7/11M (9/11M exp) 955 Spriest LF guild

Guild Recruitment
Due to an unfortunate change in my schedule I am no longer able to make my current guild's raiding times and I am looking for a new guild.

Legion Progression:
20/20M T19 US50
9/9M T20 US36
7/11M T21 (have sub 5% wipes on Kin and have experience on Vari as well)

I am looking for a guild that raids ideally between 9pm EST and 1am EST (6-10 PST) though I can be slightly flexible. Though I would prefer weekday raids, Sunday raids also are doable. Server/Faction changing is no issue. I cannot reliably make raids starting at or before 8pm EST.

This expansion, I have raided at a top 50 US mythic level on my Shadow Priest, Balance Druid and WW Monk and I am willing to be flexible on which class I play though my shadow is currently the best geared of the three.

Thanks for any considerations and please leave your BattleTags in your posts.
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Thanks for any considerations and please leave your BattleTags in your posts.
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Thanks for any considerations and please leave your BattleTags in your posts.

(Horde-US-Thrall) (4/11M ABT)

Looking for any EXCEPTIONAL DPS ROLES - Emphasis on RANGED DPS - Boomkin, Shadow Priest, MM Hunter, Fire/Frost Mage, Deathknight.
We are looking for raiders to have similar experience in current content or at least 8/9M with previous mythic progression raiding experience. Please have logs for us to look through if you are interested in a trial/interview.
A little about us:

Hello raiders,

<Bodies> (Thrall) Is an adult guild with a long history of high ranking kills dating back to vanilla. While only raiding 3 hours a night, 9 hours a week we have always cleared the current content while putting up top 100 rankings. We are looking to clear the mythic content with a casual 3 night 3 hour schedule, yet effectively with our semi-hardcore raid environment. Bodies guild has been around since Vanilla and is here to stay. 

If you are looking for a casual raid environment with competent raiders that can push the content quickly and still keep up with other semi-hardcore guilds with a lax schedule of 3 nights per week (9 hours) we are for you. 

If you are heavy into raiding and you have friends that are not, they are welcome to join and hang out as well. 

We are not elitist here, but we do have high expectations for those who do choose to participate in raiding. As in consistently and constantly doing the best you can to improve yourself and your rotation for your specific class, having your consumables for progression fights, artifact weapon maxed or near max, gear being fully optimized (enchanted, gemmed, and with the correct stat prioritization)(The guild will help with this just ask). Do your research, participate in our guild forum discussions know the boss fights, we are not here to hold your hand through progression.

Our raid times are as follows: In central standard time

Tuesday: 730pm-1030
Wednesday: 730pm-1030
Thursday: 730pm-1030

Brand new to Thrall(US), we decided being Horde would give us the recruitment edge to finish this tier strong and keep our streak of achieving Cutting Edge.

For more information or to join and trial contact any of the following or visit our guild website and apply using the new applications template on the forum: 


Real ID-:
Lynxz#11319 (GM)
<nVus> is a 7/11m progression raiding guild on Mal'ganis(CST). We are a competitive horde guild on our server and raid 3 nights a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:30pm – 11:00pm CST.

We are currently looking for exceptional players to bolster our roster as we push mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne. Ideally, we would like to pick up someone who is already geared, experienced, and has some logs to provide us to review.

If you are an experienced player and are interested in raiding, feel free to add my realID – Hype#1252. You can also whisper myself, Migunits, or Savvay in game. We are all in <nVus> so just ask anyone in guild if we are on an alt if not currently online.

About <nVus>:

The majority of our base were among the top ranking and performing members of our former 20 man guild. We believed that starting our own guild, comprised of the best players we raided with would yield more success and a more fun environment. Most of us have been raiding together for years and we rely and trust on each other to perform without someone holding their hand.

