Feel like I am failing at healing...

Fellow druids,

First I would like to say that I do not main spec healing, so I know that I am a bit behind the curve, but I am a bit distressed at the moment. I currently sit at Ilvl 934 resto and was healing a +13 BRH yesterday and was just not able to keep up sometimes. People where getting two shot, I was dying quite a bit as well. I cannot figure out what was going on. I was keeping at least one set of rejuv on people, WG for T19 buff, SM then putting down circle for melee, but it was just not enough.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Pretty sure its just the affixes. I coasted through dungeons last week and this week each one feels like a chore and i have a ton of deaths.
Ok, so it is just this week? Is BRH just a hard instance for druids to heal? I just cannot believe that with my ilvl i should be having such a hard time keeping people alive.
If you don't understand WHY you're dying, you're the issue.

You should always understand why you die even if you might not be able to prevent it because of RNG.
I ran a fair amount of 10-15s around 7.2. I got pretty lucky with the resto shoulders as leg #2 (back when they were still +15s to rejuv), and it felt like they trivialized m+ healing. Even at max 9s to rejuv they're still going to be really, really good. This is because they increase your effective burst healing window using regrowth when you spec into abundance.

I know you have a lot of synergy going with your ring/prosperity/t20 build, but it just won't keep up with the raw HPS of abundance + omen of clarity even without the shoulders. Swiftmend/efllo just don't offer reliable healing. Abundance turns regrowth into a god tier single target heal, which is what rdruids need the most.

For example, assuming a crit/mastery of 20%, regrowth initial heal will average something like 900-1500%sp depending on mastery stacks(factoring in the base crit chance of 60% + living seed). Speccing into abundance does 3 things: 1) effectively guarantees that it always crits (reliability is extremely important when dealing with burst dmg), 2) average %sp healing goes up to 1250-1800%sp per cast, and 3) modifiers that affect its healing shoot up in value, making OoC, drape of shame, and living seed relic traits extremely strong (the latter being a flat 8% increase to regrowth healing, assuming u can benefit from its proc)

With the new t21 set giving yet another stack of mastery on injured targets, you're going to be looking at 3x free regrowths hitting for 2-3ksp per omen proc if you have drape and 1-2 seed relics. Flourish/CW build obviouisly has better HPC/HPM but it's only really useful for affixes/dungeons that don't have a lot of unavoidable damage. It also gains value the less avoidable damage your group takes, which doesn't really describe your average 10-15 pug.

In the end, it won't matter how good of a healer you are if the group sucks. The higher the key the less healing matters while skilled dps/tanks start to make a huge difference. In your particular case it sounds like you were wiping to a combination of the explosive orbs popping (should almost never happen in a 13, even with teaming), the dagger toss !@#$ (needs to be interrupted/stunned), the conal stun/arrows, or the panther leap. Most of that is avoidable.

Healing 5 mans will feel much easier if you can get your hands on the hsoulders + prydaz (grievous), sephuz (anything fort), or velen's (general 2nd best after shoulders). Whether you choose to play OoC instead of flourish without the shoulders is up to you, it's worth at least trying. But definitely pick up abundance whenever you're dealign with large group damage and no name scrubbos.

Thank you so much for explaining all this. I do have shoulders, but was running this combo as it has good synergies for melee healing. With this said, do you think that running tier set is worth it with shoulders, or should i go for highest ilvl?

thank you again!
I didn't notice you had the t19 shoulders, that's a little unfortunate. My guess is breaking for the legendary is still probably worth it, assuming you use it correctly.
The idea is to casts many rejuvs as you can while walking towards the next pull. Because each rejuv will last ~30 secs, you're setting yourself up for a 20 some second window where you can free cast regrowth/WG and spot refresh rejuv as necessary. You should still use efflo going into a pull but don't prioritize it. If you also pick up moment of clarity talent you'll have less mana issues since omen procs pretty frequently.

I don't know what yoru priorities are, but personally I would sign up for NH heroic groups and try to find another t19 piece (even if it breaks your t20). t20 4p is okay for raids, but weakish for 5 mans. 2p is just garbage. Then focus on getting t21 4p + shoulders (ditch t19 once you can get t21 4p). This would be the ideal setup for m+, but I don't know what the best raid setup is.

Also make sure you have raid/party frames that visually track all your hot effects.
I just use the elvui buff indicators with a different color + position on the frame for both rejuvs, regrowth, WG, lifebloom, cultivation, CW and t21 hot when you get it. Being able to track these easily lets you ballpark how much your regrowth will heal for as well as maintain rolling rejuv stacks and such.
For me.

Abundance, germination, and cultivation are how i keep people alive in mythic +. And I’m sure that’s the norm for a lot of us.

People getting 2 shot? Sounds they aren’t using their survival cds, interrupting the bad stuff, and avoiding poop.

My plan when things are chaos. 100% focus on keeping rejuv and germ on everyone. And I spem healing touch to top people off. Click on play cast healing touch as casting or on GCD because there is no cast time I’m clicking on another play and pressing healing touch on them ASAP. And I repeat until the hurting stops.

With fel explosion groups give up on +8s. My normal preferred keys are in the 12-15 range. This week is just awful when dps is lazy and doesn’t switch targets like they should.
My rule of thumb. If a dps dies in less than 2 seconds. They likely messed up.

That’s why I love mythic plus. The range of the healer being bad or a dps slipping is normally pretty clear.

Now if the whole party is low on health and y’all slowly start to die off. I’d question myself with healing. And then ask if something was avoidable.

Usually our ‘oh !@#$’ button need us to already have hots in place before the oh %^-* happens. just pure endurance never letting those hits drop.
I don’t like regrowth spamming. It if you don’t run germination and abundance then you will have to spam something when those hots aren’t enough.
Why would you cast healing touch. Regrowth will crit every time and leave a mastery stack and a living seed. There is basically zero reason to use healing touch.

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