962 equipd, hpally LF mythic guild.

Guild Recruitment
Name: Jon
Main Character: Asprin, Hpally, 966 ilvl equipped with t21 4 set and panth trinket.
Raid ready alt: Copwayne, Vengeance DH, 960 equipped with t21 4 set and panth trinket.
Current server: Sargeras, US.
Time zone: Eastern
Progression: raided in every xpac, went 5/9M before having to take a 4 month break to train for a new job, currently 5/11M.

Guild requirements: Any raid times. I am looking for a guild that has a solid core group already built, my last guild was created pretty much the day Antorus came out and we had a hard time finding core raiders. I have good logs and I am excellent at understanding and performing mechanics. I would prefer the guild be at least 7/11M but obviously that's asking for more than what I have done myself, however I feel I would be farther if not for the troubles creating a core.

About me: I am 22, living in South Florida, I have a mic and headset with a high end computer and peripherals. I have played WoW since it came out when I was 8 or 9 years old and I raided in every xpac. I prepare myself by researching my class on multiple websites as well as on the paladin discord. I am on usually 30 minutes to an hour before raid to talk out strategies but I also watch videos on strategies.

If your guild is in need of an experienced holy pally that will top the charts and perform all mechanics without a hiccup, please add me on btag: Acenose#1324 or reply to this thread!

Hello Asprin if your open to horde and joining a group about to hit mythic content my guilds raid team has a core spot for a holy pally. Please add me if your interested.

Nerdy N Dirty is a Semi Hardcore guild that has been around sense WoD and we are recruiting for core raid spots to rebuild our roster. Since HFC we have AoTCed all raids and gotten a few bosses on mythic. Recently our GM passed lead as she did not want to hold back the guild raiding progression potential. With this change in guild leadership, we are looking to put together a mythic raiding team again. All of our core raiders have high level experience from vanilla till now. What we need to accomplish our goal with Antorus might just be you. On non raid nights we push keystones, pvp tmog runs.
Current progression
Normal 11/11
Heroic 8/11
Mythic 0/11

Raid days
Main raid Thurs/Fri 9pm to midnight EST
Optional Normal raid Tues 8pm.

Current needs

None needed at this time


DH Havoc Low
DK any spec Low
War any spec Low
Rogue any spec Low
Shaman Enhancement Low
Druid Feral Low
Hunter Low
Paladin Low

If melee have a decent tank OS it is a huge plus


Mage any spec High
Warlock any specHigh
Hunter any spec Med
Shaman Ele High
Druid Boomkin High
Priest Shadow High


Paladin High
Shaman Low
Priest Low
Monk High
Druid Low

Now all exceptional players are welcome to contact us even if your spec is low for what we are looking for. If you have any questions or would like to talk about running with us x-realm to make sure we are the right fit for you, Feel free to msg me on here or add me to bnet Kapadin#1935.
Rivalry on US-Kiljaeden is looking to add a few dedicated players to our roster for Antorus. We pride ourselves on clearing raids efficiently with a low time investment and have proven that we are capable of progressing on a 2 day raid schedule each week. We are looking for mature players who are enjoyable to raid with and can keep a stable schedule. We run a lean roster and never recruit for the bench. We also provide Guild Repairs as well as Cauldrons and Feasts during raid.

Recruitment needs:
> Tank -> Higher Priority for a Guardian Druid or Brewmaster Monk, but any skilled tank will be considered.
> Ranged Dps -> High Priority for a Hunter, and Warlock.
> Melee Dps -> High Priority for a Warrior or Retribution Paladin.
> Healer -> High Priority for any except Priest.
We are always on the lookout for great players. Any exceptional players will be considered regardless of class or spec so you should apply if you feel you would be a good addition to our roster.

About Us:
Rivalry is a Mythic Progression group composed of players with high end progression raiding experience from previous expansions and tiers. We pride ourselves on our drama free environment, which allows us to work on cutting edge bosses without unnecessary strife.

7/11 Mythic Antorus
11/11 Heroic Antorus the Burning Throne

Raid Schedule:
Mythic Antorus: Friday and Saturday 8:30pm-12:30am CST (8 Total Hours)
Heroic Antorus: Optional Clears on Wednesday and Thursday.

