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Hydraxis and Terenas
My husband and I are experienced raiders who are coming back after a long break. We last played when Gul'dan was the final raid boss. We want to catch up on gear asap and jump back into raiding as soon as we can, so since our old guild is now defunct (why we took a break in the first place) we are looking for a new home, Alliance side.

I've been raiding since BC and my husband since LK and I have raid lead experience. We are looking for something between casual and hardcore- we want to down bosses, but it's more important for us to have fun doing so than be on the bleeding edge of progression. Our schedule is extremely flexible, so we shouldn't have much trouble fitting into any raid day you set, as long as it doesn't start too terribly late at night (our timezone is always at least a couple of hours ahead of the US zones, so 1am EST is 3am for us.)

Our ilvls are low since we are just getting back, but we plan to gear up while we search for a guild. My husband mains a fire mage and I usually tank or sometimes heal, and occasionally dps. I have most experience tanking as a druid or pally, slightly less as a DK or war, and very little as a monk. I can heal as a druid, H priest, or shaman. My main dps class is a MM hunter, followed by frost mage or ele shaman. I have a lot of alts, all of which I enjoy to varying degrees so since I need to catch up on gear anyway, I have no problem picking a class or role that will best help your guild/raid team.

If you think we might be a good fit for you, leave a message here or hit me up in-game. Battle tag is daniekir#1209.
our guild is on progression heroic atm, but we still clear parts of normal, we raid 8 pm est til 11 pm est on Wednesdays and Thursdays, if that interests you let me know, I'm on a lot or ask other guild members.

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