942 Ilvl Ele LF for Serious Raiding

Guild Recruitment
How's it going everyone, I am looking for a dedicated raiding guild. I am a 942 equipped Ele Shaman 2piece T21, 4piece T20. I am tired of failed pugs and want to find a set place to raid, I have been playing this Shaman since Vanilla WoW and have decent experience with him. I am currently 7/11H through pugging (Have AoTC as of today). I live EST time and can raid most almost any time/any day. Money is tight IRL but I will try my best to transfer by Thursday if possible.
Hi Kara,

I am from Reign and we are recruiting motivated and skilled dps to join our core group in order to be able to push Mythic Antorus efficiently and effectively. We are a progression raiding guild that has the goal of not only completing the current and future tiers, but to be able to do it at a competitive rate on condensed 2 day schedule.

We are active outside of designated raid times with several members who like to push M+ keys and have cultivated a guild dynamic that is tight-knit with a friendly atmosphere which has resulted in friendships inside and outside the game.

If you are interested in being a part of a friendly competitive team, please contact one of the officers below and one of us will get in touch with you as soon as we can! I am also available all day on discord (Fiolated#9828).

Guild:<Reign> Thunderlord
Faction: Horde
Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 8:30-11:30CST with an optional Thursday
Current Progression: 1/11M 11/11H Antorus 6/9M 9/9H ToS
Website: http://www.tastethereignbow.com
    Fiolated(Council/Recruitment): shinks50#1291
    Smiles/Smileage(GM/Raid Lead/Dad): lettuceflow#1132
    Viva(Council/Tmog Enthusiast): viva#1286

Needs: Talented dps with a preference towards ranged(melee can still apply)
Hello there - <MoistureMOB> - Daggerspine is 2/11M (5/9M ToS) looking for mechanically sound players, currently focusing on high DPS and one healer. Raids are 8-11 central Tu/Thu, and non-mandatory farm occasionally (usually Wednesday). We're made up of college-age guys/gals and working adults who like to hang out in Discord, and we run keys nearly every off-night. Will consider chipping-in toward transfer/faction-change fees.

Hit us up at G4M81T#1654, Fysh#1239, or Gyps#11771 if you're interested.
Hey Karagra, our style is AotC & farm. Raids are Tues & Fri 9PM-12AM server (EST) we're currently 7/11 Heroic. I'll drop the recruitment info below, if you're interested contact me. - Kizze#1432 <3

<Disorganized Crime> [Horde Area-52] is recruiting exceptionally skilled Healers & DPS to join our core raid team for Heroic Antorus progression. Our main raiding focus for this and past expansions has been to get Ahead of the Curve (or equivalent to it) and we have been successful in that feat for over 5 years. With a core of raiders built over 5 years, we have a laid back raiding environment that welcomes any newcomers with open arms. For those who like M+, fear not as we have a small group of raiders dedicated to pushing keys and the more the merrier. All casual players also welcome!

Current Progression:
7/11 Heroic Antorus
7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare (AoTC)
3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor (AoTC)
10/10 Heroic Nighthold (AoTC)
9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras (AoTC)

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesday: 9:00pm-12:00am Est
Friday: 9:00pm-12:00am Est
Optional Normal on Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00am Est

*** Especially in need of players - 940+ (72+ traits) - with a usable OS

Melee Needed:
Ret Paladin [Very High]
Demon Hunter [High]
Monk [High]
Rogue [High]

Ranged Needed:
Spriest [Very High]
Shaman [Very High]
Warlock [Med]
Druid [Med]

Healers Needed:
Monk [Very High]
Druid [Very High]
Shaman [High]

If you feel that <Disorganized Crime> is the right fit for you, please add Kizze#1432(me), Slauders#1589, or Atticus#1320 for more info and we'd be more than happy to answer any and all questions that you may have!
[A]<Iris> on Emerald Dream - US, currently 2/11M.

Sun/Mon 7-11 CST, optional Thurs Raid.

Naaldira#1635, add and we can chat about it to see if it's a good fit.
Synthesis is looking for ranged DPS to help fill its raid team. You can learn more about the guild and where we're at here - https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20760706070

Summarized: We do both normal and heroic during our raid times (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. CST). We will hopefully run strictly heroic in a few weeks. We want people who know their class and boss fights; but don't demand perfection. As long as you're willing to improve on mistakes made, you'll fit in with our group. Full guild raid uses RCLootCouncil for loot distribution.

Since you say money is tight, I'll let you know that we don't really want people to transfer until we know that we'll be a good fit for each other; so I'd encourage you to run for a couple weeks with us to get a feel for the group and then transfer if you have a good time with us.