Contact Us:
Whisper Lul or Pluie.
Add our Recruitment Officers
Ferro#146 or Nooks#1883 or our GM Envious#1968.
Humble is a Mythic progression raiding guild consisting of a long standing core group from vanilla & TBC. We strive to achieve and maintain a high standard of play and progression, and have done so to date while only dedicating 7 hours each week towards our raid time.

Having said this, we are looking to push progression harder in Antorus, and will be moving to a 3 day, 9 hour raid schedule which is detailed below along with other relevant information regarding our guild and server.

Please feel free to contact our recruitment officers in-game if you have any questions.

T21 progression:
  • 6/11 M-Antorus

T20 progression:
  • 9/9 M-ToS

T19 progression:
  • 10/10 M-NH
  • 3/3 M-ToV
  • 7/7 M-EN

Raid schedule:
  • Wednesday: 5:30-8:30PM PT / 8:30-11:30 ET
  • Sunday: 5:30-8:30PM PT / 8:30-11:30 ET
  • Monday: 5:30-8:30PM PT / 8:30-11:30 ET

Loot system:
Progression focused loot council

Recruitment officer:


Connected Realms:
Crushridge, Anub'arak, Chromaggus, Garithos, Nathrezim, Smolderthorn

Class needs:
Recruitment is always open to exceptional players of all classes. Current classes of particular interest are below.
  • 1 Healer (preference towards Holy Paladin
  • 1 Melee DPS (preference towards Ret, DK, Feral, WW or Rogue)
  • 2 Ranged DPS (preference towards Moonkin, SPriest, Aff Lock, Hunter)

Where to apply:
If interested, please first read the "READ BEFORE APPLYING" thread at our forums found here: http://humbleguild.com/forum_threads/1870090

Once you have read the thread, you may submit an application here: https://goo.gl/forms/97wFAoLkpRYLo2363

We are Wildcard Gaming on US - Malganis

Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10pm - 1am server (central) time

Wildcard Gaming is composed of raiders who have played together for a very long time. We re-made this guild from Accession on US Stormreaver and have been friends since before and well after Accession. We created this guild with the mindset of enjoying our time together while killing bosses efficiently and effectively on a 9 hour raid schedule.

Old WowProgress

Recruitment is now open for select classes for our core Mythic raid team.

All 20 man raid spots are competitive to ensure that our raiders stay on top of their game and to ensure a high quality raid environment.


--Exceptional Applicants always welcome--

All possible recruits should:
- Have a thorough knowledge of their class and all specs
- Be prepared to consistently play at a high level
- Have a sense of humor (our raiders love to joke around! While we get serious when boss pulling is involved, we all love a good joke or two at the expense of each other)
- Have fun while raiding. While we do take our progression very seriously, we all play this game to have fun. If you are going to get overly upset on wiping to a new boss a few times, this guild...and probably this game, are not right for you.

If interested, apply online at our previously mentioned website, or pm an officer in game.
or contact the following for more information


We have an effective and efficient 9 hour raid schedule. We pull extremely quickly and try to use our 9 hours to see as much facetime as possible with progression. That being said we expect all raiders to bring their A game every single night.

hey there Asprin- i just sent you a battletag request (koriwest). We are currently looking to add a holy paladin to our roster and from the way you have described yourself it sounds like you would be a good fit. Please add me back if you're interested!

here's our spam :)

<Retrospect> is 11/11H and 1/11 M, and looking to fill spots in our core raiding group:

(Raid Time: 8:00p.m. - 12:00 a.m. EST)

(Raid Days: Tuesday and Wednesday)

(Faction: Alliance)

(Server: Skullcrusher-US)

Currently looking for reliable DPS and healers- class doesn’t matter as much as being reliable and motivated to progress.

if interested- please add me on battletag (koriwest#1711) or anyone else listed here:

We are looking to fill the last few core spots in order to continue Mythic raiding.

