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12/29/2017 07:25 PMPosted by Atrosity
Achievements were introduced during TBC. What else stood out to you for WotLK?

No, they were not, they were a WOTLK feature:
Burning Crusade -
The Draenei, the Blood Elves, and even Armor Sets, which I feel are unappreciated.

Wrath of the Lich King -
Arthas and the Death Knights - can't miss.

Cataclysm -
Why yes you can fly in our zones. Yes, all of them! Right away! Go on, no one's gonna say you can't.

Mists of Pandaria -
... you mean the expansion based on the doofy, ridiculous, April Fool's day race people wouldn't let die is actually... pretty damn good? Wow. Okay, call me convinced. I'm a believer.

Warlords of Draenor -
It ended.

Legion -
Well, at least they were ambitious...
classic: didn't play
BC: didn't play
Wrath: Grizzly Hills music, and that first boat trip into Howling Fjord.. Beautiful.
Cata: Goblins
Wod: Nothing
Legion:RnG gear(sarcasm)
bc: my home realm, Terokkar, opened
lk: i started playing
cata: have group will travel
mists: my own little farm
warlords: heirloom tab
legion: appearance tab
Mop: ..
wod: ..for skyreach?
TBC: visiting outland for the first time and earning flight

Wrath: facing the lich king, the continent of northrend, the tuskarr fishing pole,death knights, and protodrakes. achievements, the change to pets and mounts making them collectable. we rogues love our pets

Cata: Dumass made me chuckle, and the firehawk mount but cata has a bad place for me since it effectively destroyed the horde faction's pride and killed the population on my server to this day alliance outnumber us 3 to 1

Mists: killing garry, finally getting solid lore for the pandaren, pandaria its so pretty, playable pandaren finally, the shado pan and their bad !@# mounts and mog hat, my farm, and pandaren spirit pets.

WoD: the laughing skull cosmetics, some transmog gear like mythic blackrock weapons and the vol'jin tabard, the frostwolves and title. not much else again I have a pretty bad hate for this xpack.

Legion: leveling changes, the way content was handled, the artifacts or at least what they are wielding the doomhammer and ashbringer have been dreams since vanilla but the system could be improved, the story, the class halls and feeling of class identity getting a priority for once.
TBC - Nagrand

WOTLK - Storm Peaks and Grizzly Hills (especially the music)

Cata - Loved the main theme

MoP - My farm

WoD - Callbacks to TBC

Legion - World quests
12/29/2017 07:31 PMPosted by Fliare
12/29/2017 07:25 PMPosted by Atrosity
Achievements were introduced during TBC. What else stood out to you for WotLK?

No, they were not, they were a WOTLK feature:

I have always seen them as an end of TBC feature, oh well.
Classic: the leveling experience and stories were great

Outland: Classic leveling

Northrend: Classic leveling

Cataclysm: Vashj'ir

Pandaland: Sunsong farm

Draenor: the garrison

Legion: announcement of the return of Classic
Classic - Everyone was new, and almost everyone was bad at the game. Made the game a more wild west type experience.

TBC - Raiding with friends.

Wrath - The story. Don't think Blizzard will ever reach that point again.

Cata - Didn't like much, Gilneas I guess.

Mist - Class Balance. Probably some of the best the game has ever seen.

WoD - Introduction of Chapter based quest progression.

Legion - Everything aside from the overuse of RNG to be honest.
TBC: The Netherstorm
WotLK: Grizzly Hills
Cata: Tmog
MoP: Pandaren
Draenor: Lots more free time
Legion: Xal'atath
Vanilla (not an expansion) - Big, new, world. No zones (ala EQ)

BC - Flying, and a new continent to explore

WotLK - Community

Cata - QOL only. IMO, Cata is where it all started to go wrong.

MoP - Artwork. Just amazing. (Archaeology was good too)

WoD - Professions (all) and....HFC..

Legion - Ummm.....
TBC - Blood Elves
Wrath - Ulduar
Cata - Flying while leveling
Panda - Challenge Modes
WoD - Challenge Modes
Legion - Cool Bear/Kitty skins

I am so sad Challenge Modes are gone. They are hands down the most fun I've ever had playing this game.
BC: After spending most of a year running around in a pretty but not terribly original-looking Ye Olde Mediviale Fantasye Worlde, I stepped through the Dark Portal into ALIEN HELL. Okay, the next zone in Outland was a soothing blue swamp, but DAMN did Hellfire Peninsula make a powerful initial impact ("Just how ####ed up IS this place!?). Demons everywhere, a dead burnt landscape with fire shooting up out of the ground, what few animals that did somehow live here (including the orcs) were all red and spiky, and you could fall off it into a Void Of Nothingness. The giant screaming killer robots stomping you to death helped as well.

