Serious Raider.IO question.

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Hello all, I have been getting more into the game again recently but unfortunately, due to my work schedule and other commitments, I cannot commit to a raiding. Even though I would love to raid, I am forced to find pugs when I can.

Therefore, a big part of my gearing process will be through Mythic+. I used Mythic+ a lot earlier this year and I generally love the system.

However, I am noticing recently that Raider.IO scores are becoming more and more frequently requested to join.

I don't find any fault in people wanting to check a little about the people they are inviting but I have no clue how to increase my score much.

So finally on to my questions :
1. What is the best way to get the score above 2k?
2. Should I do all Mythic dungeons to increase the score?
3. Does the score reset every week?

Sorry for the long pointless introduction, but I like giving background to my questions.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!!

1. Do the highest dungeons you think you can do
2. Yes, 1 run for each dungeon.
3. No. It goes by major patch. It might be that this season lasts for the rest of the expansion.
1.Do high keys as early in the week as possible so that you can be certain that they will make the leader boards and get added to your Wowprogress/ scores.

2.Having all the dungeons done is important if you want to get as high a score as possible.

3.Your score stays with you until the next major patch. Scores probably won't reset until 9.3.5 or even until BfA releases.

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