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Welcome Yumi!


One of us, One of us, One of us, One of us...

Appreciate the kind words, all. I'm glad people are enjoying the Discord. <3
Friendly. Awesome. Good group of people!
Thank you c:
Welcome to all the new people. c:
Super awesome discord filled with friendly people. Join today <3
Wow, almost 700 people. xD I never expected it to get this large.
700 people! Woo!
Awwriiiite. C:
They have pudding in here!
I demand they share this at once. C:
I'm new to Moonguard and RP in general. As in I'm still working on backstories. Just wanted to see if you welcome beginners, and I'll try not to bombard everyone with too many questions! Will just be nice to get to know a few people.

Current plan is to roll 2 characters, a dwarven explorer and a nightborne civilian (perhaps a merchant type ... still looking into options for my horde character).

If that ends up being too overwhelming I'll likely stick to just the dwarf.
Beginners are more than welcome! There's so many different sorts of folks in the Discord, you're bound to find someone you mesh well with ^_^
I just added the RP discussion channel. Hopefully this goes well. xD Its been requested for quite a while.
I've never had so much fun!
I got lost one night and asked them for directions, now I can't leave. Send help..and more biscuits. Not a trap.

Trust me.
Now you're stuck with us. C:
I'll join in the merrymaking
This is fantastic, I will make sure I tell everyone to join this channel to get connected.
Welcome and thanks! c:

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