In <nVus> we emphasize Quality over Quantity and expect our raiding core to show a high degree of respect, motivation, and dedication to our progression as a guild.
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Thanks for any considerations and please leave your BattleTags in your posts.
<LökTar> Is a brand new heroic raiding guild on Hyjal created by players with high-level, hardcore raiding experience from previous expansions. We’re not here to treat players like numbers on a meter, we’re here to have fun during progression but yet get the job done and done fast.

Recruitment Needs:
Ret Pally
Feral Druid
Tank (DK/Druid/Pally)

Raid Days:
Tuesday 7pm-10pm (PST) Heroic/Mythic
Wednesday 7pm-10pm (PST) Heroic/Mythic
Friday 7pm-10pm (PST) Normal/Heroic

Current Progression:
8/11H (AoTC LEAD)

We are a non-toxic raiding environment, and we expect all members of our raiding team to come fully prepared and focused to raids. This environment is made by all members of the raid team with the dedication and effort along with respect we have for each other and the content. We prefer players who are excited about raiding as well as pushing their gameplay to the next level with other players.

Geared#1427 (GM)
Rasi#1419 (Co-GM)
Amuyaa#1723 (Co-GM)
Roman#12204 (Recruitment Officer)
Expectations: 950+ itemized / equipped iLevel & 73+ artifact traits w/ logs to prove your ability.

We are Horde and have been a team since December 2009. We're interested in having you join our squad. Can we speak on BNET or Discord?
Legion Progression History:
1% on Mythic Hounds
1/11 M-Antorus, 5/9 M-ToS, 8/10 M-NH, 2/3 M-ToV & 7/7 M-EN

Raid Schedule (Server[CST]):
Tuesday & Sunday: 9:00PM - 12:00AM
(Optional) Lower Tier Thursdays
Deviant is a team consistenting of mostly late 20 early, 30 year old players. I would describe our team as a mature guild that have created a raiding environment that likes to have fun, but avoids politics, racism & homophobia. I regularly update our website so please take a look as there is additional information on our raid environment and loot system there in addition to some boss kill videos, which are added the day after each progression kill.

is a Horde US progression based 2 day, 6 hour raiding guild formed in December 2009.
We use a customized EPGP loot system modified over multiple expansion to make it fair for both old and new team members & Discord for voice chat.
Server Group:
Destromath, Thunderlord, Azgalor & Azshara

Visit our website for FAQs & kill videos:
Contact Info:
enceno#1753 on Blizzard App
Aeliar#1904 on Blizzard App
enceno#7514 on Discord
Aeliar#7628 on Discord

or fill out an application at http://www.guilded.gg/#!AdWlob8bRp
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01/01/2018 10:44 PMPosted by Alusen
Thanks for any considerations and please leave your BattleTags in your posts.
Asking my guild if we can take on another Spriest. We raid Mon-Thurs 10pm-1am EST and are 8/11M (we didn't raid two Mondays over the holidays). Synthesis on Turalyon. You're welcome to look us up.

https://discord.gg/CAPNwM6 <- Also check out the US Recruitment discord I run with ~600 recruiters.

Don't forget discord is searchable! Make better use of it by searching your class or spec or times and days you are after. = )
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About <Noted>
<Noted> was founded in March 2017 with the goal of creating a guild with a competitive raid environment. We previously raided as an Alliance guild located on the same server but have made the switch to horde to meet our competitive goals. Since transitioning to horde, <Noted> has earned Cutting Edge! for The Nighthold.

The majority of our core has been together since Mists of Pandaria and as such we value the friendships we have made through the years and strive to keep the guild environment friendly while maintaining and promoting a raid setting that is suitable for many of our highly competitive raiders.

