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Class: Protection Paladin 959 equipted Cleared 11/11N 2/11H ABT Btag: Artorous#11868 Logs: Avalibilty: I am a Firefighter/paramedic, So I am on a 24hour working 48hour off rotating schedule. I am able to tell all working days for the entire year in advance Info: Myself and my wife (Vivicca-Proudmoore 956 Restro Druid Have been mythic raiders since WoD. We have been playing since vanilla. We are looking for a place to call home that wont change their mind in a month in regarding my schedule. That was the issue with our last guild. We want to mythic raid again in a semi-hard core guild. We are tired of moving from guild to guild. We are looking for a 10:30pm start time EST that raid Wednesdays and any other day. I have every Wednesday off and I will only miss 1 night a month on the second raid day. My work days change weekly, but they are scheduled for the entire year in advance. There will be no issue providing non attendance days. Willing to Server transfer after some raiding together to make sure we are a good fit.Thanks for your time
Guild: ❮Precognition❯
Faction: <Horde>
Server: <Balnazzar>

Raid Times:
Wednesday:8pm-11pm EST
Saturday: 8pm-11pm EST

Progression: 9/11 Heroic Antorus - 11/11 Normal Antorus
Current Needs: Any Solid DPS/HEALS primarily plate dps,demon hunters,locks,and a Mistweaver

Requirements: 950+ ilvl w/ 75+ traits in main spec weapon
*If you do not meet this requirement, we are more than happy to help you gear up!*

If you think you may be a good fit for our guild or would like to inquire about additional information or questions you may have, please contact Any of us listed below.


I'm always available to talk through discord so feel free to send me a message and I will happily address any concerns or questions you might have!

BattleNet IDs
GM = Holyguidance#1736
CoGM= DetailErrors#1361
CoGM= Sword#1435

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