[A] Harmony of Souls AoTC Recruitment!

<Harmony of Souls> US Turalyon
Alliance | Progression 8/8 N | 7/8H
Raid Time: Tuesday & Thursday at 8:00pm -10pm est
Have achieved AOTC on all raids in legion
Recruitment Contact:

Heroic spots open for:
Warlock, mage, Healer

We are a laid back close knit family style guild that loves to get together to punch Heroic raids in the face! We also do mythic + keys daily and putting together a team for higher mythic + keys. HoS is a very active guild so you'll always find something to do no matter your play style.

More info:

In addition to Raiding on Tue/Thu we also push M+ keys. We are here to have a good time and collect some sweet loot while we do it. There is room for all types of players in our guild. We progress through Heroic content (AoTC every raid), Alt normal runs on saturdays, Mythic + runs daily, and transmog runs. If this looks like a good fit for you Contact us!

We look forward to raiding with you and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact:

Recruitment Officer | Jinxx#1511
There will be free cookies too!
free beer too
Recruitment is still open
feel free to contact me on battle.net
Can confirm. Best group of people on the entire alliance side
recruitment still open
looking to add 1 healer to the core raid team
updated post
Also looking for exceptional players to add to our high key mythic plus team.
I like the name of your guild.
Updated post to add people to our mythic + team
Hello there fellow alliance guild, if you could take a minute to please post your guild info on this thread I'd greatly appreciate it Thanks.
Recruitment updated for BFA!
Needs have been updated :)
Recruitment updated. Looking for another lock to share my cookies with. Must bring milk... for the cookies
Recruitment updated
Current progression updated
Guys! FREE Beer !!!!!
where my warlocks at?!

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