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Area 52
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Hey all, as we get closer to BFA we're looking to add more like-minded adults. We were able to accomplish the AOTC as a guild. For now, we're going to be taking it easy till BFA only raiding once a week on Wednesdays.
If you do not see me online, you can also reach out to Elzix (btag: Elzix#11913 ) for information.
Still looking for more old people... :)
i just transferred to Area 52, officially old person here, looking for a good guild home, i will try to see you online or add Elzix. Cheers!
Zzt, did you end up talking to Omiku and getting an invite?
This is exactly the type of group I am looking for...will try to msg you tonight
Sure thing, reach out to Omiku or myself and we can discuss
Im a 969 Guardian Druid looking for more casual raiding like your guild. Im very reliable and been tanking since Wrath. Im 5/11 M Argus but dont really care if I do mythic or not. A bit burned out of the mythic atmosphere tbh.
My btag-

We likely would not have a tanking spot for raids but if you would be interested in doing a different role during raids, please reach out and we can discuss further.
We are back to raiding 2 nights a week after filling some more spots. We still have room for more though. Please reach out if you are interested.
We are still looking. No tank spots open but we have room for DPS & Heals.
I am old by this game's standard (48) but have been raiding for a long time. I am a melee dps player. I prefer Pally but can play my DH or Arms Warrior. I am a working professional that sometimes has a weird schedule. I would like to join and get to see what your building here. My Battletag is Blood#1210
I think your guild sounds like a great fit. I am a 35 year old mom and player since vanilla. Currently, I am 1/11M ABT and 956 ilvl. I have a ton of alts as well, a couple of other dps that could raid as well. I'm not into the hardcore scene anymore, like I was - just can't keep up anymore. I just want to play the game with other like-minded people who want to have a good time and relax :) I would love to speak with someone about joining up! My btag is Lunarah#11827
Hi, sorry for the late reply. I will add you guys to my Btag, just want to give you a heads up that we're now just taking it easy as far as raiding. Look forward to speaking with you.
Also, feel free to add Elzix (Elzix#11913). He's usually around more often than I am lately. =P
Im interested in joining up with you guys as well.
I'm interested in a guild like this. I am 30 with a toddler and one on the way. I am a business professional with a weird schedule around Christmas time. If you can tolerate a few months of uncertain raid attendance, I would love to talk with an officer or the GM. My available class options are Arcane Mage, Hunter, Demon Hunter (both roles), Shaman(all roles), and any tank class. My passion is tanking but my schedule is not condusive to being a main tank as Black Friday through New Years day is spotty. Would love to tank some M+ though.
For BFA we will be adding a second raid for weekend warriors and lowering the age requirement to 25yrs old. The new raid will be Sundays 11am-3pm EST.

This raid will be more focused on quick progression. While we'll be focused on Heroic, if we get the right numbers and balance of players, we may progress into Mythic. Our main concern is that our raids don’t have a hard-set attendance. This is where Heroic flex raiding will come in handy. We like to accomplish things quickly in these raids.

If you’re looking for a more relax effort, our weekday raids will be available.
Currently accepting any and all classes while we figure out what everyone is going to play in BfA. Probably looking for another tank and maybe a healer or two, but dps are more than welcome.

Please know the core mechanics of your class for the weekend raids. If you are interested on the weekend raid, please reach out to Slashcry#1953
Come get some BFA love!!

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