In addition to Mythic raiding we also run a large number of Mythic+ 10 and higher throughout the week, and setting the top mark for this on our server is one of our goals on a weekly basis. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Guild: <Spiritus Mundi>
Server - Kilrogg \ Winterhoof - Horde
Raid Times - Heroic Farm: Thursday 10PM EST to 1AM EST | Friday/Saturday 10 PM EST to 2 AM EST
Progression - 7/9M ToS, 3/11M Antorus
Contact Information: Rav#11203 (Raid Leader/GM) Reneda#1787 (Recruitment Officer)
Discord Contact: Jellopie#1415 (Recruitment Officer)

Logs & Websites
<At Midnight> of Stormrage is currently recruiting exceptional players to improve and fill our roster for Mythic Antorus! We are currently 2/11M.

About <At Midnight>
At Midnight is a late night Alliance raiding guild on the Stormrage Server. Our guilds focus is on raid progression, we want to clear the content while it is current. While we are not raiding,
the guild does 5 mans, PVP, Transmog runs, we hang out on discord, and play other games with each other (LoL, Heroes, Overwatch, etc..)

Raid Schedule:
<At Midnight>
1:00am - 4:00am --- This is the Server's time as well.

Currently Recruiting:
Looking for 1 Healer ( Would prefer a druid, but any exceptional class may trial)
1 Tank (No warriors or demon hunters)
1-2 Ranged DPS

-Be on time. We pull the boss at 12:00AM, we expect you to be online and ready well before this.
-Loot is a tool to help kill more bosses, not the reason we raid.
-We expect you to have read up on any bosses that we will fight. Whether it's something we already have on farm, or our next progression bosses.
-You are expected to be fully gemmed and enchanted as well as having food, pots, and flasks.

Upon Joining the Team:
-You will be placed as a "Trial Raider"
-You will be given a date that we will decide if you will be bumped from "Trial Raider" into "Raider".
-During this time you will be evaluated by the raid leader and his raid officers, any corrections or improvements given to you by them will need to been seen prior to
your bump into "Raider" status.

All exceptional applicants are encouraged to message us as we are always looking for good players to join our roster!

If you are interested, you can message the tags listed below!

Happy 2018!

Posting on the chance you're open to playing a hordie. :)

Roadrunners of Kil'jaeden have been around since the start of wrath. We raid 3 days Tuesday-Thursday 7:30-11:30 pm pacific. Current Progression is: 5/11M Antorus, 8/9M ToS
Loot is handled fairly with a loot council. We aim for a raiding roster of at least 26 players who are able to maintain a high level of play and attendance.

Roadrunners is full of mature players who love to play WoW. They have a great understanding of the game/class mechanics and are always willing to help new recruits out. Active alts are always encouraged but not required. We have players active in pvp and mythic dungeons in our off time. Many of our players are very avid gamers and play other games as well and are active in mumble hanging out.

Kil'jaeden has been around since vanilla and has always been a high population server. The server is always busy with an active trade chat and auction house. Pug groups for raids and rbgs are always forming at all times of the day and night.

Trial Expectations:

If you are accepted for trial you are expected to be in guild and ready to raid by the next reset. Each player is expected to have their own source of food/flasks. Trial periods typically last 2-4 weeks, during which you will receive plenty of raid time so that your play can be evaluated. We expect that you have a working mic and are able to communicate clearly should something happen during an encounter.


feel free to add me on btag Kanpii#1783. crow#1343, or hersheys#1791
Our website is http://rrkj.enjin.com/home
Hey there,

We are currently looking for a Holy pally. We are currently 3/11 mythic and raid Tues and Wed 9pm-12am est.


guild spam:

Voltage is a 2-day (Only 5:30hours/week) casual raiding guild on Arthas Horde. Currently we are 11/11H 2/11M in Antorus. Currently looking for a few DPS to join us in Mythic Antorus progression.

[Schedule] - All Times are Eastern Standard Time

Monday - 8:10pm to 11:00pm
Wednesday - 8:10pm to 11:00pm
Tuesday - Optional Raid Night 8:10pm to 11:00pm (Heroic Clear)

If interested, please contact:
Hellriderr [Hellrider#11850]
Choa [Broken#1380]
Horde, Mal’Ganis
Regency is an adult mythic raiding guild encompassing a community of raid teams dedicated to cultivating an enjoyable atmosphere for gaming. Our teams retain their own autonomy (their own name, officers, loot rules etc.) while also benefiting from a community that is eager to provide assistance and support as needed.
We are built upon three core pillars that sustain and enrich our community: collaboration, respect, and inclusivity. With these we care for and help the community grow while also slaying dragons in Azeroth.

