Ineffective PvP world quest randomization

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People have previously reported that they keep seeing the same PvP world quests every day during the times they are able to play. Your (speaking to Blizzard) developers retorted that this cannot be, that the PvP world quests are randomized.

Your PvP world quests are randomized, but they are randomized with conditions that render randomization ineffective. The way it appears to work is like this:

1. When servers first come up, the PvP world quests are properly randomized the first day. There are 4 PvP world quests to choose from, one every 6 hours. Suppose these quests are A, B, C and D. Suppose the first randomization is A, D, C, B.

2. Each following day, however, you appear to randomize with constraints: perhaps that the same quest cannot repeat if it was present in any of the previous two time slots, and maybe other conditions. It seems you do this with a generic algorithm that's the same one you use to randomize emissaries.

3. With emissaries, this randomization with constraints is not a problem because there are substantially more emissaries in the pool, and a longer time frame. The PvP world quests however are just 4, so when you randomize with these constraints, what happens is that if the first day, you had:

A, D, C, B

... then every next day, you will have:

[A,D or D,A] [C,B or B,C]

This means the same 2 quests will appear within the same 12 hour period every subsequent day until server state is reset.

Since server state is not reset every week, this pattern repeats until e.g. a patch day.

If you look at your statistics that span several server state resets, you think nothing is wrong, but in fact the randomization is whacked and people are stuck doing the same two PvP world quests if they log in at predictable hours.

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