963 6/11 M BM Hunter LF guild

Guild Recruitment
Looking for hardcore Raiding guild that raids Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 5pm or later Pacific time.
Experienced Player who has raided Hardcore in Cataclysm, Mop, WoD and EN and NH.
Willing to Server/Race change.
Battletag is Discovered#11876
<Tilted> (H) 7/11m We are striving for continuous realm firsts but are also striving to be higher up in the US but at the same time still enjoy ourselves by not having split runs etc. We raid tues, thurs, sun with an optional wednesday night run (which usually is for sales or alts) (7-11 pm cst)! We are currently looking for...
HIGH: Hunter
Feel free to contact me via Bnet: ChaddizBack#11223 or Discord: Vodka#3491 if interested in recruitment or questions!!! Have a wonderful weekend looking to bring in trials for Tuesday! Our website is http://tiltedls.enjin.com/ if you'd like to take a look there as well.
Logs are hidden, but if they look good, we have a spot for you. Come talk to me. Here's our team info, research us some, then tell me if were a good fit, and we can discuss further.....

Mythic Progression 7/11M with sub 30% Vari (will die soon)
Wed/Thur/Mon 8:30pm - 11:30pm PST
Optional Tue with some Mythic Farm


I prefer Discord so I can respond faster, so contact me at Biofreze#8351.
Hey there we are currently recruiting Strong RDPS(warlocks especially) also MDPS(like rogues-enh shammy) and possibly a healing position(MW monk-rdruid-hpally)for our core roster.

But also accepting all applicants for any position. We are running a 25-30man rotating roster! We rotate people depending on the boss and everyone is guaranteed a mythic kill once boss is on farm.

OUR GOAL: as a guild is to get to the top 100-200 world ranking Mythic progression guild

[US][A] <Despicable> of Sargeras
Progression: 7/9mTOS-6/11Mythic Antorus
Raid days/times:
Tues 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time
Wed 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time
Thur 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time
What we are looking for DPS also looking for a 2nd Raid Lead (must have an off spec or main spec of Tank/Heal/Dps)

<Despicable> is recruiting for our core roster for Mythic Antorus, so if you're interested in joining you can apply on our guild website: http://www.despicableguild.com/
Discord(for instant reply): Luven/Gaia/lil#7900
Btag(for direct game contact):
Urobsession#1870(Recruiting Officer)
Tafbird2000#1431(Raid Leader)
Vandorf#11201 (Recruiting Officer/Recruitment Interviewer ) Hophopglide
We stay active running High Mythic Plus Keys 20+ and rBGs/Arenas
We usually run whenever people are on, but Fridays & Saturdays are the dedicated days to get your +15 weekly or rBG/Arenas from 10:15pm-1:15am pacific time
Severity of Mal'ganis

Tues-thurs 9-12pst


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