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I am looking for a weekday evening guild that doesn’t raid on tuesdays. I have cleared heroic.

Toons: G Druid 956 , Blood Dk 947 (with Aman’thuls :)), 949 Vengeance Dh and 941 Prot Pally.

Clearly I enjoy tanking and would like a spot doing just that. Cannot raid Tuesday but all other weekdays are fine. Would prefer to remain horde and a guild that is starting mythic progression.

I also run a decent amount of m+ and whenever I’m online usually down to tank some 15+s.

Any questions leave them below or add me
I run a recruitment discord with about 600+ recruiters:

That may be of some use to you. :D

I also know for a fact Paragons is looking for a tank. Theirs just left to form a more hardcore weekend raid team. You didn't say you'd be willing to do weekends, but it's an option.

5. [H] Paragons - Saturday 11pm-2am & Sunday 10pm-1am EST Mythic

You can tag @paragons on the discord linked above to get some attention from the people in that specific guild when you post if you find yourself interested in a core spot. I know tank spots are difficult to come by.
[H] <M A L I C E> 2/11M Mal'Ganis Late Night Guild LF DPS/ DPS with off Heals/Tank Specs!

M A L I C E is a late night horde raiding guild on the Mal'Ganis server. Our ToS progression was 6/9M and we are now looking to add to our family of dedicated players with the goal of reaching Cutting Edge in Antorus.

Food, flasks, pots, gems, enchants, VRs and repairs provided for all mythic raiders (though we do ask that you contribute raw mats/gold to help each other out).

We are recruiting competitive people with great attitudes who are knowledgeable in their class/spec and at least 940+ ilvl and have close to if not 75 points in the appropriate weapon/s.

Raid Days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
11PM - 2AM Central (9pm-12am PST/12am-3am EST)

We also run heroic raids, RBGS and mythic keys throughout the week.

We are looking for competitive players of any variety!
Our current specified needs are (about 2 ranged DPS, 1 Healer, 1 Tank):
- Mage – any spec
- Hunter – ranged specs
- Elemental Shaman
- Balance Druid
-Shadow Priests
- Any competitive ranged DPS will be accepted!
- DPS with off heal/tank specs
- Shaman Heals
- Druid Heals
- We are in need of one tank, any tank will be considered if they are at the needed skill lvl!

Add-ons we use:
- RC Loot Council
- Big Wigs/DBM
- Weak Auras 2

- Discord

If you are interested and think we would be a good fit for you please contact our recruitment officer Jeremiah#1459(Myself), Annise#1930 or our GM Cryptnessism#1144

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