[A]<Control Freaks> (8/8H 2/8M) LF DPS

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You got room for a Rep Pally, Boomkin and a affliction lock?
Mistweaver here, just sent you a bnet request. :)
Do the bump
Hey Oreola,

I think we can figure something out. My tag is Toppy#1346.
RAWR!! I'm not a bear?
Looking for a couple strong dps. :)
Daily reminder that you are special.
Daily bump.
Check mate
Do the bump!
Rawr! Wait I'm not a bear.
Looking for a healer and some dps. Wife aggro can sadly end a wow career. RIP healer friend. :)
The search continues.
Hi everybody!!

Hi Dr. Nick!!!!
Always looking!
Scary Time = Halloween Time!

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