5/11M Antorus
8/9M Tomb of Sargeras
10/10M Nighthold
3/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

Due to the mature nature of our atmosphere, we prefer all applicants to be 18+.
Check out our website for individual team needs or hop in our discord to contact a recruiter immediately! Discord: https://discord.gg/jetmdFy Website: http://www.regencyguild.com/

Raid Teams

Legends of Chaos - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 10/11H ~ 3/9M
Time: 7pm to 10pm CST
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Crippling Depression - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 1/11M ~ 4/9M
Time: 9pm to 12am CST
Days: Monday, Tuesday

After Dawn - Morning Mythic Raid team
Progression: 3/11M ~ 6/9M
Times: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM CST
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Repulsion - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 11/11H ~ 5/9M
Times: 9pm to 12am CST
Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday

Remnant – Casual Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 8/11H ~ 3/9M
Times: 7pm to 10pm CST
Days: Saturday, Sunday

Hallowed Ground - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 1/11M ~ 5/9M
Times: 11pm to 2am CST
Days: Friday, Saturday

Bloodline – Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 5/11M ~ 8/9M
Times: 7pm to 10pm CST
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Recruitment Admin: Izzy (Btag: izy#1699, Discord: Izzy#5574)
Recruitment Admin: Symmone (Btag: ClaireBear#1202, Discord: Symmone#2172)
if latenight est works for you lol 1am-4:15am EST wed/thur/fri also on sargeras

Roles we're looking for:
Druid: Boomkin
Hunter: MM/BM
Mage: Arc/Frost/Fire
Monk: MW/WW
Priest: Disc/Shadow/Holy
Paladin: Holy
Shaman: Ele/Enh/Restro
Warrior: Fury/Arms
(all other positions not listed does not disqualify you from applying-we are accepting all applicants).

More info about our guild below:

[US][A] <Despicable> of Sargeras
Progression: 7/9mTOS-2/11Mythic Antorus
Raid days/times:
Tues 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time
Wed 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time
Thur 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time
What we are looking for RDPS also looking for a 2nd Raid Lead (must have an off spec or main spec of Tank/Heal/Dps)

<Despicable> is recruiting for our core roster for Mythic Antorus, so if you're interested in joining you can apply on our guild website: www.despicableguild.com
Discord(for instant reply): Luven/Gaia/lil#7900
Btag(for direct game contact):
Urobsession#1870(Recruiting Officer)
Buttfacezz#1980 (Recruiting/Healing Officer)
Tafbird2000#1431(Raid Leader)

We stay active running High Mythic Plus Keys 15+ and rBGs/Arenas
We usually run whenever people are on, but Fridays & Saturdays are the dedicated days to get your +15 weekly or rBG/Arenas from 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time
Hey there,

Check us out, we might be what you are looking for.


2/11M - two night a week (7 hours) and looking for full-time healers.

Cheers and best of luck.
Hello! Halcyon, Horde on Zul'jin, is currently looking for a great holy pally! Below is some brief info you can look over, and add us if you are interested in learning more! We are a pretty laid back mythic guild. We like to progress as far as possible, while still maintaining a fun raid environment! We also dabble in RBGs, and of course do M+.

6/9 M ToS | 3/11 M ABT
Tues/Thurs: 8:00 PM -12:00 AM
Sun: Optional Farm/Alt/ETC

Add on Btag: Billybls#1641 | Stasis#1129
Add on Discord: Abisynth#8509

Site: http://www.halcyon-zj.com
Or check out our recruitment post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753245601
Hello! We're currently looking for a Holy Paladin to fill out our healing roster. We're currently 4/11M. We raid Tuesday-Thursday 11:30-2:30 CST. Feel free to add my battletag Cooler#1713, and we can talk more! May also add YungPiccolo#1885 or Opressor#1396!

Guild information:

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

2/11M Antorus

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ


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