WRATH: We were finishing the story. Arthas was The Bad Guy. And we were Coming For Him. Illidan had been anti-climax, but this was The Real Thing. He appeared in front of you, mocking you. Everywhere. He didn't kill you off yet because you were too far beneath him. All your justified hatred of him? He sneered at it. You were amusement, nothing more. When Tyrion destroyed his heart, when you invaded his Halls of Reflection, YOU HAD TO RUN. YOU RAN LIKE HELL. And the time before that when your armies faced his? That was WRATHGATE. I think we all remember what happened there.

CATACLYSM: It was new start. The world had been broken and it needed healing, but the War had begun anew. A new Warchief, a new conflict, new allies. Lands previously hidden were revealed. Old lands were made new again by the Sundering. Illidan was too emo, and Arthas, despite his threat and power, was still something very close to a human. Our new foes were the elemental forces of the world itself, gone MAD. Destroying instead of creating. How do you fight THAT? Well, it did end rather disappointingly, true, but this is about what worked dammit! Also, THE DAY DEATHWING CAME!

MOP: Another attempt at a fresh start. Pandaria was completely new lore, and probably the single most beautiful landmass in game to boot. There was no 'Main Boss', at least not at first. War itself was the enemy as we despoiled the land, as our hatreds physically manifested themselves as monsters spraying up out of the ground itself. The seeming lazy carefree side of the native Pandaren takes on an uneasy side when you realize that, if you aren't constantly striving towards serenity, the Sha will literally appear to eat your face.

WOD: Ah, this is harder- so many missteps. But, there IS good here. Rooted primarily in BC and RTS nostalgia, we got to see Draenor in-broken, and it is glorious- as long as you're still working on the main questing zone experiences. But what good experiences! The Alliance zone of Shadowmoon left me rather 'eh' I'm afraid, but I was really into Frostfire Ridge and moving on from there into brutal Gorgrond! We got to see the various leaders of the original Horde in all their glor-oh wait. They're dead now. Um... oh! New Aarokoa lore! That was sweet!

LEGION: Eh, I think I'm not yet ready. It's still in progress for me. Possibly later, with more hindsight, I'll be able to pick something. Suramar, though it was a pain in the butt at times- a lot of times in fact- was probably the single best storyline in the expansion.
BC: musical direction , kael'thas sunstrider
Wrath: ulduar when yogg saron says Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh'ongg w'ssh
Cata: the long break I took
Mist: still on break
WoD: Gorefiend in HFC
legion: Music on mac'aree, Trillax
bc: blood elves
wotlk: death knights
cata: old world overhaul
mop: garrosh
wod: new race models
legion: titanforging
BC: Draenei, Blood Elves, Eversong Woods

Wrath: LFD tool

Cataclysm: Firelands Raid, LFR

MoP: Reforging, Jade Forest

WOD: Yrel, Draenei lore, HFC raid

Legion: World quests, Artifact weapons and skins so far.......
TBC - Draenei
Wrath - Death Knights
Cataclysm - Uldum and Deepholm
Mists of Pandaria - Isle of thunder and throne of thunder.
Warlords of Draenor - The leveling, best leveling experience of any expansion to date.
Legion - Profession quests.
BC: flying and not being prepared
Wrath: flying and DK
cata: flying and guardian stance
mop: so many frickin druids
wod: nothing. literally.
legion: legendaries

edit: i can't believe there is a dude named 'wrathbaby' in this thread lol well played
BC: Flying
Wrath: DKs
Cata: Rogue Legendary questline.
MoP: Reforging, The farm, Dog.
WoD: Garrison & Followers.
Legion: Class fantasy, Artifact Weapons, hidden appearances and I LOVE the D3 style Legendaries, I only wish Blizzard has committed to them.

In D3, a single legendary item can completely change the way you spec/gear your character. You can take a previously unused talent and make yourself the tiny god incarnation of it. If WoW had embraced that, the legendary system would have been AMAZING. But it was still fun.

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