Any questions - add me on BNet ... Dem#1587 or Discord ... Dem#0576. If we talk soon enough, we may be able to get you in on this weeks raids.

I think you would be a good fit for our guild.

[H] <Atrophy> Bonechewer 10/11H

We are looking for DPS for Antorus to start Mythic.

We do our raid content blind (without the help of online guides or outside strats). The only information we use is that given to us by the Dungeon Journal. We do take our progression seriously.

Class knowledge
Show up on time
Ability to take criticism

8pm - 11pm MST (Arizona time)

Comms: mumble
Loot: Loot council

Feel free to message me on bnet
<Flare - Stormrage> 9/11 H (Just need to take down Coven & Aggramar) AoTC Raid Lead guild looking for active Alliance players to fill our roster.

If you like actually playing with guildies outside of raid times...getting weekly M15's done...PVP, and many other shenanigans, come give us a shot! To sum it up...this is an amazing group or people that look out for each other...whether you're brand new or have been here since the beginning. We are extremely social and love all aspects of the game!

We raid on Wednesday/Thursday from 8-11 server time

Current needs are - (MINIMUM ILVL 945+)
- 2 Melee (Monk/Paladin)
- 3 Ranged - DPS with healer OS is a bonus
- 3 Healers (Shaman/Priest/Paladin)

For more information about joining the team message an officer
- HiddenTroll#12347
- Voltic#1333
- Viserion#11206
<Uncommon Sense> [A]-Sargeras is recruiting for our Tue/Wed raid team. Tue/Wed 7:30-10:30pm Central Time. We are looking for competent players for the group. We could offer you a core spot in the group.

Currently 11/11 N and 6/11 H, We have been around since BC and are looking to bolster our roster push through heroics, and into Mythic for Antorus.

If you're interested in joining our TEAM contact -
Dugalah (GL) - Smooshybear#1809
Grumpydh (Recruitment Officer)- Odder#11809

Best of luck with your search.
Before you read the spam below :) More than happy to summarize it for you in game or on discord. Discord: Xanthippie#8509, I am always able to speak through there so hit me up whenever. We are looking for dps to fill our mythic raiding roster and have about 15 people currently while getting 11/11H tonight.

Hi There!

Dilligaf is a semi-casual raiding guild on Mal'Ganis with solid core of about 15 active raiders. We're a chill group of old school players who have been raiding together throughout the expansion and are currently 10/11 on Heroic Antorus, with Heroic Argus soon to be killed tonight.

We are a guild full of players from different time zones, but that doesn't stop us from raiding together consistently (3 times a week). Raid times are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST). I understand that there may be real life conflicts with raid times so I will do my best to work around everyone's schedule. For the most part, we typically raid from 6:00pm PST - 9:00pm PST. One night a week we start at 8:00pm PST - 10:00pm PST.

When we are not raiding in game, we are usually pushing high mythic keys (15+), or gearing guild alts. Together, we're a chill group of like minded individuals who like to have fun, whether its joking around constantly on discord or giggling our way through Mythic + keys. This guild is and will be a good group of friends for you if you decide to join, we are pretty active and if you need anything there is sure to be someone willing to help. We are also self-sustaining with many of our raiders maxed out in most of the major professions with all the recipes at rank 3. That being said, we are a 18+ guild due to the nature of our discord chats while playing whether its dark humor, dank memes, or all of the above.

Raid Times:
  • Tuesdays 6:00pm-9:30pm PST
  • Thursday 8:00pm-10:00pm PST
  • Sundays 6:00pm-10:00pm PST

  • Progression:
    10/11 Heroic Antorus - *Finishing Heroic Argus Tonight (12/18/17)*

    Current Needs: Any Solid DPS (prefer Ranged) (or decent off-spec)

    Requirements: 930+ ilvl w/ 70+ traits in main spec weapon
    *If you do not meet this requirement, we are more than happy to help you gear up!*

    If you think you may be a good fit for our guild or would like to inquire about additional information or questions you may have, please contact either myself or my CoGM Shockers.

    Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/305227/

    Wow Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/mal-ganis/Dilligaf

    BattleNet IDs
    GM = Xanthippie#1937
    CoGM= Shockers#1848

    GM = Xanthippie #8509
    I'm always contactable through discord so feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or concerns!

