Mount, No Loot) - 2,000,000 gold

The Chosen - 750,000 gold

If you are interested in booking a run, please add myself or Raei on BattleTag: Kaeori#1939 or Raei#1797
Just got my guldan mount from them. Smooth run.
I received the guldan mount yesterday. Kaei was very good at communicating and available often. This was a very quick run and I would recommend to anyone missing this mount. 10/10 would buy again!

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