[H] <Starfleet Academy> 3/11 mythic boys

Azuremyst and Staghelm
Once More unto the Breach.

Starfleet Academy is a guild that was created as a hangout for a group of close knit friends during the time of the Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. Eventually, at the end of MoP and the beginning of Warlords of Draenor, Starfleet Academy found itself with a roster of strong players with a hunger for raiding. We would eventually become a guild that would full clear Mythic during the peak of WoD, all while sharing a common purpose; to progress and clear content to the best of our abilities, with fellow guildies at our side.

We are forming once again from the ashes, and it is our goal to put together a competent raiding group with an emphasis on guild culture. It’s important that raiding has purpose, and that leaders have direction, and that a guild success is truly based the sum of its parts.

The ideal candidate for us would be one who can meet the following criteria:

Attitude: Be friendly and respect others. We have zero tolerance for any toxic behaviour in or outside of raid. We look at behaviour strongly, and the impact that it has on the team. This being said you should also have the capacity to take opportunistic feedback when/if needed during progression.

Effort: To us the perfect player isn't one who just shows up for raid night. Rather, that player is one who also puts in a reasonable amount of effort outside of raid to ensure they come prepared on raid night. This is research on encounters, your class, improving your gear, ensuring you have acquired the proper consumables for raid night, etc. If you only log in for raid night, you will likely fall behind rather quick. A little bit here and there on non-raid nights goes pretty far.

Commitment: Attendance and commitment is one of the most important aspects of raiding, and it matters a great deal to us. A player who is committed and shows up to every raid is worth many orders of magnitude more than one who fails to give adequate notice and frequently leaves the team hanging. Don't be that person. Obviously real life takes precedence, especially on emergencies as we understand they do happen, however these should be the exception and not the norm. Your schedule should be fully compatible with our raiding schedule.

Raid Times

Tuesday: 7:30 - 10:30 PM MST(Arizona Time XD)

Thursday: 7:30 - 10:30 PM MST(Arizona Time XD)


Recruitment is an ongoing process, and to rise up back to an established guild from nothing will take a great deal of effort. The expectations are Normal, then eventually Heroic; we want to be full cleared in Antorus. The sum of our guild in the individuals that we will recruit will constitute the necessity to go further. At the present, we will be taking a more laid-back approach, and we are looking for like-minded individuals to achieve this task.


mDPS: OPEN -- High Demand-Enh/WW Monk/DK
rDPS: OPEN -- High Demand-Warlock/Ele/Mage
Healers: CLOSED
*Always looking for awesome people however, so there's always an exception or two to be made.*

Interested in joining? Our Discord has a recruitment form to fill out.

In-game contacts:
Cynic#1974 (GM), Emperor#1399 (Co-Leader), Crizle#1766 (Officer), Requa#1887 (Officer)
Making it great again.
7/11 H now!
updated to 8/11 H
Full cleared heroic!
Still looking for more people ;) Getting the train rolling again. Mythic Garathi down, dogs halfway there.

Looking for:
- Any rDPS or mDPS
- Not actively looking for heals, but will consider if there's a good fit.

Would like more in house to reduce the mythic pug train :)

Hit me up at Emperor#1399

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