    Hope to hear from you guys soon :)
    Hey there,

    I was browsing the recruitment forum and think you would be a great fit for the guild Adventurer. We are currently looking for players for up and forming Weekday Team whose goal is heroic then mythic progression. Here is a little more information about our guild:

  • Guild Name: Adventurer
  • Server: US-Stormrage
  • Schedule: Tues/Wed 830-1130pm EST
  • Progression: TBD
  • About Us: Adventurer is a guild that was created by friends who decided high end raiding is fun, but its always better with people you enjoy being around.
  • Voice: Discord
  • Loot: RC Loot Council
  • Goal: Our goal is to complete Mythic progression before next expansion while working around real life and having fun together in WoW. We plan to establish this by creating/maintaining a cohesive, tight-knit, long-term family oriented team that can anticipate each other’s play style and excel through content at a fun steady pace.

  • What makes us different than many other raiding guilds:

  • Activity - Weekly Antorus raids, Achieve runs, BGS, mythic + runs and more!
  • Humor - Whether in guild chat/discord, there is always something to laugh about
  • Understanding - Most of our guild is either in college or working adults with families. We understand real life schedules and family situations
  • Honesty - We will always be up front and to the point from day one
  • Helpful – We will assist with getting you raid ready so long as you are willing to put the same effort in advancing the guild. We will not just hold your hand.

  • We consider all quality applicants. If you feel that you would be a good fit for us (raider or non-raider), do not hesitate to contact me to schedule a Discord interview or add my battle tags to discuss further.

    BTag- Serentiyz#1996

    Thanks for your time and happy hunting!
    We are <Cherubs of Death> on Area-52 (Horde PVE). We are an adult-oriented 2-night semi-hardcore raid team made up of raiders that have been playing the game for over 10 years. We have been playing this game long enough to expect people to show up and get their game faces on during raids, but not make the game feel more like a job than a hobby.
    Who We Want:
    We want raiders who know that when the bosses need to die, it's time to be serious. We also value dedication as much as skill. If you join up, we expect you know the raid days/times and plan on being there a majority of the time. Real Life happens and ALWAYS comes first, but we don't have a raid without raiders.
    What We Are Currently Recruiting:
    Wind Walker
    Feral Druid
    Enh/Ele Shaman
    Shadow Priest

    all other dps not in high
    Our Progression:
    7/7H EN
    3/3H ToV
    10/10N 10/10H NH 1/10M NH
    9/9N ToS 9/9H ToS Pre-Nerf
    11/11N 11/11H Antorus
    We raid Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm-12am EST
    How To Contact Us:
    Tristrem#1953 GL
    Vow#1666 Officer
    Christmas is Cancelled is a late night guild recruiting for Mythic progression!
    Server: Area-52

    11/11 H ABT
    5/9 M TOS

    Currently in need of
    Aff Lock
    DK w/ tank OS

    Any exceptional DPS should still apply

    SCHEDULE: Tuesday/Wednesday Midnight - 3AM EST. Optional Heroic run on Thursdays. (90% attendance)
    LOOT SYSTEM: Rclootcouncil
    VOICE COMS: Discord. Feel free to join with questions. https://discord.gg/vAzPkZn
    CONSUMABLES: Free for all raiders.
    CONTACT: Snow#6188 (Discord) Rainbow#1114 + Fabo#11536 (Battle.net)
    <Endless Waltz> was formed in Burning Crusade and has existed as a raiding guild ever since. We are a Mythic progression guild that pushes content on a limited raid schedule. 90% of applicants accepted are either still with the guild, or have ended their WoW careers with us. The most important point we stress is that we are not looking for a 3-month recruit. hopefully your aim is to find a new and permanent home, as that is the goal for our raid spots we fill.

    Endless Waltz is a "mature" raiding guild. The age in the guild ranges from 18-40s and we have people from all over the country. We curse like sailors, enjoy questionable jokes and give each other the business. If you are easily offended this is not the guild for you.

    Server: Dragonmaw/Akama/Mug'thol (Connected) (PST)

    Raid Times:
    -Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 to 10:00 server time.
    -Invites start at 6:30 and we pull at 7:00


    Additional Information:
    -Flasks/Food/Potions Provided
    -Gems/Enchants/Guild Repairs Provided
    -Discord voice chat

    -1/11M Antorus, the Burning Throne
    -11/11H Antorus, the Burning Throne
    -7/9M Tomb of Sergeras
    -9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
    -7/10 Mythic Nighthold
    -10/10 Heroic Nighthold
    -7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare
    -3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor

    Current Recruitment Needs
    -Shadow Priest (High Priority)
    -Havoc Demon Hunter (High Priority)
    -Balance Druid (Low Priority)
    -Feral Druid (Medium Priority)
    -Rogue (any spec) (Med Priority)
    -Elemental shaman (High Priority)
    -Hunter (BM/MM) (High Priority)
    -Frost and Unholy Deathknight (Medium Priority)
    -Retribution Paladin (Medium Priority)
    -Arms/Fury warrior (Medium Priority)
    -Warlock (Medium Priority)
    -Windwalker Monk (Medium Priority)

    -Resto Druid (Med Priority)
    -Mistweaver Monk (High Priority)
    -Disc Priest (Med Priority)
    -Holy Paladin (High Priority)
    -Resto Shaman (low Priority)

    Not recruiting tanks at this time.

