Which WoW Class Would You Choose to Live As?

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Murloc Tamer.
Since I made the thread I probably should respond to it. I think I'd also go for Mage due to the convenience of portal travel. I've also imagined that when you summon the Mage food tray you can also drink the liquids found on it (I imagine they are some kind of fruity drink, but they could also be syrup for the Mana rolls).

@Gavik - Yeah, looking back that is a poor choice of words. Still, a Warlock can summon their demons to do other things. House hold chores, home security... for various people Succubi. You can also summon a big green rock to heal yourself.
Mage for the free Ubers and food.

So i can use my flight form to go to work and relax myself flying.

And i can transform into a killer whale to dive into the depths of the sea when i'm bored.

And into a bear when i have to fight anyone.

Best class ever
Warlock. Fel is a very pretty shade of green. All of those chains and bones are very fashionable, as well. We get to explore that which should not be known for power and dominance. And we get a servant, like the Succubus!
Not gonna lie, this world would be a scary hellish nightmare to actually live in. So many things would want us dead regardless is what class or race we chose. And let’s be honest, spirit healers wouldn’t casually be bringing everyone back to life all the time.

That being said, I imagine being a Mage would be the easiest way to survive as you could hide out when needed through teleporting, conjure food, and easily communicate with friends via arcane channels. As long as you didn’t use too much magic as to attract demons to you.

If I wasn’t a coward I would want to be a Rogue or Warrior.
Probably a Druid, because I love animals and I feel like it would be very comfy to sleep as a bear.
Frost Mage. Free food forever, teleportation, good defensive abilities (cool as a cucumber), magical translator, and a wide variety of other useful magical tricks.
Druid for sure. I love the thought of being able to shift into a great big bird at a whim and to heal the sick and broken with the powers of nature.
Monk, so I can chill and spout philosophy about peace comes from food and booze.
Druid. Immortality is a pretty sick perk.
Monk because the lifestyle pretty much fits and is similar to mine.

Hunter because I actually do Archery as a hobby might as well turn it into something useful.

Gnome Engineering as my profession. Because as a IT professional I would like to see technology grow.
Druid is tempting, but I'm not sure I could handle camping all the time. Plus I'm not quite that 'for' Nature.

Shadow Priest would be viable, depending on how bad the whispers got.

Warlock I would probably dip my toe into, you know get a servant to fetch books for me. At best, maybe a useful bodyguard.

End of the day, probably would stick with Mage. Portals, free food, and freezing crap that annoys me... or setting it on fire if I have an off day.
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Shadow Priest would be viable, depending on how bad the whispers got.

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