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Draenor and Echo Isles
930 (horde) Hunter looking for an active raiding guild. My goal is to find a chill fun group of people to play with that wants to raid and push mythic+. Mythic Raiding is not something i want to do right from the start or in the near future as it requires a lot more time than i have to dedicate to it. So i'm looking for a guild that wants to or is currently farming normal (ant) and progressing through heroic. I also have a 920+ Alliance Dk and on another server i have a 947 Enhance Shaman but im looking for a guild on this current server if possible. Server transferring or goin to alliance or horde isnt an issue so long as the people im playing with i enjoy playing with. If you have those raid days available and think your guild is what im looking for feel free to add me @Petergriffin#1739 and we can chat in more details. Thanks in advance for ya time.

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