    Will consider any good application even if your class or spec isn't listed above or is listed as Low Priority!

    If you are interested please visit our website (listed below) or contact an officer (TwoXKnives#1808, DefconShaz#1727, Brandoni#1939, Tavish#1987), Or myself (Zer0Faith#1697) In-game

    website: www.endless-waltz.com
    Hit me up, I may have something you are interested in.

    Hello there Karagra!

    <Meters Over Mechanics> on Dragonblight is looking looking for more RDPS for Mythic Antorus.

    We are currently 11/11H with Server First AOTC and just getting ready to step into mythic.

    We raid:
  • Monday: 8-11 EST
  • Tuesday: 8-11 EST
  • Wednesday: 8-11 EST
  • If our raid times work I would love to have a chat with you about potential raiding opportunities!

    Saviorself#1421 on BNET
    [H](Thrall) <Relinquish> Is a newly formed guild seeking like-minded players to progress in Mythic Raiding for Antorus and beyond into Battle for Azeroth. Our leadership's raiding experience spans back to Vanilla. On the previous tier, we achieved 8/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, and currently have AotC and 2/11 Mythic experience for Antorus.

    What We're About

    We’re looking for serious progression in raiding while still maintaining a fun and family-oriented atmosphere within the guild. No one person is more important than another. We are a team and progression isn't possible if we don't conduct ourselves as one. At the end of the day, this game is about having fun with people you enjoy playing with so the main thing is to HAVE FUN!

    Raid Days and Times

    Tuesday: 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST.
    Wednesday: 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST.
    Thursday: 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST.

    These days and times will be for main progression raids. Heroic/Normal raids can also be done on these days if needed to get back into Mythic quickly, i.e. someone needing tier or a certain piece to help progression. Once lower difficulties aren't needed they will be moved to off nights and will not be required.

    We still consider ourselves semi-hardcore but want to be a contender in the race to the top and obtain Cutting Edge each tier. We believe ny that breaking the meta "9 hour" raid week and having an extra hour per day to progress this can be achieved.


    Highest need:
    All Ranged DPS!

    Enhancement Shaman
    Windwalker Monk
    Frost/Unholy Deathknight

    Mistweaver Monk

    We are always on the lookout for great players. Any exceptional players will be considered regardless of class or specialization so you should contact us if you feel we would be a good fit for you. AotC/Mythic kills help tremendously and shows that you're serious about raiding at a high level. We are willing to teach and gear players but expect people to know encounters and mechanics of the fights since Antorus has been out a few weeks.

    All new recruits will go through a trial process to show that they are able to handle mechanics, play their specialization efficiently, adapt to new encounters and strategies quickly, and maintain performance consistently throughout the entire trial process and beyond. Just because you may promoted doesn't mean you can slack off; there are always others looking to raid and progress. Logs will be reviewed if available when a player applies and this will continue through the trial process, so be sure to post them!

    We are also requiring players to have at least one alt character up to par for raiding. This helps if a different compilation is needed for certain bosses, i.e. a third tank or fifth healer. These will also be used for split runs for later tiers or to get us into Mythic progression this tier since we are starting fresh. We believe this is crucial to maintain high rankings in the world race.

    Not a raider or have friends that play too? No problem, all players are welcome.


    We expect all raiders to have 100% raid attendance, but real life does happen and it is most important. We will have outlets to let us know if you're unable to make a certain day for whatever reason. Missing days does not reflect badly upon you but if it is consistent you'll be asked if an officer has not already been spoken to. Maintaining high raid attendance is key and gives us more time for progression.

    Our Expectations

    Raiders must come prepared to raid knowing encounters, mechanics and having consumables. Have weak auras, addons, boss mods set up and whatever else helps players play we’re class effectively. Cauldrons and feasts will be provided, but players should still come prepared and be willing to assist with materials.

    Don't be an elitist and be open to criticism from other players. We are here to work as a team. If someone is struggling, suggest something to them or point them in the right direction.

    Be active with others in the guild! We'll be running Mythic+ regularly and doing old raid, alt raids and PvP for AP/Legendaries.

    ENJOY YOURSELF! This game is about fun. Yes, we want to be at the top but that isn't possible if people don't enjoy the environment they play in.

