dispel arena partner macro

how do i make a macro to dispel any random arena partner with Nature's Cure?

/cast [nomod] Nature's Cure
/cast [mod:shift,@party1] Nature's Cure
/cast [mod:ctrl,@party2] Nature's Cure
ya not sure what you mean by random but @party1 / @party2 / @party3
great thanks, I saw old ones where they specified a players name, thats what I meant by random
/cast [target=Name] Nature's Cure
[ran-duh m]

1. proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern
Forget turning water to wine, just give me a healer that hits his dispel button in lfg and that would be miracle.
/cast [@player] Nature's Cure
/cast [@party1] Nature's Cure
/cast [@party2] Nature's Cure
/cast [target=party1] Nature's cure

/cast [target=party2] Nature's cure

Or, there's a handy lightweight addon called "decursive" which is what I use. Click a small button (class color) and poof, dispelled!

are u considered party 1 ???? i mean is it like casting on yourself ??!!
11/07/2018 05:15 PMPosted by Smartiez
are u considered party 1 ???? i mean is it like casting on yourself ??!!

no party 1 is party 1
Party 1 is the person on the top
party 2 is in the middle
Party 3 is on the Bottom

I actually use targeting macros
He probably means skirms and lfg randies.
this isnt a macro but theres an addon called clique that i think makes healing very easy.

basically it lets u hover over anyones raid frame and u can auto cast on them as long as ur mouse is over their frame (u no longer have to target them), imo this makes healing super easy. try it out if u havent !!!
/cast [@party1] singe magic
/cast [mod:shift, @party2] singe magic
/cast [mod:ctrl, @player] singe magic

It's fairly easy to get used to. Party frame wise whoever is underneath you is player1 whoever is above you is player2 if both players are above or underneath you the first frame is player1 the second frame is player2.

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