Disney buys Blizzard.

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11/07/2018 05:09 PMPosted by Djalu
everything becomes pg ... oh wait they just did that.

Oh and worse, we won't get a Warcraft 3 movie because not even the Marvel movies went as far as something like the Culling of Stratholm.

And if you are gonna mention Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith was before the Disnyey buyout.
Worgan get turned into frolicking dalmatians. Sylvanas is Cruella De Vil.
we see anduin in kingdom hearts fighting against the heartless forsaken
BFA is already pretty 'disneyfied' as is. Can't get much more pruned , 'dumbed' down or carebear than it already is.

On second thought it can, Disney would bring wow to mobile lol.
I'd imagine we'd get a WoW 2, probably with maybe a 100-year timeskip. Disney buying Blizzard would be a huge gain for Disney and, funnily enough, might actually do wonders for WoW. We could expect to see Overwatch Cartoons and maybe a GOOD Warcraft Cinematic Universe.
12/16/2017 08:34 AMPosted by Snoralas
What happens next?

Much better character models, but all of them are based on Disney characters.
Of course, having them hack each other to pieces wouldn't be acceptable for them, so the warcraft part gets eliminated...
Anduin and Sylvanas fall in love and join the Avengers.
WoW goes even further down the drain.
Eventually Disney is gonna be forced to sell stuff because they're starting to form a conglomerate and there will be a filibuster eventually.
A remake of Princess and the Frog featuring Talanji and Bwonsamdi.
Expansions and sequels every year made by people who don't like the source material and the fans?
Azeroth theme park with an adults exclusive area in goldshire inn
If the last Jedi is any indication of direction I say jump ship.
You know, there's plenty of room for sniping about princesses, a high school AU xpac, and unexpectedly pulling a LucasArts on the whole company.

But there's also the chance they'd hand the movie licensing rights to Pixar.

Also I can see a LOT of fun to be had in House of Mouse skits.
12/16/2017 08:34 AMPosted by Snoralas
What happens next?
Disney makes the movies Warcraft IV, Warcraft V, Warcraft VI, Warcraft I, Warcraft II, Warcraft III, Warcraft VII, Warcraft VIII, and Warcraft IX ..... in that order.
Kathleen will make anduin a pansexual
Better graphics, worse story
Think of the Allied races! Crossover bosses?? DMF overhaul??

I mean it can't get any worse right??
Considering how the writing is, Disney could only improve things.
A Kingdom Hearts x WoW cross over would be flipping amazing

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