    Final Thoughts

    Yes, we are a brand-new guild with big dreams. With hard work and dedication we are able to achieve all of it. If you're looking for a new and long-term home, we are the place for you! Our officers are working hard to get us off the ground and into raiding quickly. We will need a little patience from people while we do so. If you believe we are the correct fit then contact one of our officers below to set up a time to speak in Discord.


    BTags: Berzzerk#1338 Crymeariiver#1483 Littleholyc#1280 Thedudedude#1433 Puddette#1398
    Discord: Berzzerk#4516 Crymeariiver#3280 Littleholyc#9291 DragonofDawn#2036
    Drow-Dalaran; is looking to fill spots for our core raid team. We're currently 3/9 M-TOS as a guild; with many of our core raiders anywhere from 3/9M - 5/9M TOS. We're now also ~11/11N & 11/11H Antorus, the Burning Throne ~ in the first few weeks of raiding in Antorus.

    We have everything from the Casual Joe to the Hardcore Raider! Great social environment; No Drama. Most members are 21-33 years of age. As well as end game raiding we have lots of members that push mythic keystones on the daily.

    Our goal is to build around a very strong core group of players to form a unstoppable force in patch 7.3.5 and beyond to push Mythic content.

    Core Beliefs: Strive to be the best at your class, respect guild mates, and contribute to the community.

    Raid times: Tues / Thurs 7:30pm-10:30pm Pacific time / 10:30pm-1:30am EST
    (Saturdays optional normal Burning Throne runs)

    Loot: Loot Council

    DPS/Healing spots for Core Raiders are competitive and are based on a show of mechanics while pulling optimal DPS/HPS numbers.

    We are currently recruiting all classes and specs. (See Below for Priorities)

    1 ) Elemental/Resto Shaman
    2 ) Holy/Ret Paladin
    3 ) Warlock
    4 ) Balance/Resto Druid
    5 ) Frost Mage
    6 ) Beastmaster/Marksmanship Hunter
    7 ) Disc/Holy Priest
    8 ) Windwalker Monk
    9 ) Havoc Demon Hunter

    Contact Info: Please feel free to contact us in game with any further questions.

    Kerrek - Lead Officer

    Willymonka - Recruiter

    Gjest - Guild Master
    <Elevate>7/11H (AOTC leadership 7/9m last tier)on Stormrage is looking for more competent raiders to finish off heroic and push into mythic content! We are currently recruiting for core positions!

    Raid Schedule
    So people have asked the following its Sat night and Sun night(12:30-3am est)

    Sat 12:00- 3:00am EST Mandatory Progression
    Sun 12:00- 3:00am EST Mandatory Progression
    Tue 12:00- 3:00am EST Farm night

    What we are looking for!
    Mature, patient Raiders who will stick around for progression through thick and thin. This means players that will stay and grow with us not jump at the first opportunity for better progression as we strive to bring the whole guild up to a better progression standpoint!

    Raiders who are active in the guild and not just on for raid nights as we have other activities on off raid days to help build us as a team and get to know everyone in its entirety.

    Raiders who follow mechanics and work to be better every pull and not just worry about parses or being top DPS though you should be striving for both max DPS and following mechanics to provide best possible performance.

    We are currently looking for 940+

    RET Pally(HIGH)
    Shammy (HIGH)
    Destro/AFF lock (HiGH)
    All other exceptional players should still inquire for a interview.

    If this sounds like the right fit for you please contact me or one of the officers below.

    GM/Raid Lead Natas#1536
    Council Member GivensBros#1411
    Council Member Apuppy0384#1654
    Council Member Akatari#1109
    [H][Tichondrius] <The Murloc Saints> is a competitive minded progression guild formed at the end of Nighthold. After achieving Ahead of the Curve for Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras, we have set our sights on Cutting Edge for Antorus. We have continued to grow well together and enjoy gaming with one another across multiple games and platforms.

    Guild info:
    -Raid times: Tue and Sun 9p-12a PST w/ an optional Wed farm night
    -Current progression: 9/11H 11/11N ABT
    -Recruitment: ALL DPS and a Rsham/Hpally

    Our Expectations:
    -90% raid attendance will be required to keep a raider position. Showing up 15 min early isn’t mandatory, but you must be 100% ready to go at raid time.
    -Take criticism well. We have many knowledgeable and experienced players that are always trying to improve the group. Whether the criticism is off-putting or not, it’s always in an effort to improve. We are a team after all.
    -Always be your best! What we mean by this is to never stop looking for ways to improve yourself. Gameplay or otherwise.

    Bnet: StudMuffin#1856
    Discord: StudMuffin#7193

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