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Moon Guard
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Greetings Moon Guard!

Shortly after the Tournament of Ages, a group of Moon Guard veterans and tournament organisers got together and chose to put together a public Moon Guard Discord for the server to enjoy.

Currently, we have over 1,300 members, with representation from most of the major roleplaying guilds. While we are a bit Alliance-side heavy, both sides are welcome and we would love to increase our Horde population a bit.

The general idea for this server was to provide a centralised hub for the community to communicate and organise. We currently offer channels dedicated to general chatter, art sharing (and Moon Guard artists looking to post their work), advertisement / promotion of upcoming server events, announcements pertaining to Moon Guard as a whole, RP / lore discussion, and more! Feel free to check us out, we'd love to have you.

Upon joining, you should be greeted with a whisper, instructing you on how to assign yourself a faction role (which will be your name colour). Please take a moment to review our simple policies / guidelines as well.

Invite link:

Thanks, and we hope to see you there! <3
These nerds are pretty cool
Come for the good times and fun people, stay for the memes and banter!
Here ye! Here ye!
I have come to welcome you gamer nuts to the nerd hell that is this discord. Come be at home with us!
they are ok, just ok
Great way to connect with people, better than sitting in populated places waiting and hoping for people to approach you first.

As the name implies, be nice in here.
I'm Lightwarden Rhuua, and this is my favourite Discord on the Moon Guard server!~
I'm Jak and I approve this message.
c: You all are the best. <3
very good. epic. nice. <pact> approved
It's a good server. Hugo approved. Much good. Wow.
I am now a member of three different Moon Guard Discords.
Most MLG server in Moon Guard
Thanks all <3 Both the warm comments and the newcomers!
I like this server, it's nice and chill.
:D Love all the new people. <3
And we love you too. :3
Some people aren't part of the Friendly Moon Guard Discord. Don't be one of those people, and join today!
Only if there is a NSFW section and a shtposting meme section.

Both are essential to the lifeblood of any Discord.
Discord says the invite link has expired.

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