AH/Guild Bank Lag on High Population Servers

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Reporting in from US-Proudmoore. Auction House is unbearably slow, with some transactions taking upwards of a minute to process. Additionally, it took nearly a full minute to withdraw a single item from the guild bank last night. Will follow up with a support ticket.

Latency is fine everywhere else in the game and outside of it.
Reporting for US-Thrall. Auction Houses and Guild Banks are total trash. One minute lag time for moving JUST ONE ITEM in my guild bank. I can't even begin to organize ANYTHING for my guild with new mats coming in, let alone BUY any mats.
Tichondrius is at least as bad as everywhere else, and probably worse due to population. Every interaction with a vendor means waiting, every interaction with a quest mob or giver means waiting. Everything in the game is laggy and slow and extremely unsatisfying.

The AH is the worst but everything is bad.
Also "internal auction error" all over the place.
The lag is on every high pop server. It's hard to get anything done in a major city before you phase into a new one too. (Even though I shouldn't be phasing from Proudmoore)
Stormrage AH is a nightmare. We can't post anything.
Would love an update from blizz to see if they are making any progress on this. The longer it goes on the less I feel like playing.
Keep posting guys. Keep these threads alive till we get an in depth and thorough explanation as to the fix required, progress made, estimated timeline to completion. Spam the snot outta these guys till we get an adequate answer. I purchased the digital deluxe edition with gold, how many others live on gold? How much money do we need to throw at you? And don't even TRY to release classic in this kind of state. It will be OVER 9000% heavier traffic at its launch, and regardless of population dropping and levelling out after the initial launch, there is no excuse not to be prepared to provide all the games functionality FROM DAY 1
This is getting really old! I submitted a ticket and haven't heard anything back. Ever since BfA, I've not been able to put anything in or pull anything out of my guild bank, and the Auction House is simply unusable with as long as it takes now to simply post something. All of my toons are carrying around almost full bags because I can't put anything anywhere. When is this going to be resolved?? I submitted a ticket and still nothing. Yes, I've already turned off my addons and that did nothing.
Spent 10min trying to deposit a single item into the guild bank here on Sargares. No go. finally gave up. At least some kind of update would be nice.
Stormrage is bad. ive given up putting stuff in gbank or taking out at all. AH is stupid slow too.. 2 posts took me 5min
A52 here and the auction house is absolutely unbearable to use. Borderline impossible.
I was looking for the right place to make a post about this, and I found this thread here.

Checking in from Thrall here. Auction house and guild bank interaction is absolutely horrible. I'm trying to clean some things up and the lag is absolutely incredible.

Please address.
Checking in from MoonGuard to check if others are having the same issues. Needless to say, add Moon Guard to the lagfest as well. Its about 10-20 seconds to remove a guild item or put something in from your bags.
WyrmrestAccord AH

Search just took me a solid three minutes. :/
This cannot go on for another week. Blizzard is really dropping the ball on this.

If it is too hard for your techs either hire better tech's or let us move off this server in a free realm migration.
Area 52.... guild bank, is sadly completely pointless at this point, it super frusting that you can’t even open the UI half the time, let alone actually withdraw or deposit something.

Ah is so painful it isn’t worth using.

With the guild bank dated UI and lackluster officer/gm tools, itneeds to be redone at this point anyway.

Based on what was posted, only one can assume that this means, additional hardware, new database code, and new client code. Even if that is true, this needs to be a huge prioty.
08/18/2018 11:07 PMPosted by Orion
WyrmrestAccord AH

Search just took me a solid three minutes. :/

Similar on ZJ for me
Argent Dawn EU is a nightmare. Impossible to use Guild Bank or AH unless I sit here all day doing nothing but.
Emerald Dream AH literally takes 30 seconds up to a minute to load a page. Unusable.

It gets so bad that I need to jump in place or whatever once in a while to not be DC'd before I'm done with the AH, I've had it happen a couple times.

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