6/11M 9/9M Prot War lf guild

Guild Recruitment
>80 traits in weapon
>966 equipped
-High M+ score.
-All orange logs.

Tired of my current's guild seemingly low desire to hit CE this tier and unorganized approach to raiding. I'm looking for a more motivated and structured guild. Tell me a little about yourselves and leave me a real-id or discord ID with which I can reach you.
<Casually Addicted> or <CA> has a long history of floating around the Top 74 US - 112 US rankings, and is looking to make our comeback for Legion! We are a group of professional adults, who believe success in raiding doesn't correlate to number in days/hours you spend raiding. With our return we starting a fresh page within our guild history, and sticking to a 2 day a week raid schedule.

Bnet - lyric#1368

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