Progression Schedule
9 PM - 12 PM (EST)
Tuesday / Wednesday / Sunday (9 Total Hours)

Tier 19 - US 388
Tier 20 - US 379
Tier 21 - 6/11M

Loot System
Loot Council - Awarded based on an individuals value to the raid group (performance/spec/attendance/attitude)

What <Noted> Offers
  • A group of past US top 100 raiders raiding seriously on a strict 9 hour schedule
  • Focus on building friendships in addition to progression
  • Optional alt runs on off days along with M+ groups
  • Member Expectations
  • Members are expected to be available for all scheduled raids
  • Members are expected to be accountable for their mishaps in the raid
  • Communication is essential, as such, voice communication is required
  • Recruitment
    Noted is always recruiting players of exceptional talent in each respective combat role. Exceptions can be made if your spec or class is not listed. However, exceptional talent must be balanced with an exceptional personality. Please click on the link and fill out the form if you think we are a fit for you!





    For additional information or questions regarding the application or the guild please contact one of our officers:

    Buhbles(Recruitment Officer) - bubbles#12637
    Rouk(Guild Master) - Fuhz#1260
    Raine(Healing Officer) - Bill#11940
    Revenge(Raid Leader) - Revenge#1322
    Lots of great offers so far!
    Voltage is a 2-day (Only 5:30hours/week) casual raiding guild on Arthas Horde. Currently we are 11/11H 2/11M in Antorus. Currently looking for a few DPS to join us in Mythic Antorus progression.

    [Schedule] - All Times are Eastern Standard Time

    Monday - 8:10pm to 11:00pm
    Wednesday - 8:10pm to 11:00pm
    Tuesday - Optional Raid Night 8:10pm to 11:00pm (Heroic Clear)

    If interested, please contact:
    Hellriderr [Hellrider#11850]
    Choa [Broken#1380]
    Hey Alusen,

    I'm from Astral on Turalyon. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 9-12 est with completely optional Sunday Alt run at same time. It seems our schedule works out great.

    We're former top-end players who want to raid less hours in a more efficient setting.

    We also have a mutual contact that might be able to vouch (or give insight) about how we operate. Please add me at Terra#1216 to discuss more or check out www.astralguild.com
    VOID - voidguild.com - 7/11M 9/9M

    Needs (ALL CORE SPOTS)
    • Hunter, Spriest, Warlock, Moonkin
    • RDruid, Mistweaver

    Main Recruitment Thread:

    3-days a week - 12hrs (CST)
    Tues - 7:30pm - 11:30pm
    Wed - 7:30pm - 11:30pm
    Mon - 7:30pm - 11:30pm

    roffletastic#1470, Outcold#1174, or Jayken#1914
    <Trap Run>
    9/9M 7.5hr
    6/11 M
    Will reach US 100-150th shortly, 10 pulls kingaroth working on 3-4th add sub 30 % phase, expecting 8 M end of week.

    Weak Roles or Potential immediate replacements.
    1 Holy Disc Priest
    1 Spriest
    1 Dps Warrior

    Any Exceptional Dps that want to trial and compete for a main raid spot

    Tues 8:45-11:30 EST PM
    Wed 8:45-11:30 EST PM
    Thurs 8:45-11:30 EST PM

    Weekends: Old Raids, !@#$ed up Fridays, Sales Runs, M+

    http://traprunsr.enjin.com/ - or contact directly

    Mulgorian - Recruitment and RL - Harten#1295 or Mulgorian#1489 Discord
    Luckktwo - Recruitment Luckk#11836 (Bnet)
    Poram - Guild Manager Porom#1053 (discord)

    About Us:
    Striving to be the most efficient raid teams in the US for the amount of time put into raiding. (pound for pound) quality and competitive expectation across the team. Raiding just 7.5hrs a week, in a unique smaller schedule allowing for more focused 2.5 hours of raiding from 845-11:30 Est pm to maintain an effective pace with guilds that double our progression time. Our mantra of efficiency has evolved into our team becoming a very enjoyable and welcoming environment for players post 12+ hr raid schedules. Rupture strives to keep a balance in the roster of work, play and life.

    Loot Distribution: Loot Council
    Hey there! I'm Daniika, the recruitment lead for <Astral> on Turalyon (Alliance). We're a 3 night, 9 hour mythic raiding guild. We're currently 6/11M ABT, 9/9M ToS (had Kingaroth down to 2% last night, he should be dead tonight).

