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Guild Recruitment
Hey Folks!

<Wrongly Calculated> is looking to start raiding again! Very excited to say that I'm looking for team members that would like to start Heroic raiding with the pure intention of being a Mythic raiding guild!

Currently seeking damage dealers, preferably ranged!

Raid Days:
Tuesday 7PM-10PM CST
Wednesday 7PM-10PM CST
Thursday 7PM-10PM CST

The players I am looking for!

<Wrongly Calculated> is going to consist of young adult/adult people.
-The guild itself will be driven on determination to kill bosses and progress current content while it's current
-Complete current content on it's hardest difficulty.
-Compete with top 10 on the server(excluding #'s 1-5) UNLESS, roster can achieve such status
-If roster can achieve such status, be a top 5 contender on Mal'ganis
-If content is cleared - raid days will be deducted to improve on free time for those with obligations or aspirations of doing something else

Rules and Expectations:
- Knowing we are all adults, derogatory terms such as the N word will not be tolerated
- Raid ready at raid time means 15 minutes early with all of your consumables, strategy ideas, weak auras, and any other raid responsibilities you might have
- Active and constructive Criticism is going to be guaranteed here as well as personal accountability
- Retain a 95% raid attendance
- Communication is a necessity, with no communication there will be no raiding!


This is going to be a process, but I have to start somewhere! I'm looking for dedicated players that will either assist(if they wish to), or be patient with the raid group making process. This will be the second time I have done this with Erebos( now <Wrongly Calculated>) and I'm really hoping for it to be the last and to create an environment where people can continue to be pals and enjoy our time together.

I would also like those to understand that myself as a leader am okay with failure but I'm more keen on improving from those failures in a timely manner. If you are a person that dies to the same thing multiple times and just does not feel the need to learn, this will not be a likely environment for you to be in. Personal accountability and saving people's time at the same time progressing quickly is my main priority as a leader.

I'm hoping I have the opportunity to meet many of you folks and have the pleasure of playing with you!

<Wrongly Calculated>

Real ID: BouncyBear#112775
Looking for homies to be homies!
Looking for any and all raiders for 6-9pm CST!

would love to have you!
Good morning folks! Rise and grind! Will be recruiting more starting around 845 AM CST!
Sending this message to all reaches of space! <Wrongly Calculated> wants you!
Looking for man! Online for a few more hours~!

Good morning! Looking for players! Need Mainly dps!
good guild good leader
Good morning folks! Online for recruitment!

Afternoon recruitment engaged! HOpe everyone is having a solid one!

:O ;) ;O

Good morning!
Get attuned to killing bosses!
Bump for great justice and good peeps. Good luck, Des!
This character used to be relevant
Good morning folks! Looking for Damage dealers and healers!

Looking to be contenders!

BouncyBear#112775 online for recruitment!

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