AH/Guild Bank Lag on High Population Servers

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Still waiting on an update from blizz....
01/22/2018 11:31 AMPosted by Omrakos
I see the last entry in the thread for this issue was about 3 days ago. Are any of you still encountering the problems on Dalaran regarding severe latency or lag?

Stormrage is having this issue as well, everynight at prime time the AH lags out and takes forever to search and/or post auctions.
Stormrage guild banks and AH are still having massive lag issues making it nearly impossible to use either.
Another vote for "this is awful please fix it ASAP."

From Tichondrius.

Better make sure I come back and post every 2 days so Bliz doesn't think it's resolved.
guild banks on Sargeras are even worse now, its taking 30+ seconds to move something into the bank, if it even moves at all
Contributing to the thread from Area 52. Guild bank/AH is virtually unusable, can take 20+ minutes to post gathered materials, buying takes just as long if you want to look at more than 1 page.

Guild banks can take 45+ seconds to move a single item.

Really, really sucks.
Yes guild banks and ah are slow are all the realms, because I have toons on high populations and low populations and it’s the same for all of them.
I just created a bug report for this, its been this way since launch. I am probably going to submit a new one everyday until this is fixed. I can not even put items into my bank anymore. Im on Tich by the way.
The silence from blizz is really concerning. This is a MAJOR issue effecting a lot of people.
Really need an update on this. The AH latency is one thing. However not being able to withdraw anything from the guild bank is something else entirely. I understantd that BFA is the guild hate expansion and you want everyone to focus on "Community" sadly a guild is also a community. Some form of an update on what is going on to fix the ability to actually access your items in the guild bank would be awesome. Prior to BFA going live the delays were 15 seconds plus. We still have that amount of delay when depositing items, however we now cannot withdraw anything. The game simply ignores the interaction. This is a huge, game breaking issue.
This problem is very frustrating. Having no band aid and nothing in sight to fix this just makes it worse. Blizz needs to do something.
08/18/2018 07:26 PMPosted by Araxë
Every interaction with a vendor means waiting, every interaction with a quest mob or giver means waiting. Everything in the game is laggy and slow and extremely unsatisfying.

"Unsatisfying" sums it up well. I understand there are priorities with a new expansion launch and they want to make sure all the new shiny stuff is stable. However, the Auction House and guild banks are such a core feature of the game that just thinking about using them makes me get super frustrated.
Hey all,

Thank you for the continued reports. At this time, I do not have a newer update for you all more than Drakuloth post earlier. Thank you all for patience while continue to work to alleviate this lag.
Auction house unusable for any high volume item. Resources should be added to improve high-pop realm responsiveness.
this is just bad service all around :/
The fact that the guild bank has been slow/unusable for the last 6 months... and now it is ALSO the auction house... is pretty unfortunate. I understand that "fixing bugs" takes time... but a lot of us feel like we are not being heard on this issue. The blue post here and there saying "We understand this is an issue, and we are working on it"... is not enough.
Add Proudmoore to the list. 25 mins to post everything in my bags is way too slow. Maintenance should be more than an hour this time around to find the issue. Rolling restarts won't cut it in my opinion.
over as Fing hour to TRY and post on stormrage and I only got to 15 of 21 GG blizz your AH is worthless on this sever just remove it
Help on Proudmoore Realm.

This is terrible. Members are leaving the guild because it takes so long to give them the things they purchase from the guild bank.

Also, it takes nearly an hour to manage a full guild bank tab.

Please fix this immediately.
Thank you.
A temp solution would be to shut down all AH/guild bank transactions in the next maintenance cycle and let the devs fix the problem. I know that is a drastic measure, but short of shutting all of WoW down for one issue... Granted, this is a significant part of the WoW economy, but desperate measures call for desperate times.

It would not surprise me if a reworking of the API for the AH would help, although why it wasn't done in Beta escapes me. There was a reworking of the map API, which has made several addons not function correctly. I'm just throwing ideas out here. With the stat crunch and abundance of new items that the expansion has created, the AH, and to a lesser degree, guild banks would suffer without a significant tweak in order to maintain an efficient real-time scan effect for the AH.

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