    If you're interested, or have any questions, add my btag: Daniika#1445

    I'll post our generic guild spam below:


    Potential applicants should have previous mythic/heroic experience or extensive previous raiding experience. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and roles.

    - Tuesday: 9pm - 12pm EST
    - Wednesday: 9pm - 12pm EST
    - Thursday: 9pm - 12pm EST

    About Us:
    <Astral> @ US-Turalyon (Alliance) is recruiting for our mythic progression core. We are an eclectic group of passionate individuals who value our time and progression. Our founding members are comprised of long-time hardcore raiders who have been playing together since TBC. They have a bevy of notable accomplishments which include numerous US top 10 kills and achievements. We have since settled into a more relaxed 3-night raid schedule but maintain our former hardcore mentality especially regarding personal responsibility/awareness, efficiency, and preparation.

    Our players are mature, driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and their fellow raiders. Over the years, we have learned to give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, progression-minded atmosphere. Through effective communication, preparation, and organization, we are able to raid fewer hours while still remaining competitive.

    What to Expect from Us:
    We provide a stable environment for our raiders to constantly improve as players and teammates. During progression we use our time efficiently, maintain focus, and exercise discipline; however, while on farm the atmosphere is more relaxed. Our time is precious and we know yours is as well; efficiency is our ultimate goal. We actively endeavor to maintain a mature, drama-free environment.

    What We Offer:
    - A stable roster and constructive raid environment
    - Leadership with years of progression-oriented hardcore experience
    - Guild repairs for mains and alts
    - Enchants, flasks, pots, food, gems, and other materials as necessary
    - Alt raids and Mythic+ Groups
    - Optional off-night events with friends & family; Many of us play other games together.

    Our Expectations:
    - High attendance
    - Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role
    - Passionate, mature attitude and willingness to take/give constructive criticism
    - Willingness to work collaboratively and promote a culture of continuous self-improvement

    To apply, please visit: http://astralguild.com

    Recruit Lead: Daniika (Daniika#1445)
    Officers: Terra (Terra#1216), Unsu (Unsu#1515), Malv (Malv#11394)
    Hi Alusen

    Please add me, Kalakay#1969 to chat. Have a few questions I would like to ask. Basic info below

    6/11M raiding Wed/Sun/Mon 10pm-1am EST with the guild usually running 100-200US ranking wise last couple tiers.


    <Seraphim> (Area 52) 2/11M 11/11H is recruiting competitive raiders as we progress through Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne. We are looking specifically for a Warlock, Warrior, Shadow or Holy Priest.

    We are working on building a community that emphasizes a competitive and team-oriented mindset in raiding. Your spot in the Mythic Raid Roster will be secured by a stalwart diligence on three fronts:

    1) Attitude: This is extremely important to us. Always be asking more of yourself, never settle. Complacency is death. Consider your words and demeanor, morale is a tangible and important force within a raid team. Treat your fellow raiders and friends with respect.

    2) Performance and mechanics: During progression, your primary focus should always be the death of the boss, whatever that entails.

    3) Attendance: We require raiders to maintain a 90% attendance. This being said, we have no intention of forcing our raiders/friends to sacrifice their real life for the raid team. If Work/Family/School forces you to miss a night, just let it be known beforehand.

    Raid times :
    Tuesday - 10:00pm to 1:00AM EST
    Wednesday - 10:00pm to 1:00AM EST
    Thursday - 10:00pm to 1:00AM EST

    Requirements - 945+ ilvl - 75 traits in Main Spec Artifact - Reliably play at least 2 of your Characters Specs (within the Meta) - 90% Raid Attendance - Working MIC Required... We are always recruiting exceptional players, regardless of class or spec.

    Feel free to leave a message on here, or message us even if you are not one of those specs. If you are interested, or have any inquiries please get a hold of jadeon#1206 or atnalta#11238 or alya1203#1197 (my btag)

    WoWProgress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Seraphim

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